Who Is On The June Token Exchange Winners List?

June has already come and gone, which means that school has ended and summer has started. It also means we have a whole new bunch of people who redeemed INCREDIBLE prizes at the PCH Token Exchange! Check out just some of the June Token Exchange Winners above!

These people scored big amounts of Tokens and traded them in for chances to win bigger prizes. That’s not a bad way to start a summer. Do you have your eyes set on any prizes at the Token Exchange? I wouldn’t mind winning an iWatch or an Apple TV. Cash Prizes sound pretty good, too. (Of course, I can’t win any PCH prizes because I work here!) But congrats to all the June Token Exchange Winners!

There’s no need to worry if you didn’t make this month’s Token Exchange Winners list. There’s always next month! It couldn’t be easier for you to trade your Tokens for winning prize opportunities. And we love to give away Tokens, especially if you use one of our Apps.

You could also score Tokens by searching with PCHSearch&Win, by watching with PCHTV and by playing with PCHGames! But that’s only the start. Go to PCH.com and discover your favorite!

You want to get in on the action? Start by scoring Tokens! And maybe your name could be featured for the July Token Exchange Winners! Until then, keep playing, keep scoring, and you could win big!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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  1. Has any random player ever won the Apple IPad PRO which has been offered for several months? What are the checks and balances to maintain the legitimacy and fairness of the game? How are the winners chosen? Would it be possible, for example, for an employee to access your computer system in order to award the prize to a friend or relative?

  2. Who is the Sandra G. who won the KitchenAid mixer? I put a lot of tokens on it , and it isn’t listed above in the June list.