PCHSearch&Win Ultimate Winners Weekend!

The ultimate winners treat this weekend – instant winners every 5 minutes at PCHSearch & Win!
Is the shift of October weather sending chills down your spine? We feel the same way, because at the PCH headquarters in Port Washington, New York, it’s been a gloomy week of heavy rain and stormy weather. Even though it may be unpleasant outdoors, we’re still keeping our PCH optimism alive! The PCHSearch&Win staff and I especially want to shine more of this light on you, our loyal fans and blog readers. That’s why we are aiming to give you the right kind of chills with our Ultimate Winners Weekend Instant Win Giveaway!
By now you are probably aware that PCHSearch&Win is the site that hands out prizes to its searchers like the “nice neighbors” dole out candy on Halloween. You know those neighbors I’m talking about; the kind that buy name-brand candy and give fistfuls of it to costumed kids, and even their unprepared parents. In addition to these constant prize giveaways, PCHSearch&Win is transforming a special smorgasbord of searchers into ultimate winners THIS weekend!
Every 5 minutes this Sunday October, 10, 2010, a PCHSearch&Win user will become a winner (and get those good chills we mentioned earlier!)

So, make sure you log in or register to use PCHSearch&Win for free, and use the search engine to look for anything AND everything that strikes your fancy. Don’t forget to search today and this weekend to take advantage of the Ultimate Winners Weekend Instant Win Giveaway. Remember that winning once doesn’t mean you can’t win again.
The “Prize” Queen
P.S. Make it easy on yourself! Set PCHSearch&Win as your Homepage and use it to enter contests every day to win great prizes when you surf the net!

54 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Ultimate Winners Weekend!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Have a wonderful day everyday, live life to the fullest

  2. paula Kelley says:

    I am hoping to be the next big winner

  3. Barbara Piccolino says:

    My finger is sore and blistered from searching and going thru all your offers

    Barbara Piccolino

  4. Barbara Piccolino says:

    add your comment here

  5. joan grady says:

    Joan Grady has entered every time she was asked to do so.

    Hopefully, something good willcome of it for her.

    Thank you.

  6. Laura Stacy says:

    Why don’t we get a confirmation that our entry has gone through rather than just sending us straight to pages of subscriptions?
    I wasn’t sure whether or not it went through so I went back and hit re submit. After getting to the Targets again I clicked off and was told by doing this that my entry would not be processed. So does that mean it never went through or will I be declared ineligible since I saw in the rules you cant submit twice in one day?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      If you’ve entered online, your entry will be given a number after it is processed. Please be assured that if you have seen an entry confirmation message on the screen that your entry has been processed properly. If you enter by returning a mailer, your entry number will be marked on that mailer.

  7. Gail Wenzel says:

    I have never win BIG money or Little money but I do try.

  8. Vishnu Naiken says:

    No comment

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