The Big Check: The Prize Patrol’s Biggest Travel Challenge

Long before the airlines started charging fees for baggage other than carry-on’s, we members of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol traveled as light as possible.  We each brought one bag on board and put it in the overhead compartment — along with a rolled-up Prize Patrol sign for the van.  And that’s the way we still do it.

Todd, Danielle and I simply like to keep moving — for three reasons:  (1) It’s our responsibility to deliver that Big Check to the unexpectant winner without delay.  After all, he or she may have a financial emergency staring them in the face!  (2) We may have more than one prize award on our itinerary — with another plane to catch later that day.  (3) Travel is challenging enough these days without having to wait for a pokey carousel at baggage claim.

The biggest travel challenge we have nowadays is the most important thing we carry: The Big Check.  Some overhead compartments are not large enough to hold it, especially the oversized cardboard certificates that feature jaw-dropping prize amounts like “$1 Million” or “$10 Million” or “$5,000 A Week for Life.”  So we ask the flight attendant to find a suitable storage place, maybe in a First Class coat closet, and that always works out somehow.

We learned the hard way that it’s best to travel light.  Some years ago a wonderfully personable employee at PCH was appointed to Prize Patrol duty.  Her husband was so proud of her that he bought her a beautiful 5-piece luggage set for her to take on her “maiden voyage.”  Well, when we all met at the airport for our outbound flight, we realized that we had a real travel challenge on our hands. And, boy-oh-boy, was it!  (If you are reading this, Juju: thanks for cutting back to one bag on our later trips, and remember: we still love you.)

The next Big Check we deliver could be the BIGGEST ever — cumulative dollar-wise — in Publishers Clearing House history.  Yes sir, someone who reads this blog and enters the PCH Sweepstakes by the August 23rd deadline (7 days away!) could win our incredible “FOREVER” prize.  If YOU win it, you would receive $5,000 a week for the rest of your life.  Then – after that – someone you choose will also receive $5,000 a week for the rest of his or her life.

Click here on this link to to entertoday and everydayAnd August 31st the “FOREVER” prize winner could become YOU!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. TICK TOCK! Time’s running out!

19 thoughts on “The Big Check: The Prize Patrol’s Biggest Travel Challenge”

  1. Deb Lamash says:

    Friday is my last day of work, store is closing and I`ll be losing my job of nine years, do not know what i`m going to do…hooping above hoping that everything is going to be alright and still dreaming that I`ll see you at my door one day :-)

  2. Miki H. says:

    Hi All at PCH,
    Thank you for looking out for us. this information is so important since so many of us really and I mean really need to win and could easily believe a scammer and for this I thank you for protecting us from evil people that take advantage of many of us that are innocent and hoping it would be us.
    I am now 1 month unemployed and the days are counting that I could lose everything we have worked so hard for but the good news we are still alive and breathing (got to look at the positives right?) I believe in you and one day I know in my heart I could win I only hope it is this time more than ever. Thank you for giving me hope.

    I do have one question, I received one of the PCH letters in the mail and it stated that this form has to be returned before 9/14/12 to be eligible to win the 5000 a week for life. So my question is why would it need to be in by no later than the date mentioned? I The prize would already be given before this date?? Was this a typo???
    Thanks miki

  3. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi PCH and Dave, My suitcases had wheels, until the traveling got the best of them. Then I bought one of those suitcase carriers with wheels. Even in the Army I overpacked all the time. Always wanted to make sure I had everything. Yes I always over did it. I guess if I won I wouldn’t need to worry, I would have the money if I forgot something! Maybe then I would pack light!

  4. JuJu Quinnonez says:

    Hi I’m (JuJu) the former Prize Patrol representative of whom they speak. Yes traveling light was not in my vocabulary until that dreadful day at the airport when I couldn’t carry my own luggage. It was a nightmare…especially when I saw that Dave only had one suitcase for an entire week. Let’s just say that I learned my lesson well because Dave said that I had to carry my own luggage. I love and miss you too my Publishers Clearing House family.

  5. DeLayne Perry says:

    I say traveling light is the best way to go! Except now you will have to find space for 2 BIG checks! :)

  6. maria estrella baccay platecki says:

    hello sir dave tomorrow is my mom birthday i am still very happy cause she is 84 years old now and she is very strong woman but the problem to her the half body is wish only is to win anykind of sweepsteek.god bless you all

  7. maria estrella baccay platecki says:

    hello sir dave tomorrow is my birthday i am still very happy cause she is 84 years old now and she is very strong woman but the problem to her the half body is wish only is to win anykind of sweepsteek.god bless you all

  8. Deb Lamash says:

    Love entering the contests, this time I will be home, my job ends on the 24th, so for the first time in eons I will home…good luck everyone~~~:-)

  9. Please fly to Fairfax,Virginia near Washington,D.C. and visit me so that I will become a early retiree for the very first time ever so that I will never work again from now on.

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