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Daily Instant Win Opportunities On Bingo Charms

For those of you who have been playing Bingo Charms, you’ve surely noticed the special sparkling fruit at the center of your tree. This mesmerizing fruit is the instant win fruit that grows just once a day giving you the chance to win a cash prize of up to $1,000 instantly. You only get one chance to win per day so that means that you’ll have to come back every day to see if it’s YOUR lucky day. You can see some of the recent lucky winners by clicking on the “Free Prizes!” button on upper-left part of the screen.

Cash prizes aren’t the only great reward that the magical instant win fruit can give you; maybe you’ll earn extra Lady Bugs or Leprechaun Gold! One way you can use these prizes is to buy that card charm or table charm that you’ve had your eye on. What’s so great about card and table charms? They can help you turn your luck around if you’re having trouble scoring a Bingo today.

Remember, your instant win fruit grows once a day, each day so play Bingo Charms every day for a chance to win great prizes and don’t forget to check back for the latest Bingo Charms news and more great tips! And don’t forget that playing Bingo Charms with your friends is half the fun – just click on “Invite Friends” on the right side of the game.

That’s about it for today. Tell me about your favorite charm that you’ve had the chance to use and which ones you’re dying to earn in the comment section below.

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