Lucky Winner! Lucky Dog!

Patches, a lucky dog, greeted the Prize Patrol in their recent visit to surprise a new lucky winner.

On Friday morning, December 16, Linda Knisley and her husband Gene were hosting visitors from the cold north in their sunny Florida home when they got a phone call telling them a floral delivery was on the way to their door.

“Flowers?  From whom?” Linda wondered, then figured maybe it was an early Christmas gift from someone.

A few minutes later there were flowers all right!  A huge bouquet of red roses.  And an early Christmas gift?  Yes indeed!  A Big Check for $10,000.00!

You see, Linda was the lucky winner of PCH’s Online Holiday Shopping Spree prize – personally delivered by America’s most welcome drop-in guests, the PCH Prize Patrol.

“I can’t believe this!” Linda cried as she stood shaking at the door.  “And look at me!  I’m not even dressed!”  Actually she looked perky and bright, in a purple tee shirt with the message “Sail Away” on it.  And that’s what she plans to do with some of her winnings: sail away on a cruise – something she and Gene have wanted to do for ages.

While the Knisleys, their guests and neighbors marveled that what was happening before them was something they had previously seen only on TV, Patches, their beloved 8-year old shih-tzu, stood happily by, wagging her tail and realizing that she was one lucky dog.

Patches was just the latest in a long history of lucky dogs who have greeted the Prize Patrol at the door.  Yes, there have been barks and even the menacing look of some pit bulls; but we have not been bitten once.  That’s because the dogs recognize that their masters and mistresses are ecstatically happy – so they are happy too – just as you would be if you won.

So, enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – not just for yourself but for your pet (if you have one).  Believe me, your dog or cat or bird or hamster or iguana will appreciate the bonus treats they get as a result of your winning; they might even love you more.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S.  If you have a lucky, talented, or fashionable pet dog you think has what it takes to be a Celebrity Canine in this year’s New Yorkie Runway Doggie Fashion Show, there’s still time to register for the New Yorkie Runway Auditions.  PCH is a sponsor of this event that raises money for Angel On A Leash foundation, a non-profit organization that creates therapy dog programs for hospitals and institutions.  It’s a fun event that benefits a good cause.

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