“Winning” Tips from a Real Winner

Natalie Bostelman

Hello everyone! It’s Natalie Bostelman, your friendly, neighborhood Goodwill Ambassador checking in! We’re getting close to the next big PCH prize event. I am sure everyone is gearing up for the end of August.

A few days ago, I reflected upon my own win in August of 2008. What was on my side to get the Prize Patrol to knock on my door and make me a real winner? What “winning” tips could I share with you? With a bit of thought, I figured out that it was the two “P”s. Granted, Publishers Clearing House winners are always chosen at random, but I cannot help but believe that the two “P”s put me on a path to winning. So…what are the two “P”s?


I first started entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes upon entering college. I entered fairly consistently for the first few months. However, due to my heavy course load, working part time and writing for my University’s Student Newspaper, entering took a back seat.  I was entering very sporadically.

Almost 10 years later, I noticed that PCH had gone online. I started making entering at pch.com a habit as soon as I logged in to my computer. Yes, I was definitely entering more. And then one day before I knew it, I became a real winner!

So PCH fans: be persistent! Enter to win the PCH Sweepstakes every single day. And don’t just enter at pch.com. You can enter at PCHSearch and PCHLotto, too! You know what they say: you have to be in it to win it!


I can’t tell you how many times I hear these statements over and over.

“I’ll never win.”
“No one ever wins.”
“Only old people win.”
“This is stressful!”
“Why bother?”
“It’s all set up ahead of time. They pick who they want to win.”

Negative, negative, negative! I am a pretty optimistic person. When I started entering more frequently, I did it with more of a positive spin. During my breaks at work, I would think of how a large windfall would help me. I’d think small. “I’ll only have to work one job!” I’d think medium. “I’ll wipe away our debt!” I’d think large. “We’ll build our dream home!” I’d think practical. “I’ll be able to donate to charities.” I’d think fun. “I’ll buy a backwards-compatible Playstation3!” (OK, that’s practical AND fun! Hehe!)

Having a little plan in the back of my head kept me going, even during the rough days at work. It was a nice little escape.

Whatever you do, make sure to stay positive and HAVE FUN. I cannot stress this enough! Talk with other fans on our Fan Page and follow clues from the road on Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane’s Fan Pages. And of course, don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

There’s ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT to enter for the August 31st prize event which means your 2 P’s are more important than ever! Remember my “winning” tips everyone: BE PERSISTENT AND STAY POSITIVE!


Natalie Bostelman
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

P.S. The PCHGames Treasure Hunt Practice Rounds are on! Head over now to get in on the fun before the big tournament on Wednesday!

1,037 thoughts on ““Winning” Tips from a Real Winner”

  1. Amy Torres says:

    I would love to just win a large amount once…I have so much I need to accomplish and pave the way of opportunities for my children as they grow. I do stay persistent and positive with the hopes that one day PCH will be knocking on my door and changing our life to a financial stress free life!! Hopes and Prayers!!

  2. Tammy Valdez says:

    Its september 2016 and i have been learning about the law of attraction.. Amazing.. The game of life and how its played is an amazing book which ive listened to 3 times this pazt month and have shared the link with most of my family and friends.. Honestly my son and i feel it.. Our family although temporarily and physically we have had to seperate, now living in seperate homes in diff towns with other family members.. All of these things that was meant to tare us apart.. Has only made us realize how strong we are as a family, as well as how close and connected we really are as a family.. We miss hugging eachother and picking on eachother and playing around going to school events watching and supporting eachother.. However it can not break us.. Especially now that we are learning about the law of attraction.. Our faith has done some amazing miraculoua things before for our family.. However now its stronger then ever.. We believe that its our turn.. We believe and we are so very grateful to be who we are. Its our time to shine. We will be seeing you soon. Thanks for the post. That i found by usingpch search.. Everyone deserves all that is good. To be happy.. To know who they really are and what they are really capable of doing.. Everyone deserves to know how to make their worlds and lives better and better. Happier and be sucessful etc.. All good things.. We do too.. Its our turn to shine.. For a moment. I am grateful to know all that ive learned and i am forever learning and growing.. Stay positive and believe.. No matter what happens.. Remember to never give up.. Always have faith.. And wow its true!! knowledge really is power! Lol thanks

  3. Teresa T Reese says:

    It has been a dream of mine for many years and I believe!

  4. Jeremiah Rogers says:

    I would love to win any sweepstakes I love seeing other people win and being happy but I would also love to be one of the people to win one day.

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