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Hurry — There’s Only One Week Left To Enter To “Win It All”!

Win It All

Yes, it’s almost here. Our huge “WIN IT ALL” Special Early Look Prize Event for June 30th could make a lucky someone very HAPPY indeed! Our Prize Patrol is ready to award $2,000,000.00 at once … PLUS $10,000.00 A Month For Life … PLUS A Brand New Luxury Car!

Just one entry could be the one that turns you into a millionaire! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for you? And it would continue on for life! If you love games of chance, why not be in it to win it? All you have to do is to enter to “Win It All” on June 30th.  But hurry. The final deadline to enter is Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015. That is the absolute, last day to get your entries in — and it’s exactly one week from today!

Since this is such a BIG, life-changing amount of money, I want you all to be sure you get in as many entries as you can by next week!  And I want you all to know that there are so many ways to do it (bet you don’t know about a few). Just check out this helpful link that shows you All The Ways To Enter To Win at PCH! — it could end up being just the trick for you to get in your winning entry by the deadline., PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames, PCHFrontpage, PCHBlackjack, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook — these sites offer you more winning opportunities — not just for the BIG prize, but lots of other exciting prizes to go for, too. We give away prizes every day — we wouldn’t have it any other way — so don’t miss out. Stop procrastinating and enter today! We could be adding YOUR name to our growing PCH winners list very soon!

Best of luck,

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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Play Our Lucky Number Game!

Hey blog readers!

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we talk A LOT about luck.

Lucky charms
Lucky songs
Even lucky colors!

But perhaps our favorite good luck topic is LUCKY NUMBERS.

Yes, we ask you a lot about which numbers are your favorite to play at PCHlotto…which numbers put you into that “WINNING” state of mind!

But as a self-professed lover of lotto-style games myself, I know it can be hard to figure out what numbers I want to play…day after day after day.

So today, we came up with a fun little game to help you all decide! Are you ready? C’mon give it a try…

Find Lucky Number

All you have to do is use the chart above to add up the numbers of your first name. Did you do it? What number did YOU get?

My name is Amanda (1+ 4 + 1+ 5 + 4 + 1), so for me, my lucky number is 16! Cool! My mom’s birthday is on the 16th, so I really think this one might be my lucky one!

How about you?

Once you get your lucky number, why not give it a try at PCHlotto today? You never know…it could mean BIG BUCKS for you!

Wishing all of you a little extra luck today!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

PCHlotto Fans: Exciting June Lotto Cards Just Released!

Do you want to WIN BIG PCHlotto Prizes?

Well Blog readers, you’ve got to check out this month’s selection of exciting, new PCHlotto cards that could win you BIG MONEY in no time!

Like the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot that increases every time you play for a prize of up to $2,000,000.00!  Check out this card featuring the Prize Patrol’s very own Todd Sloane:


Look at that!  You could seriously play your numbers and have the real Todd Sloane show up at your door with a check — can you imagine?!?

But that’s not it — this month’s cards are all about fun, sun and fortune … and here’s one of my favorites — the “$1,500.00 Eiffel Into Fortune” card.  Get it?!?  “Eiffel” — “I Fell”…who comes up with this stuff?!? :)


Then there’s the “$2,500.00 Rockin’ Retro Riches” — because the only cure for the Summertime blues is some cold, hard cash!


The summer fun doesn’t stop there, though!  You could have the whole block over for a cookout if you won big on the “$10,000.00 Grills! Grills! Dollar Bills!” Card — and you wouldn’t just have to have burgers either, you could have steak…chops…lobster tails.  Mmm lobster tails! Can I come, too?


I’m not going to spoil the fun by revealing ALL the June PCHlotto cards here … You’ve gotta go play them yourself to get the full experience (CAUTION:  They’re pretty WILD — there’s a panda AND a tiger involved 😉 ).  Remember, you can MAXIMIZE your chances to win at PCHlotto by playing ALL your daytime lotto cards and ALL your PCHlotto Twilight cards (from 5PM-11:59PM, ET), so don’t miss out on a single day of game play.  Plus, when you play 20 cards in 7 days you’ll become a PCHlotto M.V.P. and unlock three exclusive cards only our best players can see!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to PCHlotto now — and remember to let me know which June PCHlotto lotto card is your favorite!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Do you play the same PCHlotto numbers – or mix it up?

PCHlotto Numbers

One thing we’re always wondering is how do you PCHlotto players pick your numbers?

Do you always go with the same set of lucky numbers – maybe your birthday, anniversary or the number you played on a sports team in school? Or do you switch it up by picking different lucky numbers every time?

Or maybe you even go with “quick pick”. Choosing the quick pick option means that the card numbers will be randomly selected for you. It’s very easy, and like its name suggests, QUICK! To me, this option is a great choice for those in a hurry or those who aren’t good at making decisions (like me!)

When I play PCHlotto, I always switch it up. Sometimes I go with my favorite numbers (5 and 7) if I’m feeling particularly lucky…and then other times I let the computer choose for me…what about you?

Whatever you do, the most important thing to remember is to PLAY! Because playing is the only way you’ll ever have the chance to WIN!

Good luck everyone!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. What PCHlotto cards did you play today? Comment below and let us know! And tell us…did you go with your favorite numbers or did you quick pick?

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