Meet Margaret: She Helps PCH Fight Against PCH Scams!

Watch the video below from Margaret C., Director of Consumer Affairs at Publishers Clearing House. She tells you blog readers all about how Publishers Clearing House is fighting back against PCH scams!


Remember blog readers: As Margaret says, the winning is always free at PCH, and you’re NEVER required to pay a fee to claim a prize award. Don’t be fooled by those terrible PCH scams!

Let us know if you have any questions about PCH scams or about what you can do to stay safe! We’ll be happy to help!

36 thoughts on “Meet Margaret: She Helps PCH Fight Against PCH Scams!”

  1. karissa says:

    This just happened to me. I received a call saying they were from pch and that i had won a cashiers check and a car. I was half asleep and mostly suspicious so I played along. The man told me to call the manager right away and told me the number, he then made me repeat the number to make sure that I go it right. He was rather insistent that I call “the manager” right away, too. The number was 1-876-817-2384. He didn’t ask for information but I’m sure that the manager would’ve probably “needed” my SS number, address, id number, and a plethora of other so-called “needed information”. I’m now feeling thankful that I checked online to see if this was a scam!

  2. erin says:

    I received a called today as well. Guy name is Peter. Asked me to purchase a green dot card of 399.99. His call back number is 1-876-809-0969. Said he works for the PCH. Department. That my check would be with the Bank of America. He constantly repeated himself making sure I had written the information down correctly. I could hear roosters in the background and other men talking as well. He constantly told me that the process was 100% real. Lol I knew better . He also gave me two sets of number. Codes. ED6160 & 232373

  3. Yes i jusy got a tex message from Danielle pch asking me if i was ready for my winnings and asked me how long would it take to get my confirmation number and said i needed to purchase a scratch green card for 299.99. Then give them my confirmation number once i got it is this true.sylvia

  4. Jenny Springer says:

    I just sent you the most recent of email scams, I look forward to hearing from you and or your comment about this new email scam going on…A true Publishers Clearing House Dreamer, Jenny Springer

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  6. barbarahelton says:

    just happen to me

  7. Luis says:

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  8. Louise Hawkins says:

    I wanted to inform you of a new scam involving your name that just arrived at my uncle’s. The check was from (supposedly) a company named SDS Logistics Services, at 19 Colonial Dr, Youngstown, Ohio. This firm is a legitimate trucking company whose name is apparently being misappropriated. The check was for $977.55 of a so-called winning of $75,000. There were numerous grammatical errors in the letter, so I knew at once it wasn’t real. The contact number was listed as 1-514-458-1659 and the name was Michael Wasowski. I hope this helps in some way.

  9. Kenneth Fox says:

    On 9/28/13 I spoke to your office and I thank you for the information. The question I wanted to ask you was how do these people know we are customers of PCH and have some info on us (unlisted phone numbers) Is it coming from our mail or from our computers, are they hackers or some other type of thief? Keep up the good work. Thanks again..KF

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