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$7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Patrol

It could happen to YOU! After all, Publishers Clearing House is the real deal! You’ve seen our winners on television and you could be next! Remember, we’ve been making dreams comes true for over sixty years. We’ve already awarded over 249 million dollars to people just like you! Someone is going to get a knock on the door that changes everything for the better. If you enter, YOU could be that lucky winner of $7,000.00 A Week For Life. All you have to do on your end to be eligible is take advantage of the FREE ENTRY that is being offered RIGHT NOW. Registration is easy and it only takes a few moments. Those few moments could make all your money problems disappear…for good! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Enter now!

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8,278 thoughts on “You Could Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life from PCH!”

  1. bertha jones says:

    God If it is your will let pch please,please, come to st louis Thursday April 30 so I can help my charitys and my children and grandchildren so I can do something very special for my granddaughter because she had brain surgery last October I wabt a house for myself and my children and my grandson we all need a house to call our own

  2. says:

    Win 7000.00. For Life 3080.4900

  3. barry says:

    It will be a blssed for my family if the pch nock my door surprizing me with the big check

  4. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Hi PCHSweepstakes.! Me and my family would be so thankful if the PCH Prize Patrol surprises us at front of my door in Hartford, CT to delivery a “Big Check” of $7,000.00 A Week For Life PrizeThis April 30th during in the Special Early Look Prize Event from PCH Gwy.No.4900. ThankYou PCH

  5. carla m Antee says:

    My Golden Opportunity to win The Set For Life Gwy No 4900

  6. donald robinson says:

    It would. Be nice. To win. 7000.00 an i no i can help. My family. An friend. The way they. God no i need. I need help

  7. candance chambers says:

    I don’t have no sadd stories only the truth cause I really want to win so we can get our own home for once an live in the country an enjoy life with my children in our very own home an I hope y’all come take a early look in Salisbury NC on 1415 Standish at. an make my family happy. in it to win it big for me an my family.

  8. Mrs. Toole says:

    Explain how the $7,000.00 a week for life and the $250,000.00 a year works? That’s an interesting question; plus all the extra cash bonus’s, the $38,000.00 Ford Fusion, and the $3 Million for a Dream Home Gwy. #4900. Nice stuff if you could win it on April 30, 2015!

  9. Quintina says:

    Pch make my family dreams come true.i have a big family single mom of six kids need the help.GOD Look out for my family.i won’t a dreams house for my kids one day.

  10. Quintina says:

    Quintina with six kids won’t to win soooo bad I hope god bless me and my family.i see it like this if you win it’s your time to win god no best for all of he kids.

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