Lucky, The Big Check Says: “Tomorrow is PCH Forever Prize Day!”

Forever Prize

That’s ME with the PCH Prize Patrol!
Will your name be on my Big Check chest?

As they say in Hollywood, dear friends, “I’m ready for my close-up!”

Lucky Windfall, the fabulous yet humble PCH Big Check here to say that I’m so excited, I’m ready to bust my cardboard! Because tomorrow, August 29th, is the day that we at Publishers Clearing House guarantee to award our stupendous $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize!

I, of course, will be the absolute STAR of the show … so big, so wonderfully rectangular and beautifully inked with the winner’s name … maybe yours! (Yeah, yeah …  the Prize Patrol will be there too … very nice people.)

Big Check

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow, someone is absolutely going to win $5,000.00 A Week For Life … with weekly $5,000.00 payments continuing after that, for the special person our winner chooses.

Naturally, we already know who’s going to receive this amazing prize tomorrow. Our Big Check guy Michael Carrozzo has “made me up” beautifully with the winner’s name. He knows I’m so excited, I might spill the beans … so he’s got me wrapped in paper, to hide the info.  So annoying – especially that masking tape.

Michael Carrozzo and Big Check

But really, dear friends, it will all be worth it tomorrow when they load me into the Prize Patrol van and drive me to – whoops, almost spilled it again! Then, I’ll be carried up to the winner’s door!

You know, folks, I’ve played Big Check gigs in the past … complete with champagne, balloons … glamorous TV appearances … the whole nine yards …

But I’m totally “pumped” about tomorrow’s “Forever” prize award.  It’s a great feeling to know that it’s ME everyone wants to see on August 29th – mere hours away!

So tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for the Prize Patrol Van and your ears open for the doorbell.

Because tomorrow might be the day you win Publishers Clearing House’s colossal $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize – bringing you face-to-cardboard with ME, “Lucky Windfall,” the debonair PCH Big Check. The cameras will be rolling – are you ready to be my co-star? Comment below and let me know!


Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

298 thoughts on “Lucky, The Big Check Says: “Tomorrow is PCH Forever Prize Day!””

  1. phillip hower says:

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to see you here, my wife say’s and she can’t wait until great things happen in her life. She is mentality I’ll and suffering in Way’s you’ll never imagine. This will be a blessing to receive this money, It can save lives! We will see you soon pch

  2. Nancy says:

    You ask me what I’m searching for
    Well here it is
    I’m searching for you prize patrol
    I’m searching for you
    So Please please please bring us the check
    we could really use if right now
    Thank You
    We pray this in Jesus name

  3. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    I want to be on the lucky big huge check pch

  4. Suzanne L. Reese says:

    Tomorrow is not August 29th. It’s only going to be Friday February 25th….I’m so disappointed. I must have gotten the day wrong, but if not I will be happy and cheer for the winner whoever that turns out to be. This has been great fun and I’ve enjoyed every minute playing games when I could and doing searches to keep up on the weather in the towns faraway where my three children and grandchildren live. Makes me feel a little closer to them all.

    Thank you PCH

    Enjoyed my time with you all.


    Suzanne L. Reese
    Penn Valley California

  5. Billieann1 says:

    I would love to enter the Superprize Contest of $10,000.00 a week for my life, plus $50,000 Bonus Cash. Publishers Clearing House please activate my entrys for the 2 amazing prizes stated abouxe. Thanks!!!!!!

  6. I’m ready to see the “Prize patrol gang” deliver my “BIG check” and I just got it! So look out……….there’s going to be allot of happy people , and I can finally buy a car and a house!

  7. Heather keels says:

    First Danielle_congrats on the baby.
    Hoping and praying to see yall at my ft door tomorrow here in Terrell texas.
    Peace ✌ and love ❤ and be careful on y’all’s trip where ever it may take yall.

  8. Kimberly Weeks says:

    Come to MA MKimberly Weeks Ty 01879 SA 114

  9. Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA California Native Won Today Breaking News

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