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The PCH Prize Patrol Says “Let’s Roll!”

Years ago I had a suitcase that was indestructible.  The manufacturer’s TV commercials showed how their product could even hold up to a gorilla jumping on it.  Alas, it’s harder to make suitcases that last like that nowadays – maybe because the covering is often fabric, not leather or hard surface.  And now there are lots of moving parts – like multi-directional wheels and extension handles.

As a roving Big Check deliverer for Publishers Clearing House I’m a frequent flier; so it wasn’t really a surprise when my well-travelled Prize Patrol suitcase recently suffered damage in-flight that could not be repaired.  The fact that this bag had hundreds of thousands of miles on it didn’t help.  The airline offered to replace it, but I told them not to bother because – hallelujah! – NEW Prize Patrol suitcases are on the way, sporting our spiffy new color scheme and logo.

The new suitcases will have those wheels that spin and help us move through airports, security and endless concourses fast.  They will hold the laptops and tablets that keep us in touch with PCH Headquarters – who might tell us that a winner’s address has just changed.  And these bags will be expandable – because a single itinerary might require light apparel for tropical Florida and down parkas for frigid Minnesota or Alaska.  Of course we like to carry our bags onto the plane – so we don’t have to wait for the sometimes pokey baggage carousels.  We want to hit the ground running and deliver those Big Checks as quickly as possible!  Many times we have arrived at a winner’s door just in the nick of time – like at Million Dollar winner Laurie Aragon’s home where the power company was waiting to turn off her electricity due to unpaid bills.

So, we Prize Patrol’ers are ready to roll!  Will YOU be ready to win?  Will you have taken advantage of the daily opportunities to enter our fabulous sweepstakes? We hope so – because it would be a great pleasure to knock on YOUR door and announce “YOU are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Don’t delay!  Enter now – at – and good luck!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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