Mega Prize to be Awarded on November 30th!



I just received some BREAKING NEWS I need to share with you!

Publishers Clearing House is no longer giving you just the opportunity to win $5,OOO.OO Every Week For Life.  In true PCH-style, we’ve decided to up the ante!

Go to now and YOU can enter to become the winner of our November 30th MULTI-MILLIONAIRE-MAKING MEGA PRIZE!

That’s $1,OOO,OOO.OO on the spot PLUS $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life THIS NOVEMBER 30th! It’s one of the biggest lifetime prizes in Publishers Clearing House history!

AND GUESS WHAT! We’re GUARANTEEING to make someone a MEGA PRIZE winner!

If you’re announced our lucky Mega Prize winner  during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams this November 30th, you’ll automatically get: $1,OOO,OOO.OO paid all at once plus you’ll receive $5,OOO.OO checks made out in your name, each and every single week for the rest of your life! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Now that’s some kind of financial security. I can’t even begin to think what I’d do with all that money. What would be the first thing you do? Would you invest it, pay off some outstanding bills or even take the vacation of a lifetime?

Here at PCH we’ve never had the opportunity to award a MEGA PRIZE. How cool would it be for you to go down in Publishers Clearing House history as our FIRST-EVER MEGA PRIZE WINNER!

The Prize Patrol will definitely be out on the road, in hot pursuit, to award our FIRST-EVER MEGA PRIZE this November 30th! Imagine if you saw Todd Sloane, Danielle Lam and Dave Sayer pull up at your front door with flowers, balloons, champagne and the “Big Check.” What would your reaction be? Would you jump for joy or would you be in complete and utter shock?

I’d love to see the winner’s big winning-moment captured and framed on the wall of Conference Room C with all our previous Prize winners.

PCH Winners


Make sure to visit and enter by the strict November 18th (11:59 PM, ET) deadline.

Good luck!

Matt S.

PCH Creative

581 thoughts on “Mega Prize to be Awarded on November 30th!”

  1. carlamantee says:

    I would like to win 100,000,00 plus 5000.00 plus 5000,00 Gwy No 1830

  2. carlamantee says:

    I’m Really Excited

  3. carlamantee says:

    The opportunity to be Multi millionare. Event taking place

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    Thank you for the Golden Opportunity


    (“To allow you my greatest appreciation. This is for the kindnesses given in the up most care through support these last few years, as in all the years towards my entries. Also as well, the hopefulness I have felt all along the way, in all wins possible through your association with all the great sponcers that have helped us along our ways. The Gratitude can only be an understatement to all the love and affection you have shown amongst the years. To everyone of PCHPublishersClearingHouse, past and present,… My thank you is never quite enough to show how much I too thee care! “Well Done.” As I have seen your signature even in a short still shot of “Life.” Again in Indiana Jones last night. I would like to be a winner too! Best Luck To Every One. Amen.”)

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    I would like the Mega Event.

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