Beware PCH Scams Like The Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card Scam!

Hi blog readers! When we talk about scams and frauds, we often tell consumers to be wary of anyone who asks you to pay to claim a prize. That is one of the biggest red flags when it comes to identifying a scam. Remember: with Publishers Clearing House, and any legal sweepstakes, you NEVER have to pay any amount for any reason to claim a prize.

Well today we want to warn you about a new kind of PCH Scams involving prepaid cards. You see, some scammers are no longer directly asking victims for money for a fake prize – but they are still trying to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Pre-paid card scams are being used more and more frequently to swipe victim’s money. And it all happens very quickly. Fortunately though, we’ve heard a lot about how these PCH scams work and can share that information with you to help you keep safe!

It often works like this: someone claiming to be a PCH representative contacts you and informs you that you’ve won a big PCH prize. But in order to claim that prize, you must go out to Walmart or a convenience store to purchase a prepaid card. You’re instructed to put a certain amount of money on the card and then provide the card number to the “reps.” Once these fraudsters have the card number, they’ll wipe the card clean of the money on it and disappear. You’ll never see your alleged prize OR the money spent on the card again. Yikes!

This scam has even spread to Facebook where imposters who are pretending to be the Prize Patrol are trying to trick fans like you into sending money! Take a look at the screenshot below from an imposter Dave Sayer on Facebook.

Blog readers, DO NOT FALL FOR THESE PCH SCAMS! Green Dot Money Pak is NOT associated with Publishers Clearing House in any way. So if you hear that name or receive a friend request from someone claiming to be a PCH Prize Patrol member who has pictures of the Green Dot card on his or her page and are telling you to send money, it’s definitely a SCAM! Remember that PCH would NEVER ask a winner to provide us with any money before claiming the prize. We’re giving the money to you, not the other way around!

So be alert, be vigilant, and be aware of the signs. And as always, if you’re ever in doubt, let us know! We’ll be happy to help.

Laura Wolfe @PCH

P.S. Remember, the only official PCH Prize Patrol page is the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook!

158 thoughts on “Beware PCH Scams Like The Green Dot MoneyPak Prepaid Card Scam!”

  1. I want to claim my $50 Walmart gift card and win it all can’t wait to be the next pch forever prize winner thanks pch. God bless

  2. Yes pch I’m ready to win a walmat gift card I’m so ready to win everything thank you pch 😁😁😁😁😁

  3. Rasiya Begam says:

    Thank you PCH for your Superprize Scam alert message.

  4. I’m claiming double standard prize gwy 4900 and $1,000,000,00 Superprize gwy 4950 from a special early look definitely December 30th

    1. Pch three $5.000.00 Walmart gift card value $ 3,500,00 Be aware of scams that looking forward for your money

  5. Donna says:

    Thank pch for letting me know about tha prepaid card i been getting alot of scram from Facebook I had Daneille, Todd,and Dave all wanted me to be friends when i started to ask a questions they disappear from Facebook some times it is hard to bo which one is pch because on facebook you get two pch of Daneille asking questions about if you won what would you do ,or if you won or how would you spend your money just so you no i will not answer from Danielle because of the two pch comes up on Facebook

  6. Michael says:

    My name is Michael I just received Facebook request from Donald Benjamin Administrator for PCH and from Daniella Lamm Prize patrol requesting all my information such as address date of birth mother’s name
    before I gave it I check your log and wanted to thank you for the information when I questioned them they disappeared from Facebook Thank you

  7. carla m Antee says:

    Don’t fall for it the Prize patrol will act difficult to deal with

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