Meet Margaret: She Helps PCH Fight Against PCH Scams!

Watch the video below from Margaret C., Director of Consumer Affairs at Publishers Clearing House. She tells you blog readers all about how Publishers Clearing House is fighting back against PCH scams!


Remember blog readers: As Margaret says, the winning is always free at PCH, and you’re NEVER required to pay a fee to claim a prize award. Don’t be fooled by those terrible PCH scams!

Let us know if you have any questions about PCH scams or about what you can do to stay safe! We’ll be happy to help!

39 thoughts on “Meet Margaret: She Helps PCH Fight Against PCH Scams!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    This number called me this morning 876-817-2384 the gentleman said he was with the prize delivery and wanted my address I responded with, “why would I give a perfect stranger my address?” He hung up on me. I called the number back he answered, “Publishers Clearing House” I stated that I had just received a call from the number. He then asked if I remember entering to win. I told him I don’t recall entering. He told me someone must have entered for me and asked for my address again. I told him if I had indeed won they would have my address and to come knock on my door. He hung up again.

  2. Antoinette says:

    i just called back a number cause i had missed the call. So when i get on the guy named bob walters (which this name already sounds made up ) But he told me that I won3.5 million dollars. and asked me if i was excited i said i’ll be excited when i see it . so then he asked me if i was alone and told me that no one should be listening to this conversation and asked me if anyone was able to pick up the phone. That right there sent off even more warning signs to me. So I told him yeah i was alone he then proceeds to tell me that i have to pay 1 percent of the money for a one time tax deduction totaling to 15,000 .So I told him that I don’t understand why i should have to pay to claim my winnings and why wouldn’t they just automatically take the taxes out anyway. He said cause its a certified check and that if I don’t pay the one time tax fee I won’t be able to claim the money and it will automatically be donated to a charity of my choice. and then when i said that i was going to research the company he said why do you need to research the company and put people in your business cause your gonna ask someone about it and no one needs to be in your business i said I’m not paying you or giving you any information until i do my research . so with that being said thank god i found this website

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