Announcing the Newest Winners! Tokens and Winners

Good morning PCH fans! Monday brings the start to another long workweek, but the good news is it is also time to start another week full of winning and prizes! Speaking of winners, did you know that there are 20 lucky winners each month from the PCH Redemption Center? This month the lucky winners are:

Jennifer C. from Kiln, MS!

Lisa O. from Santa Fe Springs, CA!

Matthew R. from Pembroke, MA!

Sally S. from North Manchester, IN!

Richard B. from Garden City, KS!

Teressa F. from Norcross, GA!

Michelle M. from Nashville, TN!

Judith B. from West Chester, PA!

Erica B. from Cincinnati, OH!

Charles H. from Raleigh, NC!

Lynn B. from Oakdale, CA!

Shahema J. from Hollywood, FL!

Eugene K. from Loxahatchee, FL!

Shurma M. from Guymon, OK!

Emily M. from Brandon, MS!

Gary R. from Alba, TX!

Karen G. from Mount Shasta, CA!

Bill W. from Memphis, TN!

Kirk J. from Hapeville, GA!

Lorene E. from Lancaster, SC!

Want to know how YOU can have the chance to be one of next month’s winners? Log on to and get your game on! The more active you are on, the more TOKENS you will earn!

So what is so great about these tokens you may ask? Well, tokens are like virtual currency that you can redeem to enter to win some fabulous prizes! Our redemption center is full of valuable items like a Sony® Vaio® laptop, a Samsung® Galaxy Tab™ “2” tablet, a variety of popular gift cards and even cash! Remember, tokens can also be redeemed for chances to win any prize of your choice!

Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

So how can you start accumulating tokens today? Its simple! There are a few exciting ways to collect! First of all, are you registered with If not, simply fill out the registration form and 1,000 tokens will automatically be banked to your account. Wow, that’s easy!

Ready to get your game on? Head to the Instant Win section of for fun instant win games and so much more! Keep playing and accumulate tokens each time! There are a variety of fun, action-packed games available that will entertain you for hours.

Feeling lucky today? Head over to Scratch Card Central and Scratch Mania and give our scratch cards a shot. Another fun way to earn tons of tokens!

Scratch Central at

Scratch Mania at

Lastly, remember that every time you enter the PCH sweepstakes to win one of our awesome prizes, you get 100 tokens just for doing so!

The next drawing of winners is coming up at the end of this month! So remember PCH fans, if YOU want to be one of our next winners, be sure to register right now and start collecting those tokens!  The more you play, the more tokens you can earn!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

225 thoughts on “Announcing the Newest Winners!”

  1. Shelley Thomas says:

    I’m tired of waiting for them I’ll be broke by the time they come

  2. Dawn schermerhorn says:

    I’m a winner and claiming my entry for prize patrol to come to my local florist and nock on my door for 10,000 life and all my other entry’s!

  3. Mandi Hartman says:

    Who thinks PCH is a scam, I mean do people really win? I have been entering for DECADES, and all I have recieved from them is a 10 dollar check..yay…. I personally think that it’s quite ironic that I have never seen someone from Florida actually win (more like the town I live in)! All the winners have been North and West..coincidence? I personally think NOT!

    1. Eric Carr says:

      Last I knew, FL meant Florida… besides, if you won something at all, it’s vlearly not a scam. You’re just being a sore loser.

  4. Al S says:

    They were supposed to be at my door, with a Roll On and a 2017 Mercedes, and a pallet with 9.9 M on it. Still waiting ( it is 6:45 btw.

    1. Eric Carr says:

      That’s how EVERYBODY feels… lol

  5. Tami Coffman says:

    I have. Fun playing the game’s you guys have

  6. Sharon Heck says:

    I have just been notified by phone that i won a car and $900,000.00. To receive these winnings I need to go to thee bank for $2500.52, take it to the post office, send by overnight delivery to attorney Linda Long at 616 Bronson Street apt 3, Watertown, New York 13601, get a Claim Receipt and give the claim receipt to the people that deliver the car and $900,000.00. Is this a SCAM or is it legit? I did try to get information on Linda Long at the above address, an attorney Linda Long in Watertown, New York and even one listed in the state of New York but I had no success in finding such a person

    Sharon Heck

  7. Do you have a person named Maggi Stephens who emails winners with batch numbers and winning number because I recieved a email saying this thank you

  8. Why when the grabber pick up the money bag it drop it I want to know why

  9. Douglas.Rogers says:

    Happy to be in it.😄Douglas.Rogers

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