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Looking for a Lucky Number Today? Try Our Number Game!

Do you believe in good luck? Do you have a number you always play, hoping some day it will be lucky for you?

Well today, if you’re looking for a new number to bring you some luck — or just a fun activity — why not play our number game below?

Lucky Numbers game

All you have to do is add all the numbers in your birthday until you get a single digit! There’s an example in the image above, but let’s try another together:

Let’s say your birthday is 11/7/1992, you would add 11+7+1+9+9+2. That would give you 39, but you’re not done yet! Now add 3 + 9, and you would get 12. But you’re still not done! (Remember, we’re looking for a single digit). Now add 1+2 and you get 3! So, your lucky number would be 3!

Did you all try it with YOUR birthday? Comment below and let me know what numbers you get! I got the number 1!

So what now? Is the game over? Definitely not! Now that you’ve got your lucky number, you’re just getting started! Why not give it a shot at PCHlotto, where you can play for free and have the shot at winning our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $3 Million Dollars!



Amanda C.
PCH Creative

What Can I Play & Win At PCH?

Whatever your PCH gaming passion, indulge it at the Publishers Clearing House family of sites. There are lots of games to be played — with loads of amazing prizes to be won! Visit, PCHlotto, PCHgames, PCHslots, PCHblackjack, PCHbingo, PCHcasino and the PCH Cash Slots app today.

YES, you could really PLAY your way to BIG prizes … maybe even PCH Millions.
If you’ve ever wondered: what can I play and win at PCH, this super-cool graphic provides helpful answers, from instant-win fun to life-changing SuperPrizes — and lots of thrilling prize opportunities in between. Plus, find out where you can score tokens, and more!

All the ways to play & win at PCH

Happy gaming and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

How to earn 10,000 tokens a day for The Giveback!

You can help PCH donate up to an extra $50,000 in The Giveback
by earning 10,000 tokens a day!

Greetings, gamers!
At PCH, we love giving to charity as much as we love giving away prizes!
And that’s why The Giveback is back!


The Giveback – which Publishers Clearing House launched on October 21st – is a way for YOU to make a difference for those in need without spending any money! It’s a way to celebrate the giving spirit of the holiday season by helping others.

The Giveback is a charitable event hosted on our fan page on Facebook. Last year we chose three charities and asked you, our fans, to vote for your favorite. The top charity you voted for received $50,000, the second charity received $35,000 and the final charity received $25,000.

Year after year, the overwhelming majority of your votes have gone to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. And since you feel so passionate about St. Jude® and its lifesaving work – just like we do here at PCH – we decided to devote The Giveback this year entirely to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®! What’s more, we’re also DOUBLING our donation from last year. Instead of $50,000, we are guaranteeing a donation of $100,000!!! All I can say is “WOW!”

Now here’s where you – and your tokens – come into the picture …

With your help, PCH can raise this $100,000 donation to a $150,000 donation! Every day during The Giveback that you earn 10,000 tokens or more on PCHgames, PCHSearch&Win, and more, we will increase our donation to St. Jude®, up to $50,000!

Yes, you heard right! For every fan who earns 10,000 tokens or more in a day at one of these sites, the donation we make to St. Jude® will grow!

So, how can you earn 10,000 tokens a day? It’s so easy! Here are just a few …


  • Earn tokens at PCHSearch&Win: We all use search engines every day whether it’s to look up directions, a recipe, the weather, etc. Why not use your searches to help you earn tokens? That’s what your first search of the day after logging in at PCHSearch&Win does! Search for absolutely anything and you will receive a token bonus. Plus, did you know that when you search with PCHSearch&Win on your birthday or on your anniversary with PCH, you’ll receive a special token reward?


  • Earn tokens at You can score tons of tokens by playing to unlock the Token Vault – simply complete all 10 games on the homepage and unlock these bonus games! Or, sign up to be a PCHSuperFan on our Fan Page on Facebook and you can play 5 exclusive scratch cards at that could award you tokens and other prizes. Or here’s another way to get more tokens – hit the winner’s tab on and watch our exciting “Winning Moments” videos. Every time you watch these winner videos, you are awarded tokens. Come back once a day to watch your faves and score tokens!


  • Every device makes it extra nice to earn tokens!: Did you know you can play all our games and enter all our sweepstakes at pch.comPCHgames and PCHSearch&Win from each of your devices every day? If you have played it all on your desktop, you can play everything again on your mobile device and tablet! Three devices means three times the chances to score tokens.

Earn tokens on mobile device

  • Play PCHlotto for FREE!: Don’t forget to earn tokens at the new PCHlotto! It’s a sight-and-sound experience not to be missed!

Well, what are you waiting for?! With so many ways to earn tokens every day, why not start right now earning some tokens on behalf of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®?

Do it now! And let us know how it goes – comment below!

Have fun!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

The New PCHlotto Blast App Is BURSTING With Cash!

Are you looking for an exciting way to get more lotto-themed winning opportunities into your life? Well do we have good news for you!

Very soon there will be a fantastic new way to get more fantastic chances to win right on your personal Apple® or Android device!  That’s right, the new PCHlotto Blast App is coming to save the day! The app will be launching in the next few weeks, but we thought we’d give you a teaser of what is to come!

Lotto Blast App

With multiple levels, tons of action, hidden secrets and winning moments, there’s plenty in the app that is going to have you coming back for more and more!

PCHlotto Blast App

That’s right, you can win up to $5,000.00 in cash INSTANTLY! Plus, there are lots more ways to win cash prizes, gift cards, and even earn tokens!

But we’ve already said too much! Be sure to look out for MORE updates on the PCHlotto Blast App when it officially launches on Apple® and Android devices! For now, tell us what you think of the teaser images in the blog. Does it look like an app you’d like to play?

PCH Lotto Blast App

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. We’re so excited that you can take this game with you on your device, wherever you go! Where is one place you would play this game while you’re out and about? Tell us in the comments below!

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