PCH Sweepstakes: Myths vs. Facts

Ever wonder how PCH is able to giveaway so much money? How about whether or not making a purchase can help you win? Or maybe you’re curious about the winners featured in PCH commercials – are they real or just actors? With so many myths swirling around Publishers Clearing House for so many years, how do you know what’s really true? It’s easy. Visit info.pch.com and you’ll find it all explained; here’s a sampling.

One question PCH has always found to be quite popular is if purchasing a magazine or product helps you win. Truth be told, the answer is NO. It never has helped and never will. Why? Because No Purchase Is Necessary to enter to win our famous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Your chances of winning without a purchase are the same as the chances of someone who buys something. And, yes, PCH has had many SuperPrize winners who did not order when they entered!

Next up:  How can Publishers Clearing House afford to give away so much money? Simply stated:  All prizes are funded by company revenues derived from the sale of our varied merchandise and magazine offers. Since 1967, PCH has awarded over $226 million in prizes. And, that’s a fact! We’ve evolved from being a magazine agent to a company that is largely product driven. PCH ShopandWin is a fantastic resource for a wide variety of merchandise, where you’ll find everything from housewares, DVDs and books to jewelry, personal care products and collectibles. Plus, you could win prizes instantly when you browse the ShopandWin site!

Another myth that has made its way around is whether or not winners featured in Publishers Clearing House commercials are real winners or actors. Guess what? They’re real winners who have been surprised “live” by our famous PCH Prize Patrol. A great place to see the Prize Patrol in action, awarding Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prizes, is to visit PCHtv.com.

You can best believe Publishers Clearing House has a whole lot more Myths vs. Facts for you, but you’ll have to visit info.pch.com to read more about them as I’m running out of space here. We’d also like to know if you’ve heard any myths about Publishers Clearing House that we have not addressed on info.pch.com. You can leave them in the comments section below, and if it’s something we’ve never heard before or haven’t covered on our website, we’ll check it out.

Feel free to stop by our Fan page on Facebook and leave a big, “Hello!” As always, Publishers Clearing House loves to hear from you. And, that’s a fact!

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Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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sandra easterly said...

I Trust You People and Love the Publisher Clearing House Beside I’m Learning Knowledge So I’m Already Winner and when the rest of My Dream Come true I Will Feel I Have Gradulated.I Believe This Is The House Where Dreams Come True Publisher Clearing House.Thanks So Much For All You Have Done Already,All Of You.God Bless You.

Peggy Lubin said...

I am excited for that day in which PCH comes knocking at my door with balloons and all!! Thanks in advance Publishers Clearing House!!

Diana Hanlon said...

I beleave Publisher Clearing House is telling the truth I have seen people won on TV and it’s real. but the only thing is missing is me winning maybe someday I will get a knock on my door I Love suprise’s. knock knock knock three time’s for me.

Maria Gonzalez said...

Recovering from brain surgery and living with family! I need to be independent again along with my 2 girls and I don’t know how cause I don’t have money to do anything but with the help of PCH I can finally pick up where I left of which was 7 years ago!

Curtis Martin said...

As they say, “there’s only one way to find out. If you don’t enter, you wont win.”

So, do as the Romans do, ENTER. :D

Nancy Sexton said...

It’s fact: I ain’t got no money to buy anymore!! Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo Hoo!!

It’s a fact: I at least enter everyday everywhere I can!! Yay! Yay! Yay Yay Yay!!

God bless everyone involved!!


ie wiwing said...

i love PCH

Robert Rose said...

The link to the $25K prize has been down for several days… Has the PCH web site been hacked? I can’t get past that contest to enter any of the other ones either. I hope that you can get it squared away soon.

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Robert,

    In order to submit your entries on http://www.pch.com, you must ensure pop-ups are allowed. If you did not receive a notification informing you to allow pop-ups, please follow the steps below after opening your Internet Browser. Please note, step by step instructions may differ based on the browser type and version used.

