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Hey PCHplay&win friends!!

Matt K. here, and I have a question: are you like me? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook? I hear people talking about Facebook all the time, and I’ve found myself connecting my whole life there! It is just so convenient to have so much in just one place!

In addition to reading funny statuses or seeing cute pictures of babies and cats all across the country, I also use Facebook to connect with my favorite websites and businesses. Liking their pages is the easiest way to learn the latest news about what’s going on!

So here’s some advice: if you want to get the latest inside information on your favorite Play&Win sites like PCHgames and PCHlotto, then make sure you follow the PCHgames and PCHlotto Fan Pages on Facebook! It’s such an easy way to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest PCHPlay&Win news!

PCHgames Fan Page

At the PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook, you can follow the feed to read daily questions, plus find out about token alerts, game info and SuperPrize entry opportunities that you might not have known about!  You’ll also see tabs with “LOL”-worthy pictures, game tips, voting opportunities and so much more!

PCHlotto Fan Page

Over at the PCHlotto Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll hear about ALL the latest PCHlotto jackpot news, entry opportunities (including lotto games, slots, blackjack – you name it!). Then, I can’t forget to mention the PCHlotto Luck Instant Win game, where you could win $25,000.00 in cash! That’s right, you could WIN TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS INSTANTLY right on Facebook!

You see, Facebook can be more than just staying in touch with your family and friends — you can actually put it to work for YOU, with fun games and chances to win some REAL MONEY from Publishers Clearing House!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook and like our PCHlotto and PCHgames Fan Pages today!

-Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – If you won a big prize on PCHgames or PCHlotto, what would your status message be on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below!

Celebrate the Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win!

WOW! Real people DO win at PCH! And LOTS of them!

We gave away a total of over 46,000 prizes in March on PCHGames, PCHSlots, PCH Instant Bingo, PCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App. Needless to say, it’s been quite an AMAZING month of winning and we wanted to congratulate just a few of our winners here on the blog!


At PCHGames, we give away amazing instant prizes every single day. All you have to do to be eligible to win is to log into your PCH account and play to your heart’s desire! Choose from games like Mah Jongg Dimensions, Jigsaw Deluxe and many more Instant Win and Token Games! Try it today!

Month in Winning_PCHGames

Here are just a few of our PCHgames winners from March:

 Matthew M.    Clymer, NY
Michelle R.    Philadelphia, PA
Tammy K.    Altoona, PA
Peggy L.    Camdenton, MO
Priscilla L.    West Barnstable, MA
Tokilupe L.    Carmel Valley, CA
Gregory S.    Zanesville, OH
Doug S.        Westminster, CO
Diane D.    Paramus, NJ

Joshua C.    Kenton, OH
Paola A.    Farmingdale, NY
Helen J.     West Islip, NY
Dorothy P.    Owensboro, KY
Susan T.    Belt, MT
Albert S.    Freehold, NJ



How can you win BIG MONEY with just one click? With PCH’s Cash Slots, you can play for the chance to win $2,500.00 from the comfort of your own home. Imagine … all the excitement of a real casino, with games like Heaven’s Sevens, Winning in Wonderland and Aztec Wilds. So, come on … spin … and you could win right NOW!

Month in Winning_PCHSlots

And a few of our lucky March PCHslots winners are:

 Caroline L.    West Haven, CT
Tammy O.    Rogersville, TN
Sue N.        Petersburg, IN
Toni D.        Aliquippa, PA
Brenda W.    Fort Worth, TX
Donnie C.    Sacramento, CA
Gloria F.    Detroit, MI
Scott W.    Arlington, WA
Edward G.    Belvedere, IL
Richard D.    Cape Coral, FL
Patricia D.    Jackson, MS
Rodolfo C.    Bremerton, WA
Ronald P.    Webster, MA
Ray S.        Fargo, ND
Robin C.    Lake Havasu City, AZ

PCH Instant Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? Playing Bingo at your local social hall can be so much fun, but quite honestly, it can get expensive buying all those Bingo cards! PCH Instant Bingo is absolutely FREE to play… and you could win over $1,000.00 instantly! The faster you get a “BINGO,” the more cash you can win! Check it out now!

