How Many Ways Can I Enter To Win The PCH Sweepstakes?

Hello, PCH friends. It’s no secret that we’re all about winning at Publishers Clearing House! That’s why we offer so many ways to enter to win a PCH SuperPrize online. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered, How Many Ways Can I Enter To Win The PCH Sweepstakes, the answer is … A LOT! And you don’t have to pick just one, so don’t pick just one. Enter as many times as you can every day.

Not sure where to start? Here’s the lowdown on ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes. Please read carefully, because we’ve recently added some exciting FREE app opportunities and more chances to win from our online sites.

Ways to enter at – Make this your #1 daily destination to enter for the PCH SuperPrize AND many other amazing PCH sweepstakes! You can claim 3 entries to win our SuperPrize every single day on this site alone by entering on your desktop computer, mobile device and the PCH App.

PCHSearch&Win – We all need to search the web, so why not use the only Search Engine that could make you a PCH Millionaire? Enter with your first daily search after logging in – either on your desktop computer or your mobile device!

PCHFrontpage – Get news you can use and enter for the PCH SuperPrize!  Enter with your first daily search after logging in – either on your desktop computer, mobile phone or the PCHFrontpage app.

PCHlotto – Play FREE online lotto-style cards AND enter for the PCH Sweepstakes! Enter daily through desktop, mobile and the PCHlotto app!

PCHgames – Complete your daily instant win games, then get your daily SuperPrize entry! Play on desktop and mobile to claim two entries each day!

PCH Fan Page On Facebook – Enter for the PCH SuperPrize once per day on our Fan Page on Facebook!

PCH Play & Win App – Download this app from the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device and play every day to claim your daily SuperPrize entry and many other Sweepstakes opportunities!

PCH Cash Casino App – Use this great FREE app on your Android device or iPhone to play casino-themed games for up to 10X SuperPrize entries every day.

RealBucksGo App – When you participate in daily polls, you’ll get a daily SuperPrize entry, plus RealBucks you can use towards gift cards for free.

Wow! Now you can see why the answer to the question How Many Ways Can I Enter To Win The PCH Sweepstakes is A LOT! And, PCH is adding new ways to win all the time! While there’s no secret to winning, one thing a lot of our past winners have in common is that they entered often and they didn’t give up! Here’s a fun challenge for you – find a way to enter that you’ve never used before and give it a try! Comment below and let us know how it goes!

Have a great day!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Have a question about downloading apps? All the apps mentioned above can be downloaded for FREE at Google Play for android devices and the App Store for apple devices. Read this blog for downloading instructions.

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  3. I can’t tell u how excited that tomorrow is April 28th. Sweepstakes Jackpot Day . I am wishing and praying that my number is the lucky one and I’ll get to meet Danielle, Dave, Todd , &Howie in my hometown of DuPont ,Pa. Elaine Duzen!!!😀🍷💐🍾