    1. Click on the “Tools” menu at the top of your browser
    2. Select “Internet Options”
    3. Navigate to the “Privacy” tab
    4. Click on “Settings” in the Pop-up Blocker section
    5. Add http://www.pch.com to your “allow” list

    If you do not want to allow pop-ups from http://www.pch.com and would still like to enter via this method, simply hold the “Ctrl” key while clicking “Begin”, and continue holding until the new window appears. Hope this helps!

    Rod @ PCH

Eilleen Kennedy said...

Happy day to you all.
waiting for that prize patrol to visit me. i was told by a dream that i was going to win a big check.

Anthony Smiley said...

I have been entering this sweapstake for more than 20 plus years,still haven’t. A dollar from pch . In fact , according to your winner list, there hasn’t been a winner in the state of Alabama since 2009 why is that ? I think its all a gimmick. Surely you would think in over 20 years I should have won a dollar,I’ve spent more on products offered. The list speaks for itself.

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Anthony,

    We have had prize winners in every state. At Publishers Clearing House our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased and is conducted by independent auditors and Giveaway Supervisors. We have no way of determining who our winners may be or where they may come from. Our most recent winners can be found on the top of our web site on the scrolling bar and under the “Winners Circle” link.

    Our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win, and provide clear information that the recipient has not yet won any prize, must enter by the deadline, and must be chosen to win. In order to win an entry must be selected by random drawing or match the winning number selected. Please remember that while we receive entries from all across the land only one individual can actually win each giveaway. All PCH prizes of $500 or greater are awarded by either certified mail, or in person by our famous Prize Patrol. These awards are done as soon as all winning entries and prizes are matched. Our most recent winners can be found on the top of our web site on the scrolling bar and under the “Winners Circle” link.

    And remember, a purchase is never necessary to enter or win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

    Best of luck in the sweepstakes!
    Jodi @ PCH

Tamika Reid said...

I believe in miracles and dreams that do come true. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be the next $5,000 a week for life winner! If I won, that would definitely be my miracle. But if I don’t it’s still a miracle for some one, and that still would make me :) .

Chris said...

What PCH does just makes shopping funner, I wish Amazon would give away random prizes to it’s customers… Hear me Amazon? Waiting for that iPad. ;P

samantha huggins said...

i have been playing pch for months. playing the games are fun and stimulating. i believe in pch. hopeful some day i will be a winner, not only for me, but for my family. thanks pch for helping make dreams become a reality.

Diane Nelson said...

Publishers Clearing house gives you a 1 in 1.75 million chance of winning the sweepstakes so its a total waste of time. In the meantime you get plugged to buy their products all the time with the enticing comments that it may give you a better chance at winning. Each product I have ordered has been made in China. The last one I just got smelled so badly, like tar, that I am returning it. I cannot support a company or a contest that sells products made in china. WHile they help maybe one american to get rich, look at how many american businesses go out of business due to the loss of work because of products being made out of the country. So PCH helps ruin businesses & adds to unemployment rates. No, PCH & products made in china, not for me!

Sybil Zarate said...

I believe you should have less emails and one only to enter all giveaways. I do enjoy the games but the search engines are repetitive.

kenneth lucas said...

Its a fact i want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 pch superprize 3080 meet the prize team have fun

kenneth lucas said...

Im kenneth lucas i do beleave publishers clearing house makes dreams come true i now im a winner now help me show my family your true please
Good luck to everybody

kenneth lucas said...

I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 ,3080 so i can travel to see my mom in Tennessee VACTION time

daniella jessee said...

I’m feeling like a winner! So come on pch pick me! Pick me! And good luck to everyone out there that has entered! So many lives will be changed for the better. So have fun ya’ll and lots of luck!

Jean Ganje said...

I have enjoyed entering PCH sweepstakes.I can not afford to order anything as I am just starting out financially after leaving the convent. I have to save my money for the future.I do not make a lot of money and worry if I will be able to get on my feet I presently live with my mom in a 2 bedroom house which we pay rent for. I need someway of getting more money to live. Thank You

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Virginia Adams said...

I lived in Long Island NY, For so many years ago, My Mother and I use to mail it in, I was surprised to see how far you have come and I’m a Believer!Just wanted to say Thank You for your patience with me as I still have some struggles on the Web? I will try my local library to become more knowledgeable, Virginia