Month in Winning_Instant Bingo

Here are some lucky folks who won Instant Bingo prizes in March:

Jennifer M.    Englewood, CO
Adam T.        Elk Grove Village, IL
Wilson G.    Merced, CA
Jaclynn J.    Ogunquit, ME
Robert O.    Klingman, AZ
Laural P.    San Bernadino, CA
Donna S.    Nyack, NY
Paul P.        Hansville, WA
Carrie B.    Mechanicsburg, PA
Tim L.        Menifee, CA
Leslie R.    Orlando, FL
Doug B.        Lakewood, CO
Terry M.    Ashland, OH
Barbara L.    Mount Vernon, ME
Frederick G.    New Hope, MN

PCH Blackjack

Can’t get enough of Las Vegas-style gaming action? Try this casino favorite, and you could win up to $25,000.00 instantly! This is the largest instant win prize amount being offered by Publishers Clearing House online!  The object? Get a higher combined total than the dealer without going over 21 … get deal a total of 21 in your first two cards, you get a Blackjack! Try it now – and good luck!

Month in Winning_PCHBlackjack

Congratulations to these March Blackjack winners:

Brian V.    St. Louis, MO
Roberta B.    Tallahassee, FL
Clinton M.    Oakboro, NC
Catherine L.    Deerfield Beach, FL
Kennedy M.    Durham, NC
Susan S.    Kenosha, WI
Leticia V.    Yuba City, CA
Kevin W.    Fridley, MN
George G.    Coalton, OH
Robin C.    Idaho Falls, ID
Harold A.    Ballwin, MO
Marcel J.    Wayne, MI
Mark W.        Gardendale, AL
Michelle E.    McKenzie, TN
Fred A.        Sandy, UT

PCH Cash Slots App

If you love playing free slots online at PCHSlots, you’re going to love playing slots on your Smartphone with this cool app. The Play&Win Cash Slots App is your newest way to win REAL CASH PRIZES from the comfort of your own phone! Download it now for either your iPhone or Android device!

Month in Winning_PCH Cash Slots App

Winning was so “app”-ealing for these March PCH Cash Slots players:

Jason T.    Green River, WY
Kathi W.    Fayetteville, AR
Brenda H.    Sesser, IL
Johnnie S.    Philadelphia, PA
Melissa H.    Rose Bud, AR
Megan W.    Decatur, IL
Nicole R.    Rochester, NH
Frankie Y.    San Francisco, CA
Amanda T.    Monroe, NC
Andranika J.    Tuskegee Institute, AL
Mark W.        Lemoore, CA
Anita G.    Tucson, AZ
Trina C.    Brookshire, TX
Frank H.    Lady Lake, FL
Elizabeth W.    Wilmington, DE

My, oh my! What a month in winning at PCHPlay&Win! And remember there were over 46,000 in all! A huge round of applause to each and every one of our lucky winners!

Want to be included in our next winners’ list? Log in and start playing now at all the sites above for your chance to win!

Happy Gaming!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite place to play at Publishers Clearing House? Comment below!

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What’s New In The State Lotteries & PCHlotto!

PCHlotto winners

Hi there, PCH friends! Let’s take a quick spin around the USA to discover what’s making news in state lotteries  around the country.

• The Mega Millions lottery jackpot recently hit the $400 Million mark! Two lucky winners will split this record-making jackpot (the sixth-largest lottery prize in U.S. history) — one from Florida and one from Maryland.

• In early March, a new lottery game was unveiled in Georgia.  Called All Or Nothing, this new game features a top prize of $250,000!

• In February, the Missouri Lottery introduced Triple Play — which offers three games with nine chances to win and a top prize of $250,000!

• February was a very lucky month in West Virginia, as three $1 Million Mega Millions tickets were sold within one week.

