What Is The Publishers Clearing House Final Winner Selection List?

Final Winner Selection List

Hi PCH Friends! You may have recently received an official email or letter from PCH referencing a very important list — the Final Winner Selection List. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “What is the Publishers Clearing House Final Winner Selection List, anyway?” you’ll want to read on and find out all about it!

As you may have read here at the PCH blog, the Winner Selection List is the Official Publishers Clearing House record of all entries that are eligible to win a Prize in a particular timeframe. And the “Final” in Final Winner Selection List refers to the fact that PCH Giveaway No. 1830 is ending later this month. That’s right! PCH officials will soon begin the final process to select a winner of the prize to be awarded on August 29, 2013 — $5,000 A Week “Forever!”

Yes, someone will definitely become a PCH Millionaire on August 29th, and the prize award amount is guaranteed at $5,000 A Week “Forever.” The “Forever” Prize winner will receive $5,000 A Week For Life and after that, those $5,000 payments will continue on for the life of a designated person of the winner’s choosing. It’s a prize of TWO lifetimes! And it can only be won by someone with an entry on the Final Winner Selection List.

The Final Winner Selection List contains all the entries for PCH Giveaway No. 1830, including all the eligible “Forever” Prize entries that have been submitted during the “Forever” Prize time frame ending on August 22nd.

How do you know if you have an entry on the Final Winner Selection List? If you’ve entered during the “Forever” Prize timeframe mentioned above, then you do! But, with $5,000 A Week “Forever” at stake, you’ll want to have as many entries on the Final Winner Selection List as possible. (You can enter every day at PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto and our other PCH online sites.)

So if you’ve been wondering: what is the Publishers Clearing House Final Winner Selection List? Stop wondering — and start entering as often as you can before August 22nd!

Good Luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. There’s always a buzz of excitement whenever a big prize award is approaching. I just ran into Maryann Carter who exclaimed, “I’m so excited to see who our next “Forever” Prize winner will be!”  Make sure you’re on the list… and it could be you!

P.P.S  Even though we’re referring to the Final Winner Selection List, let me assure you that there’s nothing “Final” about the winning at Publishers Clearing House! As some sweepstakes opportunities wind down, many new ways to win are just getting started. Make sure you check the PCH Blog often to for the latest prize news!


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3,431 thoughts on “What Is The Publishers Clearing House Final Winner Selection List?”

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  2. jason blanchard says:

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  3. Ronnie Rankins says:

    I’m not going to say what pretty much everyone has said but I will say this me winning would be a life changing event for me. But hey I’m just a country boy from Mississippi with high dreams..

  4. cynthia walker says:

    I hope to win so I can help my family and others.


  6. brian lovett says:

    i would like to win it all prize $2,000,000.00 + $10,000.00 month + lincoln mkz $36,000.00 giveaway #6900
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  8. lindsey abert says:

    My names lindsey abert,i have been playing and i enjoy the games and tokens also its very exciting to play although i havent won anything i still have hope through the good and bad.6900 has been in my everyday thaught.I see through the bad things and disapointments through others thaught process although i havent ever been a winner i have been scamed for a few thousand that i didnt have i still play.I really could right a book on ups and downs and sob stories that would make others feel great but sincerly i play with hope and a prayer you cant win if ya dont play like lotto you have to be in it to win it!!!!!! Just because i didnt win or may not ever doesnt give me the right to down hard working indaviduals who have been helping others like myself do better and help people that really could use a blessing and truley thats what it is.Its not who is wrong or right everyone has the same chance so why get mad if you dont win lifes a gamble we just play the game.Chances are we will never see a penny and fine things but you cant miss something that you never had.Keep your head up be thankfull you woke up today and give it your all everyday with or with out fortune.If i won to be honest i would help my family first and kids give 10 percent to god and be thankful to help others in my same shoes and be happy doing it.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Lindsey, thank you for the positive comments and your kind attitude! Don’t lose hope. It’s true when we say we never know who might become our next big winner. Just keep entering and enter often. Check out this link that will explain the many methods you can use to enter all of our sweepstakes giveaways ~ DAILY! http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. To maximize your changes at winning make sure to enter on all of our PCH Properties. Have fun!

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