What Would You Say If You Won $7,000 A Week For Life?

One of my favorite parts of working at Publishers Clearing House is that we give away BIG MONEY to amazing people all across the country! No surprise there, right? It’s awesome. And you know what else is awesome? Watching those amazing people get the surprise of their LIFE! Winning moments are the BEST, and I’m always SO excited to see what the winner will say or do next.

With the $7,000 A Week For Life special early look prize event quickly approaching, I’ve been wondering A LOT lately about what the winner will say! I mean this is the LARGEST weekly lifetime prize we’ve EVER offered – the reaction is sure to be out-of-this-world!

Recently, I was even wondering how some of my pals here at PCH Headquarters would react if they won $7,000 A Week For Life. Even though they can’t win because they work here, I still thought it would be fun to see what they would say if the Prize Patrol knocked on their door with the Big Check. And believe me, it was! Watch the video below to see for yourself…

Wasn’t that funny? Tell me…whose reaction did you like best? Christine who couldn’t stop screaming and jumping up and down? Matt who was so shocked he spit out his coffee? Laurel who I “caught” in her towel? Or Nick who was completely silent? I have to say, Laurel was so funny she even had ME laughing! But comment below and tell us what YOU think! And don’t forget to say how YOU would react!

Oh I almost forgot…if you want the chance to actually win $7,000 A Week For Life, you have to enter, enter, ENTER!

Good luck everyone!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


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379 thoughts on “What Would You Say If You Won $7,000 A Week For Life?”

  1. Alicia Arreola says:

    Looking back at the PCH Winners I would Cry Of Laughter yes I will..

  2. George Roop says:

    add your comment here

  3. caroline himes says:

    Dear pch if I won that money miracles will start !! I need a new home, ours is falling apart, I wasa teacher with a masters degree but had a brain bleed and the state will not give me more then 800 a month total for life , Iits so sad, I cant even pay for meds , I was a teacher for 18 years and this is all I got !!!! Heart broken!!!! Caroline Himes

  4. Natalie Rzepecki says:

    I dream about what I would do EVERY DAY. And I just know that one day I’m going to be a PCH Winner! I can’t wait to meet the Prize Patrol!
    I have a million things I would do… take care of all my friends and family, my mom would never have to worry about anything, I would quit my job and volunteer instead, Also start my own small business, I’d buy a house, a new car, adopt a child, go on vacation… my list is endless!

  5. Amanda Lozano says:

    I would react like all the above! Hopefully I wouldnt be caught in my bath towl. However, for 7,000 a week for life I might be numb, speechless and let out a big yell!!! :) Good Luck to all who plays.

  6. Corey Miner says:

    If I won PCH I’d say God has blessed me with his gifts though my hard work through people that really makes dreams come true if I won I’d not be poor and in a cage id be able to have my dream family life with all that’s helped us I’d not struggle to be happy I’d have a life to get out there and hope fully help some one in need of a hand I’d build my way to the top of my goals witch is to see a change in life with what I could if I was a billionaire I’d have some thing to show in life. If I won pch:)

  7. jerry l gain says:

    No more worrys about being able too buy the medicines i & the wife need.be
    Able to pay off all my bills &and be able to live life fore the rest of my time without worrying from payday to payday each mounth.

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