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Million Dollar Winning Moment Lasts and Lasts for Florida Couple

After all these years their memories of their million dollar winning moment are vivid and special.

What a memorable winning moment! After almost twenty years I still have special memories of our PCH Prize Patrol visit to the Florida home of Bill and Jo Ann Perkins.

Perkins Million Dollar Winner

Reason #1: We almost went to the wrong house. I mean we almost went to their former house. The Perkinses mailed their winning entry from their home in Ohio, then relocated. Weeks later — after Bill emerged as the $1 Million winner in the prize drawing — we somehow discovered (I don’t remember how) that their home address had changed: from Ohio to Florida. It was October, and while it was not yet cold in Ohio, a balmy destination was mighty appealing. Reason #2: My wife came along for a few vacation days, and that was the beginning of our love affair with the Sunshine State that continues to this day. Reason #3: The Perkinses were — and remain — a delightful couple. We PCHers had the pleasure of hosting them at our Port Washington, NY offices and again at a gala hoedown of PCH Millionaire Winners at a Dallas ranch a year or so later.

Perkins PCH winners

Through Christmas cards and phone calls we have kept in touch with Jo Ann and Bill. After all these years their memories of their winning moment are vivid and special. They’ve clearly enjoyed annuitized payments from their Million Dollar prize. Besides the photos and video of the day the Prize Patrol knocked on their door — with balloons, roses and the Big Check — there is also a daily reminder of the celebration that took place in their living room. You see, we also brought a bottle of Prize Patrol champagne. When Bill popped the cork it not only made a large noise but left a big dent in their ceiling which remains to this day. “It was such a happy occasion,” says Bill, “we never wanted to repair the damage.”

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Here’s hoping we show up at your house and leave a dent in your ceiling – just like Bill’s.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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