Win For Life — PCH TV Commercials Are Back!

Big news…Publishers Clearing House “Win For Life” commercials are back on TV, and they come with a VERY exciting message! Instead of just telling you about these commercials, we thought we’d SHOW them to you!

Are you ready to see them? Here we go…lights, camera, action…

What do you think? Aren’t they EXCITING? Not only can you win for life – you can win $1,000,000.00 (Yes, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!) Every Year For Life — this April 30th. That’s just weeks away! Just imagine how your life would change if the Prize Patrol knocked on your door in just a few weeks with a millionaire-making “Big Check”!

As I watched these commercials, I was struck by the winners’ reactions when Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam of the famous Prize Patrol knocked on their doors. Here are some of those winner reactions…and my own PERSONAL response if I were a Prize Patrol member:

Gerard Rivera : “I don’t believe it!”
Elliott: Believe it!!!!!! Publishers Clearing House loves to make REAL PEOPLE REAL WINNERS. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on April 30th when we award a millionaire-making SuperPrize.


Bruce Baughn: “I’m in shock!”
Elliott: Don’t be surprised. The Prize Patrol is constantly on the road making good friends like you winners. In fact, PCH has awarded more than $243 Million in cash and prizes!


Stephanie Gornichec: “This is fantastic!”
Elliott: Fantastic? Of course it’s fantastic! How many companies regularly give away life-changing fortunes? In just weeks we’ll do it again with our April 30th $1 Million Every Week For Life SuperPrize Event!


Tell me: What would YOU say if you won ONE MILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR FOR LIFE this April 30th? Comment below!

And remember, the newest millionaire featured in our PCH TV commercials could be YOU…but you have to enter! Make sure to visit now!

Wishing you good fortune,

Elliott M.

469 thoughts on “Win For Life — PCH TV Commercials Are Back!”

  1. I seem to get a great Joy seeing different people win the PCH PRIZES and SWEEPSTAKES! What a Blessing for all of them!

  2. Would be a blessing for myself and family at this stage in my life and what a great legacy I could leave with them all. SPEECHLESS to say the least and OVERWHELMED a the possibilities !

  3. mae says:

    “I am speechless”… :-) awesome and fabulous!!!

  4. I would love to win the $7,000.00 A Week For Life on April 30th and win the $1,000,000.00 on giveaway 4900. God Bless you PCH for giving me a chance to win since I live in my van and if I win it will give me a better life.

  5. yes I wan to win $7,000.00 every week for life it will be a blessing to me and my family and church

  6. Donna Rouse says:


  7. Michelle Longo Pernula says:

    Why does this now say a million for life on April 30th? I thought it was $7,000 a week for life? Maybe it’s my age. :)

    1. Michelle Longo Pernula says:

      I’d be happy with the balloons. hahahah Wow PCH is really mind blowing! This is over the top, but hey, I’m game to win! Where do I sign? I want to TEST DRIVE this million out! :)

  8. Jane Ethridge says:

    It would not only be A Life Changing Fortune, a Win For Life, YES , a Millionaire-Making Superprize . Prize Patrol , van, roses,champaign and BIG CHECK !!!!! That combination and a Knock at the Door, OMG,Tears Going,Crying, I DID IT MAMA!! THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME THE STRENGTH TO BELIEVE , DREAMS DO COME TRUE ,WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES FIRST,ALWAYS SHOW YOUR LOVE TO OTHERS,GIVE BACK , MOST IMPORTANT LEAVING YOUR FAMILY SET FOR LIFE!!! WHAT A BLESSFUL DAY, a PEACE OF MIND !!! Sincerly, Jane

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