Welcome to the PCHSearch&Win Blog!

After months of hard work, the PCHSearch&Win team and I are extremely excited to introduce the new and improved PCHSearch&Win Blog!

The new blog was built with you in mind, with an improved navigation and a sleek new design. Take a look around and you will see a new section on the right dedicated to photos, videos and profiles of recent winners. If you’re confused about how to use PCHSearch&Win, just look to the upper right corner, where crystal-clear instructions will guide you through the searching and winning experience. Most importantly, I will be posting frequent updates on new opportunities to win, site updates and other exciting news.

So what can you expect to gain from reading the PCHSearch&Win Blog? Ask yourself on the following questions:

  • Are you confused about PCHSearch&Win and want to learn?
  • Are you excited to hear about PCHSearch&Win instant giveaway prizes?
  • Have you been waiting months to ask the team your burning questions?
  • Did you ever want to find out what a real-life PCH winner is like?
  • Do you want detailed information on PCHSearch&Win daily prizes and daily giveaways?

If you have been thinking about or answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the place for you!

You may have noticed my posts on the PCHblog for the past couple of months. Well, I originally started writing for PCHSearch&Win, but we wanted to bring you an out-of-this world experience that would leave you in awe – so we developed this new blog! We wanted to make our giveaway information accessible as well as interactive, so you become a part of PCHSearch&Win community as much as the PCHSearch&Win search engine has become part of yours.

Armed with a pseudonym to infuse PCH powers into your daily searches, I aim to bring you the best PCHSearch&Win material including everything from daily prize giveaways, searching, and virtually anything you’re curious to hear about.

The blog is also linked to our Twitter and Facebook Page, which I check often!

The “Prize” Queen

93 thoughts on “Welcome to the PCHSearch&Win Blog!”

  1. Hey I search now yesss I Ms. Lee want to claim win my prize number

  2. says:

    Thanks Jesus for everything. Amen

  3. Ee Lee says:

    Yes the prize patrol will arrived at 2502 W. Mitchell St win $7,000.00 a week for life on October 23 gwy No.4900. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  4. Ee Lee says:

    Yes I Ee Lee want to accept my prize number $7,000.00 a week for life on October 23 gwy No.4900. Thanks Jesus for everything. Amen.

  5. Did my pch daily entering. Some of the emails take you to pch games first. On september 25th you sent email with a deline of 11:59 but your web page had technical difficulties and kept doing so even after 11:45. So if your technical difficulties do i get hit with a forfeit.

  6. Ee Lee says:

    Yes 2502 W. Mitchell St should be yours pch final destination on October 23 gwy No.4900. Thanks a lot. Amen.

  7. Ee Lee says:

    Hello Pch Staff
    Hey I search now yesss I Ms. Lee want to claim win my prize number gwy No.4900. Thank you with God Blessed all today. Amen.

  8. Ee Lee says:

    Hello Pch Staff Prize Patrol
    Hey I search now yesss I Ee Lee should be selected the winner $5,000.00 a week for life on August 31 gwy No.4900. And also yes I the Lee address will be yours pch final destination on August 31 gwy No.4900 too. And plus with yours PCH newly messages me that Driving Directions To 2502 W. Mitchell St Now Availabe! Good News! 2502 W. Mitchell St could become the address of our newest Winner! Event Date: 8/31/15. Thank you so very much a lot and with only God will Blessed you all well here. Amen.

  9. OLLIE MCNEIL says:

    NOVEMBER 15, 2014 AT 4:40 PM


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