“Winning” Tips from a Real Winner

Natalie Bostelman

Hello everyone! It’s Natalie Bostelman, your friendly, neighborhood Goodwill Ambassador checking in! We’re getting close to the next big PCH prize event. I am sure everyone is gearing up for the end of August.

A few days ago, I reflected upon my own win in August of 2008. What was on my side to get the Prize Patrol to knock on my door and make me a real winner? What “winning” tips could I share with you? With a bit of thought, I figured out that it was the two “P”s. Granted, Publishers Clearing House winners are always chosen at random, but I cannot help but believe that the two “P”s put me on a path to winning. So…what are the two “P”s?


I first started entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes upon entering college. I entered fairly consistently for the first few months. However, due to my heavy course load, working part time and writing for my University’s Student Newspaper, entering took a back seat.  I was entering very sporadically.

Almost 10 years later, I noticed that PCH had gone online. I started making entering at pch.com a habit as soon as I logged in to my computer. Yes, I was definitely entering more. And then one day before I knew it, I became a real winner!

So PCH fans: be persistent! Enter to win the PCH Sweepstakes every single day. And don’t just enter at pch.com. You can enter at PCHSearch and PCHLotto, too! You know what they say: you have to be in it to win it!


I can’t tell you how many times I hear these statements over and over.

“I’ll never win.”
“No one ever wins.”
“Only old people win.”
“This is stressful!”
“Why bother?”
“It’s all set up ahead of time. They pick who they want to win.”

Negative, negative, negative! I am a pretty optimistic person. When I started entering more frequently, I did it with more of a positive spin. During my breaks at work, I would think of how a large windfall would help me. I’d think small. “I’ll only have to work one job!” I’d think medium. “I’ll wipe away our debt!” I’d think large. “We’ll build our dream home!” I’d think practical. “I’ll be able to donate to charities.” I’d think fun. “I’ll buy a backwards-compatible Playstation3!” (OK, that’s practical AND fun! Hehe!)

Having a little plan in the back of my head kept me going, even during the rough days at work. It was a nice little escape.

Whatever you do, make sure to stay positive and HAVE FUN. I cannot stress this enough! Talk with other fans on our Fan Page and follow clues from the road on Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane’s Fan Pages. And of course, don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

There’s ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to enter for the August 31st prize event which means your 2 P’s are more important than ever! Remember my “winning” tips everyone: BE PERSISTENT AND STAY POSITIVE!


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

P.S. The PCHGames Treasure Hunt Practice Rounds are on! Head over now to get in on the fun before the big tournament on Wednesday!

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  1. Any advice and/or encouragement on how to win the great prizes and sweepstakes offered by pch is greatly appreciated! I want to know every single thing I can do to improve my odds of winning and changing my family’s life forever. Thank you!!

  2. I pray just about everyday!! I dream about how great mine, my baby boys and my mommy’s life would FINALLY be!! I also think about how many people i could help and that makes me smile even MORE!!! I remember when i first started playing PCH and it was well over 30+yrs ago and it was when you had to fill out and mail in to win!! So, I’ve had these dreams and hopes for MANY years NOW and although I’ve still NEVER won a dime,I still TRY to be positive and optimistic, even though some days i just want to quit and think if it’s worth my heart being broke Everytime someone else wins the prize I’ve dreamt about!!! Now it’s NOT ALL about ME ANYMORE, it’s ALL about the two people i take care of day in and day out because of Heath and other issues, My 8yr old son is on spectrum and I’m constantly on the go with appts for him and my mother with Heath problems, SO EVERYTHING i dream about winning is to most DEFINITELY ALL for THEM!!! So, i guess what I’m trying to say is that even though I’ve been dreaming of winning for over 30 years with many heartbreaks, I WILL NEVER STOP no matter what, Because at the end of the day i have to think about, How MY Day WILL Come, I just have to keep praying and NOT Stop!!! THANK YOU Publisher’s Clearing House for being apart of my life for MANY years and keeping my dreams alive with the what ifs and Possibilities!!!

  3. I have been playing for some years now and even when I was homeless and was working it was my friend when I was alone. Thank you PCH In it to win it!!!!

    1. Our winner selection process is completely random; there’s no way to know who our next winner will be so don’t stop trying. I would like to remind you that you never have to buy anything to enter or to win. Our sweepstakes is designed to create interest in our many great product and magazine offers but a purchase is not required and won’t help your chances of winning. Most of our major prize winners sent in a submission that was an entry only and no purchase was made. We really mean it when we say that it’s free to enter and free to win. There are multiple ways that you can enter into our many great giveaways. To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!