Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. My life would Begain for the first time! I’m 46 and I have never fully enjoyed life. When you have not much money and you work for all you have. Even when you have 2 sons that need you…I have been homeless 5 times in my life. I am a real survivor. GOD WILL SHINE ON ME ONE DAY AND I PRAY IT WILL BE THROUGH PCH PRIZE PATROL! I AM WATING! GOD BLESS Y’ALL

  2. Hi i would love to win the 7,000.00 a week for me and my 4 kids when with no work and being s single mother it’s been a struggle crying while I’m writing this looking to winning plz

  3. Think” BIG” you must enter to play the Game. Stop crying out to public, I didn’t Win, fill out the sheet! I did, It’s just might be blessing day! Rosses and $$$ for Meeeee! Play🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹.Sweet Dee love Think Big!

  4. When I was a little girl my mom would play , she was always excited to receive that envelope with Publisher Clearing House, and she would I have faith that one day I will win”. A couple of month ago I receive my own PCH envelope, and I put it to the side, but every time I walk pass it I could feel my mother spirit saying to me ” You have to have faith that you are going to win” this prompt me to open up the envelope and send my entry in, as well as enter online as much as possible”. If I do win I will finally get a tombstone for her grave, never could afford it, but I know that she would be proud of me having faith that I could win this contest . So know that when the prize patrol come to my house, I will dedicate that moment to my mother, because she would have been delighted with joy ,

    1. It was the same at my grandmas. She had a big roll top desk full of stamps, sweepstakes, and rebates. 🙂 It is fun!