Besides a Big Sweepstakes Check, What Would You Like the Prize Patrol to Bring You?

The late “Great One” Jackie Gleason had a long-running line that he uttered on virtually every one of his TV shows:  “Ummmmmm: HOW SWEET IT IS.”  He’d roll his eyes as if tasting the most heavenly ambrosia.

I’ve seen that expression on the faces of Publishers Clearing House winners when they receive the Big Sweepstakes Check – worth thousands or millions of dollars – and a bottle of “vintage Prize Patrol champagne.”

But recently someone told me she’d rather have a fancy box of Godiva chocolates.  That way she could savor “how sweet it is” with a bite a day for weeks.  She may have a point.

Others are overcome by the bouquets of long-stemmed American Beauty roses.  Some have exclaimed, “Roses!  I haven’t gotten roses since I turned sixteen.”  Others have said, “Oh my, I’ve never received roses like this!”

How about you?  We always enjoy reading your comments in response to our PCH Blogs.

It goes without saying that the first thing you’d like us to deliver is — ta-dah – The Big Sweepstakes Check!  But what else would you like?  Champagne?  Chocolates?  Beer?  A plant?  Mistletoe?  A gift card for the movies or Starbucks?  A favorite title from our “magazine store”?   It may sound silly, but let us hear from you.

Of course there’s no point in telling us what you’d like if you are not “in the game.”  You’ve got to be in to win it!  So enter the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes right now by clicking on this link to  You have nothing to lose — and possibly millions to gain (plus a few pounds if you ask for a huge box of candy).

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


57 thoughts on “Besides a Big Sweepstakes Check, What Would You Like the Prize Patrol to Bring You?”

  1. Anthony capizzo says:

    Seeing the pch prize patrol here knocking and ringing my bell would be a dream come true for me that I have been wishing for now all the weeks I have been participating in all the search and win daily messages I receive from you guys. My dream would be to retire from working hard all if my life and I would like to say it’s now time to take it easy in life and enjoy free time doing all the things I’ve dreamed of doing! Thank you pch for honoring me in your sweepstakes program. Oh yes the box of chocolates and your champagne would be a great door opening celebration for me. I hope to hear from you soon!! God Bless all of you

  2. Joy Igiewe says:


  3. Lori Camp says:

    I love gardenia bushes! Give me a big gardenia bush,and I’ll have a bouquet of good smelling flowers everyday!! And,a big bottle of Dr.Pepper,since I don’t drink! And,of course,..that BIG check!! I could use some of that,if not all of it! I will definately make a big contribution to the “United Friends of Animals”,and, the “Prescott Animal Hospital”,for saving my 13 yr.old Maine Coon cat’s life! He was almost dieing from going through an acute asthma attack for the first time in his life! Because,I didn’t have any money to take him to a vet. And,”United Friends of Animals” paid half of the vet bill,so I could get him to the vet to be treated,immediately! Now,he’s back home taking his meds.,and slowly getting back to normal, again! I don’t know how I would’ve ever been feeling normal without my baby in my life,anymore. But,I’m sure happy to still have him around for a few more years,thanks to those good people!!

  4. Lynn Roush says:

    Hmmm let’s see….. A roun trip ticket for two to a get away island would be nice or a stay in a country bed and breakfast!
    Love the roses & champagne. Balloons too!

    1. that’s what I want my own bed and breakfast :)

  5. Mark Roberts says:

    I’m playing as much as I can every day. Played till five A.M. didn’t get up till nine thirty A.M. and I’m playing P.C.H. My dad just got in and I got to go help work here what I can but when I can I’m on the computer playing P.C.H. I’m going to win. Got to think positive.

  6. Elsa Torres says:

    I would love those beautiful Roses!!!!

  7. I would love for them to bring me Balloons, Roses, And a nice bottle of Champaign, That way the Prize Patrol can help me celebrate my victory. They can also here about my DREAM, GOAL, & PLAN that I would love to achieve in my LIFE. They can also help me make a toast.To Marilyn. Like people always say, it does not cost anything to have a DREAM, GOAL or PLAN, that they would wish and like in there life. THANKYOU, FROM YOUR DEAR BIG FAN & FRIEND marilynh89. P.S. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL

  8. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  9. Roma ( Sue) Noffsinger says:

    To Whom it may concern..Box of Chololate sound great..But seeing Prize Patrol Team Memeber and that Big Check would be the iceing on the cake for me..I love both..

  10. Mitchell Tickle says:

    Just seeing the Prize Patrol Team’s Members & seeing the BIG CHECK would be enough for me!
    Happy Holidays Mr. Dave Sayer , Danielle & Natalie @PCH!!

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