Happy Thanksgiving from The Prize Patrol!


To all our PCH fans…

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for YOU.

We’re thankful for your support.
We’re thankful for your loyalty.
And, most of all, we’re thankful that you love Publishers Clearing House as much as we love you!

We hope you all have the happiest of Thanksgivings, filled with turkey, stuffing and all the fix-ins you could dream of!


The Prize Patrol Elite Team
Danielle Lam
Todd Sloane
Dave Sayer


65 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from The Prize Patrol!”

  1. Viktoria Treller says:

    Go stuff it up your ass!

  2. Stephen Holowenzak says:

    You are all good people with great hearts. Have a splendid Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday Season and New Year 2014.
    With ever good wish filled with abundant blessings.

  3. Francisco Pizana says:

    I don’t have the abilities such as banners and websites to express how thankful I am to see how you continue to make people so happy. Your Co. and teammates are truly angles in disguise and the United States need more love like this. I’m not a winner nor a loser lol but it makes me smile and tear up when I see people win.
    A Big Texas on the back,
    Francisco Pizana, Corpus Christi,TX.

  4. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Thank you! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. :)

  5. Taudrea mitchell says:

    Happy thanksgiving to the prize patrol!! Hope i win a big check soon!!

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