• A New Jersey man and his girlfriend split up last year after he won a $338 Million Powerball jackpot.  She subsequently sued him for her share of the winnings. However, rumor has it that they recently reconciled and the widely-reported lawsuit has been dropped.

Quite interesting news! But these stories all have one thing in common — they’re about state lotteries, where you have to PAY for a chance to win. At Publishers Clearing House and PCHlotto, we’ve had lots and lots of big winners. And none of these winners had to pay a single cent, because entering is ALWAYS FREE!

Just last week, Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol surprised Margie T. of Kentucky with a “Big Check” for $10,000!  Margie won big from the PCHlotto Silver and Sapphire Card! Had she signed up to be a PCHSuperfan, Margie could have received TWO checks for $10,000 because her prize would have been doubled! Wow! But winning $10,000 playing free online lotto is pretty amazing!

And that’s not all! There have been LOTS more lucky PCHlotto winners, too! Diane S. from Michigan and James K. of Illinois both recently won $1,000! Plus, Brenda B. of Oklahoma and Robert N. of Michigan just won $100. Since the beginning of the year, over one thousand instant winners have won a total of over $18,000 in cash at PCHlotto. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

And let’s not forget about the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot! Did you know that it’s now well over $2 Million! Amazing! Play your free cards every day for a chance to win — there’s a new drawing every night! I think we can all agree that winning that jackpot would be a HUGE win, and it won’t cost you a cent to enter!

Remember, PCH sweepstakes are always free — so why pay a buck when all you need is luck? Take a chance with PCHlotto and have some fun! There are winners every day! Who knows, you could be included in a future blog as a big winner!

All the best,


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

PCHlotto Winner Discovers Lucky Fate In Glasgow, Kentucky!

PCHlotto winner

When Margie T. of Glasgow, Kentucky woke up on the morning of Tuesday, March 18th she read her horoscope as per usual. Only that day, her horoscope couldn’t have been more true! It said that she would experience wealth and a great surprise. Talk about irony! You see, later that day, Margie was going to find out that she was a $10,000 PCHlotto winner from the Silver & Sapphire Scratch Card!

The women at Greer’s Flower Shop couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when Danielle Lam and I showed up. They were elated that we were in their town, using their flower shop for our signature balloons and roses — and they were even more proud that someone in their town was the winner of a $10,000 check from PCHlotto! They quickly informed us that down in the south they consider the presentation style of roses that we so often pick up for our winners are actually called “arm bouquets”! You learn something new every day! Once we were all set at the flower shop, it was off to Margie’s house we went.

Prize Patrol at florist

After a several minutes of waiting for Margie to answer her door, Danielle, myself, and the cameraman walked up and down Margie’s block asking neighbors for help. We quickly realized that Margie came outside to get her mail, and we made sure to hide behind a neighbors car so she didn’t see us! Once Margie went back inside, we ran up to her house for the BIG surprise!

When Margie came to the door, we asked if she knew who we were, she replied “The Prize Patrol!?” She was nervous at first, but once we told her that she was the lucky PCHlotto winner of $10,000, she nearly fell over!! Margie gasped and leaned on her doorway as if she couldn’t handle the excitement! She was gushing with happiness and shock all at the same time! Margie said she had been entering at PCH for 30 years, first through mail and then recently online. She said she thought it would never happen to her, but was so glad it did! She couldn’t have been more excited.


What’s even more ironic is that Margie won from playing the Silver and Sapphire PCHlotto Twilight lotto card. She told us shortly after she caught her breath that her birthstone was actually Sapphire! Seems like this winning moment was true fate! Between Margie’s morning horoscope and her birthstone being a sapphire, it was really meant to be. We are so happy for Margie and know she will put her money to good use!

Here’s a look at the news story from the Glasgow Daily Times
You could win at PCHlotto like Margie did! Just go to to play and enter for your chance to win! Who knows, it could be fate for you too!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department


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