Amazing! Our August Token Exchange Winners Really Traded Up!

Hello, PCH Enthusiasts, Dreamers, Believers and Super Achievers!

We always have a smile on our face when we get to share news with you of recent PCH winners!  When it’s a big SuperPrize, we know we’re definitely making a single person happy, but it’s when we get to give out a whole BUNCH of prizes at once…well,  we truly get to spread the love around! And one of our biggest lists comes in the form of PCH Token Exchange Winners!

That’s right, we have a whole boatload of folks to announce who have “taken home” fabulous prizes from the PCH Token Exchange! Tokens are collected by players of action games, word games, strategy games and even more at all of the, PCHSearch&Win,PCHLotto and others! Then tokens are traded for real deal chances to win prizes…like the list you’ll see below!

That’s right! Real People Really Win, so say congrats to someone below in our list of AUGUST 2017 TOKEN EXCHANGE WINNERS!

What’s missing from the list above? It could be YOUR name! Just play and earn tokens whenever you can, and then exchange those tokens to win exciting prizes at the famous PCH Token Exchange!Best of Luck!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Soon we will be conducting a follow-up interview with recent winner Jane Goodwin! We want you to get involved, so we’re opening up the opportunity for YOU to submit questions. If there’s something you’d like to ask her, post it in the comments below! Jane is a fellow PCH Blog reader herself, so this is a great opportunity to “chat” with someone who was just like you!

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  1. Big congratulations Ms. Jane! Please let us know if you played randomly or if consistency played a part towards your opportunity of winning a superprize?🤗

  2. She definitely inspired me the most out of all the the winners because she took the time out her life and just becoming a millionaire to give each and everyone of us hope. She amazing for that it wasn’t just about the money she played for fun like all of us,what a great heart she has to come back and post on the blog god bless Jane you deserve it.