PCH Sweepstakes: Myths vs. Facts

Ever wonder how PCH is able to giveaway so much money? How about whether or not making a purchase can help you win? Or maybe you’re curious about the winners featured in PCH commercials – are they real or just actors? With so many myths swirling around Publishers Clearing House for so many years, how do you know what’s really true? It’s easy. Visit info.pch.com and you’ll find it all explained; here’s a sampling.

One question PCH has always found to be quite popular is if purchasing a magazine or product helps you win. Truth be told, the answer is NO. It never has helped and never will. Why? Because No Purchase Is Necessary to enter to win our famous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Your chances of winning without a purchase are the same as the chances of someone who buys something. And, yes, PCH has had many SuperPrize winners who did not order when they entered!

Next up:  How can Publishers Clearing House afford to give away so much money? Simply stated:  All prizes are funded by company revenues derived from the sale of our varied merchandise and magazine offers. Since 1967, PCH has awarded over $226 million in prizes. And, that’s a fact! We’ve evolved from being a magazine agent to a company that is largely product driven. PCH ShopandWin is a fantastic resource for a wide variety of merchandise, where you’ll find everything from housewares, DVDs and books to jewelry, personal care products and collectibles. Plus, you could win prizes instantly when you browse the ShopandWin site!

Another myth that has made its way around is whether or not winners featured in Publishers Clearing House commercials are real winners or actors. Guess what? They’re real winners who have been surprised “live” by our famous PCH Prize Patrol. A great place to see the Prize Patrol in action, awarding Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prizes, is to visit PCHtv.com.

You can best believe Publishers Clearing House has a whole lot more Myths vs. Facts for you, but you’ll have to visit info.pch.com to read more about them as I’m running out of space here. We’d also like to know if you’ve heard any myths about Publishers Clearing House that we have not addressed on info.pch.com. You can leave them in the comments section below, and if it’s something we’ve never heard before or haven’t covered on our website, we’ll check it out.

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Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

42 thoughts on “PCH Sweepstakes: Myths vs. Facts”

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been playing by mail, since before we all had personal computers and haven’t won a dime, but I have to add that we need to remember that there are millions of people entering every day, day after day. You already know the odds on your state lotto and those are in the multiple millions of chances. This is no different, except you don’t have to buy any tickets. PCH says that you don’t need to purchase anything to enhance your odds of winning and, although I’ve purchased a number of things, I believe that is true. I could be a fool, but I choose to believe this is entirely random and fair. Yes PCH makes a lot of money from those of use who purchased over-priced items with exorbitant shipping charges, but that’s our decision not PCH’s. Stay in the game and perhaps you will be the next winner. God bless everyone. Keep trying is all I can say and I haven’t won anything.

  2. crystal paprock says:

    i have been entering a long time now. really could use a big big win as that would be a life changer for my whole family. would love to buy a home for sis and mom, plus just have money to never ever have to worry again. its really hard to play all the games but i try to enter as many sweepstakes every day. just really wish that my break will finally come. i don’t live in a nice place so it would actually be a feel good story for a struggling person to win. seems like when most people win they are already living in a nice home and driving a nice new/ish car. crazy. smh.

  3. Linda britt says:

    I tell all my friends pch is coming to see me in tn it’s my time Linda

  4. j says:

    To many annoying and time consuming things to do and waste my time .There are at least 20 e-mails from pch when I’m not on the computer for a couple of days.

  5. Patrick says:

    I meant a week

  6. Patrick says:

    PCH is nothing more than an information hoarder they never will give money away like they say I don’t believe them 5000 a month for life yeah right

  7. D.Snyder says:

    ITS very disappointing and discouraging to play the games and enter on everything Pch has, in order to win money we all so desperatly need in these times And be disappointed everytime We find out we havent won the games are getting redundant to play especially when you dont have the time to play them just to be disappointed again when you don’t win But I keep hanging in there Hoping maybe someday I will win A sad situation for many of us isnt it?

  8. Michael Daugherty says:

    My most recent email entry from PCH indicated that I had forfeited a prize because I had not ordered anything!!!!! I had two friend here and had them read the notice to make sure I wasn’t misreading it. And they agree, it’s saying I lost because I haven’t purchased anything! What a rip off!!!! So much for you don’t have to buy anything to win!

  9. Mrs.P says:

    Louis, we are not alone but at the end of the day, there is hope.

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