The PCH Prize Patrol Prepares For Big Check Delivery!

It’s been said that it’s better to give than to receive. That may sound hard to imagine, but that statement rings true for a lot of us here at Publishers Clearing House. As employees, we’re ineligible to win that infamous “Big Check,” but that doesn’t stop us from getting just as excited as you are when it comes time for the PCH Prize Patrol to get back on the road and make someone’s dream come true by awarding yet another Millionaire-Making fortune!

But where will our Prize Patrol need to go to award that infamous “Big Check” and change someone’s life forever on November 30th? Will they have to get on a plane or can they drive? Will they pack their windbreakers or blazers? Will they need sunscreen or a scarf?

The Prize Patrol could soon be pulling up to a door anywhere in America! Maybe even yours!

Just knowing that in only two days our very own Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane will be presenting the “Big Check,” complete with champagne, roses and balloons, has everyone in our offices bursting with excitement! Just like you, we can’t wait to find out who the Millionaire is, where they’re from and how they’ll react!

Will the winner fall on the floor with excitement and then jump up and down smiling from ear-to-ear? That’s what Natalie Bostelman of Ohio did when the Prize Patrol tracked her down at work to present her with the amazing news.

Maybe the winner will be visibly (and joyfully) shaken, like John Wyllie of Oregon. The life-changing moment seemed even more special with John’s dad standing right beside him.

Perhaps the November 30th winner will make the Prize Patrol wait for over four hours before finally arriving home to hear the good news. That’s what happened when the Prize Patrol visited Douglas O’Shea of Minnesota. He was so stunned that his equally-thrilled family needed to do a lot of the talking for him. They said it was just like a miracle!

How about you? How do you think YOU would react if you heard a knock on your door and opened it to find our friends from the Prize Patrol standing in front of you with a “Big Check” that had your name on it?

You could find out very, very soon!

In the meantime, the Prize Patrol is finalizing their “top secret” travel arrangements! As they hit the road again by highway or skyway, here at the office, our hearts are with them and our hopes are with all of you.

Good luck!
Kate M.

P.S. PRIZE PATROL ALERT: Dave Sayer is back on the road awarding ANOTHER big $20,000.00 prize! Comment below and let us know if you hope he’s going to YOUR STATE! And check Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol page for clues!

501 thoughts on “The PCH Prize Patrol Prepares For Big Check Delivery!”

  1. adekunmi kokumo-Olusoji says:

    Pch, am praying, watching and waiting. …….


  3. Jessica Taylor says:

    I’m sorry everyone but I, Jessica Taylor, have already won. My reason for knowing is I know what I asked my God for and I have faith in my God…

  4. I’m ready to “Win it All”

  5. yasmin craig says:

    I can competently understand that this is hard on everyone, but I have been playing for over 20 years, I think it’s about time for my husband and I.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Yasmin, don’t lose hope! Our most recent SuperPrize winner Jane B. from Iowa told us that she has been entering our sweepstakes giveaways since 1977. Do you know how much money Jane won? I love telling this, she WON $1 Million Dollars. There is always hope! There’s only one (1) day left to enter the “Win it All” SuperPrize. This prize is the ultimate PACKAGE! Get your entries submitted today for your chance to win $2 Million Dollars immediately PLUS $10,000 A Month for Life PLUS a Brand New Car! Our Early Look Event for this Giveaway will be held on June 30th. Click here to view the multiple ways to enter: Remember, no purchase is necessary to enter, play or win! Best of luck to all who enter!

  6. MAGGIE B. says:


  7. adekunmi kokumo-Olusoji says:

    Pch,i would be extremely grateful n happy to have you guys at my doors.It will be a dream come true.Looking forws4d to the day ,when I would be told it’s not a dream but a reality.thanks

  8. Raul Monreal says:

    I got a call today from PCH Mr. Carlos Chambers Representative claiming I won a 2014 Mecedes Auto and a check for non specified amount to be deliver tomorrow, June 9, 2016 @ 2:00 PM at my residence. A Representative and two Police Officers will be coming to my residence to deliver the prize. Is this true? I was informed via phone that the gentleman who notified me is from Jamaica, named Carlos Chambers Mr. Chambers indicated that he works closely with Mike Lapdeski. Is this legitamate? Please advice.

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