Win a New Car! Enter to Win $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes!

Do You Want to Win a New Car? Enter to Win $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes!

PCH Car Sweepstakes

I like my little black car. It gets me from Point A to Point B. The air conditioning works, there’s a CD player so my younger daughter can play her favorite Phantom of the Opera soundtrack 200 times, and a magnet on the rear bumper proudly announcing that my older daughter attends York College of Pennsylvania. It’s got all I need.

But is it my dream car? No.

Admit it, everyone has a dream car. We’ve all thought about vrooming down the road and watching as heads turn, imagining everybody who sees us is thinking, “WOW! I wish I had a car like that!”

Who wouldn’t want to bask in the comfort of a genuine leather seat, enveloped by music emanating from a high-tech sound system, while interacting with electronic dashboard controls that are right out of a science fiction movie?

Well, here’s some fantastic news! You can win a new car you’ve always wished for with our Win $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes!

If I had $50,000 to spend toward a dream car, I’d go for something antique – like the car my mother drove when I was a child: a 1965 Dodge Coronet (yes, it was also the first car I drove, too). It would have to be in super-duper condition to be worth $50,000 – but given a choice between something old and something new, I’m going for vintage.


How cool would it be to win $50,000 for a dream car from PCH? I decided to ask around the office to find out what kind of “sweet ride” my co-workers would treat themselves to if they won this amazing car sweepstakes.

Fellow blogger Jane M. told me that if she won our $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes, she’d rush out and buy a Jaguar XF because of its sleek styling, powerful performance, comfortable ride and sportiness. “Why not dream big?” she added.

Victoria C. said she’d get her hands on a fully loaded, bright red Mustang convertible. “I love my SUV, but taking a car like that to the beach or on vacation would be fantastic!” she said.

PCH Dream Car Sweepstakes

Nick S. would go for the yellow 2013 Camaro Coupe with black stripes featured in the film Transformers. He even showed me a photograph of him sitting in one at a car show.

Last but not least, Matt K. chose a souped-up Prius as his dream car. “It’s the perfect way to be green and be cool,” he stated.

If all this talk has you thinking about winning $50,000 towards your dream car, then shift your enthusiasm into “drive” and enter to win a new car with our Win $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes today! Entering is easy – do it now, and you could be a winner!

Good luck, everyone!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to comment below, and tell us what kind of car you’d buy with your $50,000.

1,578 thoughts on “Win a New Car! Enter to Win $50,000 For A Dream Car Sweepstakes!”

  1. lena neal says:

    i would buy a suv any use the rest to fix my house.

  2. I would love to wi a brand new Jaguar, solid black with the best shine a perso could get oir. this has been my forgotten dream from the saventies, i saw a burgung one with the Jaguar on the front hood. I never thought of it again. I saw one Sunday from church and the desire started again. I like several cars it depends on how much money but with Fifthy thousande you could geet the oe you need, want, driives good. I would love to win 50,000.00 for a Automobile, a goodlooking one a desire for life. Thanks for the chance to win Dorothy Martinez this 4/26/16.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Dorothy, that car sure sounds sleek and sophisticated! Keep trying on making that dream a reality by entering the PCH sweepstakes! To see all the ways you can enter in daily, click here: Good luck to all who enter!

  3. I have an old car that doesn’t run and i can’t afford to fix it. I live off Social Security and i need a car. Please enter me in the car contest. God bless you.

    1. Hey $50,000,00 for my dream car

      1. Tony Quach says:

        I would wish to spend 50k on my all time dream car. I know this is a big shot however having the opportunity to take part in this sweepstake would be a life changer if i was to be chosen. I am currently sharing a rusty old Toyota camry with my sister right now with a missing rim. I never thought to the last time i had the car service and up to its maintenance. I actually dreamt in that one day in the future i would be able to afford a new car but i know there is no chance in that to happen. The issue is that i have to think to reality that nothing like that is going to happen. So i think this would be a great opportunity to either win this sweepstake and buy myself a luxurious Lexus IS sedan and would love to make this dream of owning a new luxurious car a reality. Please enter me into this contest.

        Thank you!

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