Forever Prize Winner

Forever Prize Winner

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  1. Valeria Sanchez says:

    The forever winner,
    Winner is someone who will never let go,
    I prayer to reach out to world.
    Mother who has wanted her dreams to come forth.
    If one step is harder the next steps to finally see that wishes can happen.
    My have stumble, picking up myself over and over.
    The beginning never stop.
    With all my dreams and wishes.
    If there really away to change.
    Today is the day i need the most.
    With all my playing game of wishes to come true.
    I hope that i could receive my greatest moment, that is. Share with everyone.
    The list is to have my child and BEST FRIEND with me forever
    The games is a game,
    The gift of things is to show who is dearest with me today who made this possible.
    That almighty God.
    If others see that i still hold tight Today to open the doors to Greenhouse for Baytown Texas.
    Who with mother today who is for you.
    What are dream if someone see a mother wishes to see herr friends stand with her Today.
    Thank you

  2. THOMAS E BELL says:


  3. THOMAS E BELL says:


  4. Almighty God bless me with the miracle of winning!

  5. kenneth lucas says:

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