PCH Winner Donna Miner Exclusive

Most PCH winners are speechless. Everyone has made the comment “I thought it was fake!”

This quote belongs to March 2011 PCH Winner, Donna Miner.  An official PCH Winner of $10,000 from Orlando, FL, Donna has seen the PCH Prize Patrol deliver the signature oversized check to other people on TV, but much like others, never thought it would happen to her.

As she was getting ready to go to work at Joanne’s fabric store, she was caught in her pajamas and proclaimed a PCH Winner right then and there. One of Donna’s 9 children, Danny came over to share in her winning moment. He says the new PCH Winner has constantly urged him to enter Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes for a while. But that winning moment with Dave Sayer, he says, finally “Made me a believer.”

After the prize was awarded, Donna M. the PCH Winner told us, like most of you who are reading; “We all hope, but never really think it will happen”. This Publishers Clearing House Winner certainly admits that everyone has their moments of doubt. Even after she saw the giant check and camera crew outside she remembered “I thought I must be dreaming.”

Finally, the PCH Winner mentioned throughout her PCH Winning Moment how her whole central air conditioning system broke. She elaborated to us that to “replace the central air system in my house, it cost $4200 to replace. I could not have replaced it without my winning Publishers Clearing House – thank you so much.”

I think it’s significant that a PCH Winner along with one of her family members expressed how skeptical they were until they actually won. It also shows how many people have similar attitudes about Publishers Clearing House. Coming from a Publishers Clearing House Winner from so recently, it may make you think how similar PCH Winners are to everyday people like you.

The “Prize” Queen

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Curtis Martin said...

Donna was not only blessed with a $10,000 prize, she’s also blessed with 9 children.

Curtis Martin said...

My family and friends has always doubted PCH until I showed them the $25 prize check I won.

Every time someone call and ask me what I’m doing, I always tell them “I’m waiting on Dave to get here”. :)

Nancy Sexton said...

Always it’s someone just around the corner, the next person, or just that – someone else.

Something always helps.

God bless everyone no matter.




    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hello Lynn,

    In order to win, your entry must be chosen among all other entries submitted for Giveaway 1400. Please note that the estimated odds of winning this giveaway are 1 in 1,750,000,000. There are three easy ways to enter our contests:

    Visit our website at http://www.pch.com. Enter anytime at your convenience. Just click on “Begin” and follow the easy instructions to submit your entry.

    Call us toll-free at 1-800-645-9242 to use our automated phone service anytime. After our opening message, follow the appropriate prompts. You will be asked to enter your 11-digit Customer Identification number to enter the sweepstakes. Your Customer ID can be found on your order acknowledgements and invoices from PCH.

    You may enter by mail any time by simply writing to us at the following address:

    Publishers Clearing House
    101 Winners Circle
    Port Washington, NY 11050

    Each entry request must be mailed separately and we do not accept entries from third parties, entries sent in bulk, or entry via e-mail. You may enter up to once per day by the website, promotional e-mail, telephone or mail. Any duplicate entries from a specific method of entry will be discarded.

    And remember, at Publishers Clearing House no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win!

    Good luck!
    Alanna @ PCH

      Colette Wallace said...

      Hi Alanna, Here’s my question: Everytime my order comes it has an invoice and some entries which says “This entries must be mailed with your payment” Most of the time I pay by phone and charge it to my credit card .Therefore I can not send in those entries. So how would I do that? Can I send those entries without the payment since I already paid my order by credit card?Thanks.

        PCH Customer Service said...

        Hi Colette,

        If you do not mail in your payment, here are two easy ways to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

        Visit us at http://www.pch.com, click on “Begin” and follow the easy entry instructions.

        Call us toll-free at 1-800-645-9242 to use our automated phone service anytime. After our opening message, press the number ’2′ for the option to “Enter our Sweepstakes”. If you have your 11-digit Customer ID, you can then press the number ’1′. You will then be asked to enter your 11-digit Customer Identification number to enter the sweepstakes. Your Customer ID can be found on your order acknowledgements and invoices from PCH.

        These two options are great ways to enter at your convenience-anytime, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

        Best Of Luck!
        Jodi @ PCH

MICHAEL R said...

I Do think everyone know that the PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE Is REAL It’s Just an Opportunity that is So Good to Be True for Us to make it Happen or Not it all begins with the Individuals Self-Confidance and how their Pushed to Win…and get this Most “Winning Moment In History” As been UNBelieveable Either it’s Sport what ever you name it and when you Believe you can WIN,Then the Moment is Yours to Make Unbelieveable Moments Happen!!!!!!

    Maureen Sousa said...

    SOOO true Michael,
    as my last post to Natalie & how postive & enthusiastic I am with winner PCH…. she did comment that enthusiasm brings on things.. & I have had ( like she said… no big windfalls as of yet)

    but I am seeing things going in a better direction for me in small ways..

    I know you are a man of FAITH so just KEEP that faith… do not let the world around you pull you down.. think positive in all ways.. all days, not only for you , but for your fellow man & neighbor as well..No matter who he is etc.

    God Bless & Good Luck to all !!


SC said...

I saw something that said the sweepstakes for the 10million ends next yr. Why are you guys requesting entries so far in advance? I thought a drawing was going to be held in 2011 for that prize.

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hello SC,

    All draws are awarded on the date specified in the Sweepstakes Facts that comes with each entry as per our official rules. In the event of an “Advanced Look”, a SuperPrize number is drawn and, if the winning entry has been returned, the prize is awarded. If the winning number was not returned, the prize rolls over to the next draw date. If the prize is not awarded on any of the “Advanced Look” draw dates, the prize will be awarded on the end date specified in the Sweepstakes Facts.

    We will send out numerous entries by mail or e-mail, however, you are not obligated to enter into all. Also note, there is no purchase necessary when entering.

    Addison @ PCH

Colette Wallace said...

Hi Jodi. Thanks for the response. I am aware and know how to enter by phone and by computer. The phone allows me to enter once daily so as the Pch lotto in the computer. But I thought I have had more extra entries of the different specific promotions from the invoices I am getting. So if I have thirty of those special promotions entry then I lose out thirty times opportunity of winning. I was thinking those are extra entries opportunity for me to enterif I send them in in addition to my entry by phone and online.Oh, well You can’t win them all. You may not understand what I mean. Thanks anyway.

Connie L.Sanford said...

I will probably never win but I am very careful to follow all of the instructions…making sure that I have enclosed, pasted, signed, etc.everything.
I figure that, if I win, it will be a wonderful blessing and since I will probably lose, I haven’t lost anything except the cost of however many postage stamps I may have used over the years…. and like I sometimes say, “…well, it kept me off the streets and out of the bars…so that’s not a bad thing and some day, I might win.

Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Connie from Kanab

Beth Goren said...

I don’t doubt that prizes are given through PCH, but I also don’t like
that the online-only prize entry site where personal info is being shared is http versus https. For that reason alone, I will not cast my entry online.

joseph courteaux said...

i hav ben trying to activation my coad for december 25 but cant fine it