Leave a Legacy that’s a Win-Win “Forever”

Publishers Clearing House winners and fans always tell us that they would use a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize to leave a legacy with loved ones! And the Win “Forever” Prize is tailor-made to grant that very wish. Yes, on August 31st, you could win the “Forever” Prize, that’s payments of $5,000 a week for your life, then after that, those payments would continue on to a special someone you select for their life!

The fact is, we all want to pass down something for our children. People work their whole lives to set things up favorably for the next generations. Parents strive to make sure their children receive every chance that they themselves did not get. They work to add money to college funds and even pay high life insurance premiums so that loved ones can be well-prepared for the future. The $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize event is so incredible because it lets the winner help enjoy the present AND it lets them leave a legacy of financial security for the future, too.

My grandparents immigrated to America so that their children and grandchildren could reap the benefits of a country rife with opportunity. They often worked two jobs each in areas of hard manual labor so their progeny wouldn’t have to struggle as hard. I’m sure my grandparents would have loved to pass down the financial legacy of a “Forever” Prize. And while I don’t have anything tangible like an heirloom locket or watch to remember them by, they passed down to me things even more important — faith and love as well as a strong work ethic and sense of humor.

As a PCH employee I’m am not eligible to win the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize on August 31st, but I am allowed to daydream about what I would do with the money and who I would set up for the future. Picking the right benefactor would take some time since there are many who are deserving. Fortunately, PCH thought of this, too, so if you were to win, you would have time to decide upon to whom you would leave a legacy of “forever” prize-winning money.

What legacy are you hoping to leave future generations? Do you have something special to pass down to a loved one? Have you had something special passed down to you? Leave let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck on August 31st! And remember to enter today and everyday. There’s only a few weeks left!

Kate M.
PCH Online Creative

105 thoughts on “Leave a Legacy that’s a Win-Win “Forever””

  1. WOW !!!!!!! Just being a “BIG” winner would be fantastic but winning a “forever Prize
    Like Gwy. 3080 would be a mindblower !!!!!!! YE-HA !! A PRIZE LIKE THAT WOULD
    Not only set my Wife and myself forever but it will also keep my Kids in good shape
    For their lives My Grandchildren could go to a Great College if they wish , I would
    Hope they would, I know they are all smart, and I have “Great Expectations” for them
    All. Would be possible if I were to “win a forever Prize”

  2. Dante Wright says:


  3. Anita Linck says:

    I would leave my life changing prize to my daughter Nacole . Because I wasn’t really living life until I was blessed with bringing her into this world .

  4. Ms. GG says:

    Pch please secure my entry to enter gwy 3080 and win $5000 a week forever prize. . Please secure my entry as soon as possible. . I really really want to win big on Aug 28th. . I wish to win so bad.. Please help me win and secure my entry immediately if possible. . I want to be the chosen one and become the third forever winner from Florida on pch.. Thanks for giving me hope and for keeping my dream alive to see the prize Patrols at my door steps

  5. Miss. GG says:

    Pch please secured my Forever prize entry immediately if possible.. I want to win big on gwy , 3080.. I wish to leave a legacy behind and to secured the future of my love ones.. please help me win big.. I want to be your next winner pch

  6. PCH, what can I say, Please teach me how to ask so that I can touch your heart with my sincere need to wait to win, and obtain favor with you, Pch I really need to win this ssuperprize, Please show or bestow on me the knowledge that I need, cause I really need this in a super way, Thank you for Listening.

  7. Wow, are you serious? Talk about financial freedom, Yes, Yes, Yes.

    1. Linfa Klump says:

      I would love to win.I Would leave a legacy to my daughter,she takes care of me.my landlord raised our rent to a hundred extra a month.IAM On ssi.i keep looling for a apt.I have a 1bedroom apt.now iam looking for a 1bedroom.I cant afford a 1 bedroom.I Wish i could win.so me &my daughter could enjoy life.We had somw hard times.It Would be great to win &change our life.We need to start being happy for once.I Lost a daughter 2years ago.&then my only sister in febuary,beside all my uncles in the padt year.winning would be the best for me.Then i could give my daughter a Way better life she really deserves it.pch i hope you come to my door.

  8. Ellen Moyer says:

    Family first and than I would set up a foundation to offer grants to a host of community non-profits that contribute to our quality of life. Ellen O

  9. Brenda Nelson says:

    legacy would be AWESOME! :)

  10. Miranda Cruse says:

    It would have to be my sister, she takes good care of my mom, she on a 365 day kidney machine, My sister is there every minute and every moment with my mom, I love my sister so much if is anything I can give here it would be to leave her a legacy. She is in another state and I’m in the next state down .Even though her name is Robbin, she is my Ruby.God bless her.

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