Announcing the Newest Winners! Tokens and Winners

Good morning PCH fans! Monday brings the start to another long workweek, but the good news is it is also time to start another week full of winning and prizes! Speaking of winners, did you know that there are 20 lucky winners each month from the PCH Redemption Center? This month the lucky winners are:

Jennifer C. from Kiln, MS!

Lisa O. from Santa Fe Springs, CA!

Matthew R. from Pembroke, MA!

Sally S. from North Manchester, IN!

Richard B. from Garden City, KS!

Teressa F. from Norcross, GA!

Michelle M. from Nashville, TN!

Judith B. from West Chester, PA!

Erica B. from Cincinnati, OH!

Charles H. from Raleigh, NC!

Lynn B. from Oakdale, CA!

Shahema J. from Hollywood, FL!

Eugene K. from Loxahatchee, FL!

Shurma M. from Guymon, OK!

Emily M. from Brandon, MS!

Gary R. from Alba, TX!

Karen G. from Mount Shasta, CA!

Bill W. from Memphis, TN!

Kirk J. from Hapeville, GA!

Lorene E. from Lancaster, SC!

Want to know how YOU can have the chance to be one of next month’s winners? Log on to and get your game on! The more active you are on, the more TOKENS you will earn!

So what is so great about these tokens you may ask? Well, tokens are like virtual currency that you can redeem to enter to win some fabulous prizes! Our redemption center is full of valuable items like a Sony® Vaio® laptop, a Samsung® Galaxy Tab™ “2” tablet, a variety of popular gift cards and even cash! Remember, tokens can also be redeemed for chances to win any prize of your choice!

Redemption Center 1,000 and Up Tokens

So how can you start accumulating tokens today? Its simple! There are a few exciting ways to collect! First of all, are you registered with If not, simply fill out the registration form and 1,000 tokens will automatically be banked to your account. Wow, that’s easy!

Ready to get your game on? Head to the Instant Win section of for fun instant win games and so much more! Keep playing and accumulate tokens each time! There are a variety of fun, action-packed games available that will entertain you for hours.

Feeling lucky today? Head over to Scratch Card Central and Scratch Mania and give our scratch cards a shot. Another fun way to earn tons of tokens!

Scratch Central at

Scratch Mania at

Lastly, remember that every time you enter the PCH sweepstakes to win one of our awesome prizes, you get 100 tokens just for doing so!

The next drawing of winners is coming up at the end of this month! So remember PCH fans, if YOU want to be one of our next winners, be sure to register right now and start collecting those tokens!  The more you play, the more tokens you can earn!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

192 thoughts on “Announcing the Newest Winners!”

  1. Henry Howe says:

    I would like to win
    Thanks Henry

  2. marjorie says:

    well i been waitting for along time and iam hopping to see me on the lest of the bigwinning for my grandouther she looking forword to get out were she at

  3. lutishia thomad-hart says:

    Hi. I love playing the Pch games but I feel as if certain ones like the basketball and the dunking game, beanbag, board and arrows, and also some of the scratch off games are set to lose, because even 28th they do let you win something like ten dollars or a ten dollar gift cars but Pch cards never let you win it would be nice to win ten dollars or twenty even instead of tokens. But regardless I’m still going for the big bucks, Lord know I need it.

  4. i have been playing by phone and turning in all the flyers every week since 1981 why can’t i win so i can build a larger house so i can move my mom and dad in so i can take care of them they are 90 and 85 years old and need to be taken care of and they made us promise we wouldn’ t put them in a nursing home so i need to win to build a larger home

  5. kaley says:

    Please let me win!! I’m tired of struggling to get by..

  6. Rhonda Libby says:

    I would love to see the prize patrol team. Come on up.

    1. patrick says:

      I would love to see prize patrol in Canton ms

  7. janet says:

    they already had the big winner? why do I keep getting emails 10 times a day to enter to be the big winner since February??????

  8. Hi remember me Kenyada Montgomery i lost everything on my phone yesterday so i couldn’t. Enter none of the games for cash and prizes i had to take it to the phone store today im back hopefully i can be the next 5,000winner it will be such an amazing thing a blessing fo me and my seven children it would be the most happiest days of life single. Mother. I will be more than able to do more than enough for them do the things. I wanna do with. Them and things they wanna do especially my four youngest one. A big family vacation to places they always see on tv and ask can we go there and i will for sure give back to god. For a very special. Blessing sorry so long with things i had to say and congratulations to all the previous family and winners i always wondered. Had. Someone eve win the sweepstakes in LasVegas i guess we will see…god bless

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