Real Winner Of PCH Sweepstakes Recounts Life Then And Now!

Hi everyone, it’s me Natalie Bostelman, a REAL WINNER of the PCH Sweepstakes!

Ah, July. July always seems to be extremely busy for me. Several family members and friends celebrated birthdays this month, I traveled a lot and, of course, there was Independence Day. But when I look back at the then and now, I realize that four years ago, it was even busier.

You see, in 2008, I was STRESSED. I was working at a local home interior store AND as a part-time bartender at our local theater. Oh, AND I had taken up another job as a personal assistant for an Insurance Broker. Did I mention that I was ALSO teaching once a week? I’m tired just thinking of it!

But you know what I always made time for? Entering ANY and EVERY way I could into the PCH Sweepstakes. In retrospect, it was one of the ways I could relieve my stress. It was FUN to go through my packets and to surf online. I entered through, PCHlotto, played PCHgames, and used PCHSearch&Win. In fact, PCHSearch&Win became a daily habit for me. Months earlier, I had won a $5 Amazon Gift Card through one of my searches. What a nice pay off! I think I purchased a book I had been eyeing for a few months.

Of course, the end game was to get my entries in for the BIGGER cash prizes, especially that SuperPrize! As I would fill out my entries, I would try to figure out what I would do with a Cash Windfall. I made a list. I’d pay off our bills, make donations to some local and national charities and build our dream home. Even if I didn’t win, the list was a nice goal.

Little did I know that the means to achieve those goals would be a’knockin’ at my door a month later. Yes, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol came swooping in to give me the “Big Check” and make me a REAL WINNER!! You can CHECK out my winning moment here.

Within just a few moments, my life had completely changed. I could go down to ONE job! We could pay off our major bills! I could do my donating AND…

We went from this…

To THIS! My very own dream home!

Isn’t my then and NOW amazing? Well it could happen for you, too. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! We’re exactly ONE MONTH AWAY from the Big SuperPrize Event. In just weeks, YOU could become a REAL winner of the PCH Sweepstakes just like me. Tell me…how would a visit from the Prize Patrol change YOUR life? Comment below.

And don’t forget – you can ‘follow’ me on Twitter @NatalieatPCH.


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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347 thoughts on “Real Winner Of PCH Sweepstakes Recounts Life Then And Now!”

  1. I was going to build the PCH Dream Home with a Local Company.

  2. Ingrid Johansson says:

    I looked for you on twitter Natalie and that account you only has been suspended 🙁 I wanted to ask what it was like to meet the crew. I can only imagine but hope my dream comes true to meet the crew especially Danielle and receive a $1,000,000.00 check plus bonus cash (to help take care of the prize taxes), Balloons(Im such a kid-didnt get them growing up )and the flowers. I swear Id be excited seeing the crew come and give me balloons and fowers LOL! Yeah a million dollar check would certainly move my projects in the right direction and I could hire people to create a team! yeah thats the life!

  3. Tiffany Golden says:

    Congrats on ur win, your before story sound so similar to mine, and I have to admit I looked at ur before pic and then looked at the after pic, and it brought a tear to my eyes, ur home looks beautiful, those u sounded busy before u won, u made time for ur family with all ur jobs, and after winning now u seem to have even more time and a better stressfree life to share and spend with ur family that amazing awesome….the money would be awesome undescribablly awesome….but it’s the stressfree part I would love, never stressing every week and every month about rent are utilities, so u could be happier and actually be with ur family. I can only hope and pray that I can win myself, HERES TO NEVER STRESSING AGAIN!🙌

  4. Stephanie Carlisle says:

    Hi.. I never giving up – keep entering and keep my faith – I know I will win one day! I keep praying!!! Thank you

  5. Baarent says:

    Prize Patrol To Pay Me A Visit Next
    Thank You PCH

  6. olasha maxwell says:

    Thank you.

  7. Pch winner life then and now I’m entering now and then back in1988 that’s a lot of entry.

  8. Cecelia says:

    Enjoy I’m never giving up thanks for sharing your testimony

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