Million Dollar Winning Moment Lasts and Lasts for Florida Couple

What a memorable winning moment! After almost twenty years I still have special memories of our PCH Prize Patrol visit to the Florida home of Bill and Jo Ann Perkins.

Perkins Million Dollar Winner

Reason #1: We almost went to the wrong house. I mean we almost went to their former house. The Perkinses mailed their winning entry from their home in Ohio, then relocated. Weeks later — after Bill emerged as the $1 Million winner in the prize drawing — we somehow discovered (I don’t remember how) that their home address had changed: from Ohio to Florida. It was October, and while it was not yet cold in Ohio, a balmy destination was mighty appealing. Reason #2: My wife came along for a few vacation days, and that was the beginning of our love affair with the Sunshine State that continues to this day. Reason #3: The Perkinses were — and remain — a delightful couple. We PCHers had the pleasure of hosting them at our Port Washington, NY offices and again at a gala hoedown of PCH Millionaire Winners at a Dallas ranch a year or so later.

Perkins PCH winners

Through Christmas cards and phone calls we have kept in touch with Jo Ann and Bill. After all these years their memories of their winning moment are vivid and special. They’ve clearly enjoyed annuitized payments from their Million Dollar prize. Besides the photos and video of the day the Prize Patrol knocked on their door — with balloons, roses and the Big Check — there is also a daily reminder of the celebration that took place in their living room. You see, we also brought a bottle of Prize Patrol champagne. When Bill popped the cork it not only made a large noise but left a big dent in their ceiling which remains to this day. “It was such a happy occasion,” says Bill, “we never wanted to repair the damage.”

I bet you’d like to experience a million dollar winning moment like Bill and Jo Ann Perkins did. Well, I’m here to tell you: if it happened to them it can happen to you! YOU can win a Million Dollar SuperPrize OR MORE from Publishers Clearing House. In fact, if you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by the February 15 deadline you could win $1 Million A Year FOR LIFE!

I urge you to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online at once – and log-in to every day so you can enter again. The more entries the better your chance of winning!

Here’s hoping we show up at your house and leave a dent in your ceiling – just like Bill’s.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

13 thoughts on “Million Dollar Winning Moment Lasts and Lasts for Florida Couple”

  1. Hello PCH, I hope Lonna Davis gets to read my last post / last reply to her comments… If she doesnt read the blog here I hope you have a way to let her know that her comment was replied to .. thanks Sharon PCH FAN…

  2. Lonna Davis says:

    I,personally think this is all a”PLOY,”Im finally going to”QUIT”responding to”PCH”after “40yrs.”of Nothing…Except buying BOOKS…..”Good Luck”to all of you……

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Lonna,

      While we have promoted our sweepstakes for over 40 years as a way to draw attention to our magazine and merchandise offers, please remember that no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win. The majority of our major prize winners have not ordered with their winning entry.

      Since 1967 PCH has given away over $250 Million from coast to coast. The names and locations of our recent winners can be viewed by visiting and clicking on the “Winners Circle” link near the bottom of the page, and on the scrolling bar near the top of the page. If you’d like to see some winning moments, please visit

      Rod @ PCH

    2. Sharon L Morrarty says:

      Hello Lonna Davis, I have entered every PCH sweepstakes contest that I can find; each for a different promotion.. I have done this since my children were young, they are grown now,, and just recently I entered one of the sweeps and i received a check in the mail for $50,00.Becausae I had won I still have the letter it will be framed for memory sake.. this happened back in november of 2011. I wanted to use it for something very special but I ended up using it tyoward a bill that needed paying.. all I’m saying is don’t give up..
      Thank You PCH, This came in very handy when i really needed it most.. Thans again !!

      Lonna, Always think posative , as posative thoughts will always outbeat negative thoughts every single time…My thoughts were posative they still are… please don’t give up..In IT to Win It !..I also didnt purchase anything in order to win the 50 dollars..Lonna I hope you have a great day and a very special weekend.. Take care.. hope you don’t give up.. Hope you keep entering/ keep trying too!I really hope you see this reply. thanks again a fellow PCH fan Sharon from upstate NY…

  3. Ruthanne Thoe says:

    2011 is the just beginning of the 29 years to come. I want to join the entire PCH Team in Paying It Forward one year at a time.

