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PCH Never Awards the Big Prize? YES WE DO!

For instance, we’ve awarded FIVE $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prizes to FIVE real-live wonderful people – and we’re about to award a SIXTH “Forever” Prize in just weeks — guaranteed! 

So to those naysayers out there who insist that “PCH Never Awards the Big Prize,” we say, “Go talk to John Wyllie, Michael Miller, Ryan Hart, Tamar Howard and Ora Gayton — who are ALL enjoying their fabulous $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prizes even as I blog.

These terrific PCH Winners didn’t pay ANY attention to people who discouraged them from entering; folks who’d say things like, “Why bother — they never give out those big PCH prizes like on TV.”  HA!

No, John, Michael, Ryan, Tamar and Ora “kept the faith,” and just kept on sending in their entries, no matter what.  And what a payoff for their persistence, a fabulous “Forever” Prize that pays $5,000 A Week for Life to the winner, and after that, $5,000 A Week for Life to someone near and dear.

And now, after paying out a LOT of huge prizes, PCH Giveaway #8800 is about to go out with a bang: with our sixth “Forever” Prize that will absolutely, positively be awarded on February 23rd.

WIN “Forever” … and show the world AGAIN that we DO award the Big Prizes!

We’re counting on our February 23rd “Forever” Prize Winner — YOU? — to be another “ambassador of proof” that PCH is the real deal! That’s why you need to enter every single day — and every way possible — so you’ll have the best shot at becoming our “Forever” Prize winner #6 in weeks.

Enter NOW … and hope to see you on 2/23 with a BIG CHECK!

Your friend and fan,


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