On SuperPrize Event Day, How Will YOU Follow The Prize Patrol?

May 31st is only 2 days away when the Prize Patrol will be delivering a BIG SuperPrize from the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  We know how eager you are to know where they are headed, who will win, and what SuperPrize amount will be awarded. And we are just as eager to keep you updated. That’s why for this prize delivery, we’re giving updates in NEW places, like right here on this blog!  Keep reading so you can get the full scoop!

On May 31st, the PCH Blog will be updated many times with clues about where the Prize Patrol is headed!  It’s the first time that we’ll be updating the blog in this way for a SuperPrize Event. We’re very excited to get you blog readers in on the fun, and hope you are too! Let us know what you think about it in your comments below!

As with every SuperPrize delivery, you can also visit the PCH Fan Page throughout the day to see special messages from the Prize Patrol.  Click on the Winning Moments tab to see video updates as they make their way to the winner! Itching to find out who will win the Sweepstakes? Make sure you come back to the PCH Fan Page to see an official winner announcement!

Danielle Lam LOVES giving fans hints and travel updates on her Prize Patrol Fan Page. Be sure to check it regularly to see behind-the-scenes photos of the delivery. And now that Todd Sloane has a Fan Page of his very own, you can also find prize delivery updates there!

So what do you think? How will YOU follow the Prize Patrol on SuperPrize Award day? With every minute that goes by on May 31st, the anticipation about who will win the Sweepstakes is sure to build, so I suggest you keep up with ALL the updates from the Prize Patrol — on each of the Fan Pages and right here on the blog!

Who knows… maybe the hints will let you figure out that the Prize Patrol is heading to your door! How cool would that be?

Victoria Zimmerman

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137 thoughts on “On SuperPrize Event Day, How Will YOU Follow The Prize Patrol?”

  1. cassie says:

    We’re waiting on the prize patrol MY HOLE CITY BLOCK Lynwood Dr San BERNARDINO county California… city blocks of young children and teenagers who have no guidance for a chance CHANCE to be a WINNER.. I want to build a community center in my neighborhood of Delrosea ,declared that Pch gave HOPE not just to one winner BUT a neighborhood of winners!!!!!! Lol

  2. Tina loyd says:

    To all good luck and enjoy this prizes spend it wisely to all contestances of Pch

  3. barbarahelton says:

    am end it to WIN it

  4. lydia florez says:

    come to my house please

  5. It would be the most wonderful thing in my life

  6. It is nice to know how things are played out. Thank you very much. What puzzles me,is when a date is set for Feb 28th and then you have May 31st as the next super prize date. What happened to Feb 28th?

  7. LOIS. SLATER says:

    I watch and follow everyday night it is in my mine that I am the winner, and all the hints .this is like a puzzle .

  8. LOIS. SLATER says:

    I am happy to hear from the prize patrol ,this make me feel like a winner .ii just keep on smile.i love you prize patrol .

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