  4. Susan Hardin says:

    my husband and my self live in ahause he has too cot wood at age seventyfive years giving some money would mendnem heat and air. thanksusan

  5. W, Dean Herrian says:

    My wife Evalena and I have sent in PCH enteries for almost 20 years. In September 2001, we helped our son and his wife who had spent all his savings on medical bills for their only child. In October, PCH rang our door bell and handed me a check for $11,000. We have shared our PCH story with hundreds of our friends, family and associates. Since hearing our story they now believe PCH really does give away all that money, to complete strangers, and have become PCH believers and participants, as well. And…we will be expecting you to ring our doorbell February 28!!! We’ll be waiting for you. ….W Dean Herrian

    1. Maureen Sousa says:


      Thanks so much for sharing!!! As it seems as if God was with you… knowing your TRUE need & helping you with it all!!!

      Glad to see that the monies were well spent!!! & wishing you the Best of Luck in the upcoming Sweepstakes..


  6. Nancy Sexton says:

    I, too am praying for all of our lives to be one day changed for the better!!

    Glory to God!!

    God Loves US!!


  7. Maureen Sousa says:

    I forgot to mention my husband who is the master mechanic for a city fire dept. In charge of trying to get rid of all this snow to keep the fire dept. running..

    Maybe that is why we are ready for Fla. This is too much for him to handle at his age…

    So again…” just wishhng , & hoping & praying & waiting” till one day things will change!!!


  8. Maureen Sousa says:

    Oh Dave,
    That is our NEW dream also, to be living in a warmer Florida Climate..
    Here in New England we are being deluged with snow this year to the point that tomorrow we will break the blizzard of 78 total snow fall in our area… we are only 4 inches away now & expecting another 20 inches the next 2 days.. there is no place to put the snow any longer & at our age we are ready for NO MORE SHOVELING!!!
    So a BIG WIN could help ,,!!! I would need to WIN IT to be able to DO IT…:0)

    I am off to bed early tonight as they anticipate a crazy frenzy at the grocery store tomorrow in anticipation for these upcoming storms.& want people in early for more help..You gotta do what you gotta do.. not complaining…!! But you would not believe how many New Englanders today are all ready to move to Fla.!!!

    So glad that the Perkins had moved to warmer climate when they got to the age to do it.. I hope the same for us someday… although we Love New Enland, It is not loving us in our senior years.

    Wishing everyone Good luck on this upcoming sweepstakes..

    I hope you can still find my house on Feb. 28th with ALL this SNOW!!! It might be ALL buried in snow!!!! LOL ;0)



  9. Vickie Plasterer says:

    This is a good ending, well not yet ended, because this Florida Couple knows how to take advantage of and enjoy thier annualized payments from
    Publishers Clearing House.

    I think it is wonderful how you remain in touch and develop lasting friendships with winners.

    I hope to make it to this long list of winners one day; and I know the ONLY way to do this is to enter.

    Great story of a happy PCH winning couple.

    Have a GREAT DAY everyone and GOOD LUCK to us all in the upcoming February 28th Amazing PCH Sweepstakes.

    Vickie P
    Markle, IN

  10. M.ROLLE says:

    with a Prize-Patrol dispatch Outside My residents Or Anyone for that Matter it sure Can make for Such a happy Occasion for a house hold, first a Knock very well dressed elites fit into Neathly press blazers with Welcoming Smiles along with Congratulated words greeting gifts and saying you’re the Winner of Ten Million Dollars or even A Million Dollars A Year for Life! what ever it, is,this february there Showing-up Presents is a Super Prize gift itself Feb 28th? or After the Big Game day? Who Know’s no matter what happens it will be a big “Touch down Moment” in PCH History! and what a big Dent that will be for a Happy family Enjoy!

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