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Kevin Helps Bring You The PCH Play&Win Opportunities You Love!

With all the magic that goes on at PCH Play&Win — all of those amazing games and chances to win exciting prizes and valuable tokens all day long, every day — you would expect to find some kind of wizard behind it all. Remember “the man behind the curtain” from the Wizard of Oz?

Well, it’s time to draw back the curtain to reveal one of the key players that helps make it all happen for avid gamers like you, whether you’re a fan of PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHslots or all of the above.

Are you ready for the reveal? Introducing Kevin, Marketing Analyst and project coordinator for all of the amazing opportunities that get e-mailed to you from the PCH Lotto Prize Suite!

Kevin from PCH Play&Win

His number one priority is to make sure you get the most opportunities to win and the most fun from your Publishers Clearing House experience. That includes letting you know about the next big thing coming your way on our PCH family of Play & Win sites.

Thanks to Kevin and his team, PCH Play&Win has introduced exciting new creative designs on the e-mails you receive, to make your PCH experience truly memorable and engaging. Kevin says, “It is nice to know that I was able to manage these redesigning projects from start to finish. I feel empowered by PCH to be able use my talents to effectively do great things.”

Lately that means lots of coordinating between the various teams to make sure the projects are all running smoothly or, as he says, “to keep the clock ticking.” That involves lots of back and forth trips between the Play and Win New York City office and our Port Washington headquarters so he can attend meetings with the marketing, creative and operations teams. That way he can keep on top of the new products we are launching, then help brainstorm to come up with new and creative ways to promote them to fans like you!

In fact, you may have seen e-mails about the PCHgames Attendance Bonus, a great way to score a huge amount of extra tokens at PCHgames just for playing the games you love! And Kevin also wants to make sure you PCHlotto lovers know all about our M.V.P program, where you can become a PCHlotto M.V.P when you play 20 Lotto cards in 7 days! And with it comes additional daytime cards to play and more chances to win!

I couldn’t help but ask Kevin a few more questions:

Do you have a favorite game?

I love Sunken Treasures under the Daily Instant Win Games.

Is there anything you want to say/share with the fans?

We love to see our fans win big on PCHLotto and PCHPlay&Win, so please come back every day for your chance to hit it big. Because here at PCH, it is all about winning!

Are there any hobbies or interests you’d like to share with our readers?

Kevin tells me that after a long day at work it’s time to wind down and relax with, what else? Some video games! His favorite are football games. And vacation time is usually spent visiting cities around the world, like Rome, Panama and Puerto Rico. Kevin has also traveled this great country of ours, visiting cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and even Atlantic City where he reports “I try my best to hit it big at the Casino!

Kevin has also given back to those less fortunate, volunteering time and hard work for disaster relief in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Here are some photos he wanted to share with you, because it was an experience he will never forget!

Kevin really gets down to business!

Kevin really gets down to business!


And he's not afraid of heights!

And he’s not afraid of heights!

Keep playing at PCHPlay&Win because Kevin and the rest of his winning team have lots more fun in store and can’t wait to share it with all with you!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.


10 Things to Do if You Win The Lotto at PCHlotto!

10 Things to do if you won the lotto at PCHlotto

Hey Blog Readers,

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you won at PCHlotto?  We sure do have lots of prizes, and I know some of you always tell us how you’d be SO happy to win $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 just to get out of debt.  And don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing to sneeze at — but let’s dream BIG!  What if you won the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot that increases every time someone plays – all the way up to $3,000,000?  What would you do?

There would be some big decisions to make, of course.  But you shouldn’t let those small moments of happiness pass you by.  And even though I can’t win because I work here, I have thought about some of the simple ways to make that winning feeling last longer and wanted to share them with you…

1) Go to the bank and enjoy the expressions on everyone’s faces when you try to deposit that BIG check!

2) Visit your local florist to stop and smell the roses.  While you’re there, you could chat with all the employees and find out which one helped the Prize Patrol … and give them a nice big tip!

Prize Patrol Roses
3) Host a bingo game for all the kids in town and give the winner your “rainy day fund” — since you wouldn’t need it anymore.

4) Go to the grocery store (it may be the last time you ever go there yourself) and surprise people by paying their bill — just because you can.

5) Go to the fanciest restaurant in town in your shorts and flip flops — when people look at you, just smile and laugh because rich folks are allowed to be “eccentric”.

6) Rent an ice cream truck and drive around town giving ice cream away (please swing by my house, too! :) ).

7) Go to the local lottery store where people are spending money on tickets and tell them how you won for FREE!  They might be mad at first, but you could be saving them a fortune!

8)  At night, sit back and wonder whether you have more money than there are stars in the sky…then use PCHsearch&win to find out (you might wind up winning there, too!).

9) Go to the library and pay everyone’s overdue book fees.  It won’t be that expensive and you’ll feel like a winner by helping your library and your neighbors!

10) And the 10th “simple” way to help the joy of winning last longer is … invest … in the future, in yourself, in children … because every time your money goes to good, or grows bigger, you’ll feel like a winner all over again!

Well, that’s my list.  What’s yours?  Tell me all about it below, and remember to keep on playing at PCHlotto because your winning moment could happen at any time…

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Love PCHlotto? Learn How To Become a PCHlotto M.V.P Right Now!

Greetings PCHlotto Lovers!

Chances are if you’ve played before, you know just how EXCITING our PCHlotto cards are! The thrill of winning BIG is jam-packed into every one of our cards and instant win scratch offs! Well, just when you thought that PCHlotto couldn’t get any better, I have some great news for you, it can! Now YOU can have the chance to become a PCHlotto M.V.P!

That’s right! The March M.V.P cards are here and ready to make their big debut! What is a PCHlotto M.V.P you may ask? Well, play 20 or more cards on PCHlotto within 7 days and you will automatically become a PCHlotto M.V.P! Once you become a PCHlotto M.V.P, you get access to THREE additional daytime cards at! That’s THREE EXTRA cards, each with opportunities to win, and they’re reserved ONLY for our M.V.P’s!

Want to find out all about the exclusive cards for this month? You’ve come to the right place! I am proud to introduce the March PCHlotto M.V.P cards!

MVP Payday Card

Want a shot to win a fabulous $25,000.00 and make those bundles of cash all YOURS? The exclusive $25,000 M.V.P. Payday Card is only one of the three AMAZING cards accessible only to PCHlotto M.V.P’S!

MVP Executive Decision Card

An “Executive Decision” sounds pretty important right? Well it absolutely is! The $100.00 Executive Decision is reserved especially for our M.V.P’s, and a winner is GUARANTEED daily!

Prize Suite Payout Card

Private suite, private party, private getaway, the list goes on and on, and I don’t know about you, but they all sound pretty great! The $3.995.00 Prize Suite Payout is a private card, accessible only to our M.V.P’s! Consider this our thank you for being such a dedicated player! A daily drawing could get you closer to a grand $3,995.00 prize!

So PCH fans, how do you pass up this opportunity? Make sure you log on now to PCHlotto and start playing you cards right now! Play enough, and you can get your hands on these spectacular M.V.P cards with even more ways to win!

Good Luck!
Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which new M.V.P card are you most excited about? Comment below and share your favorite with us! We LOVE hearing from you!


PCHlotto Presents Throwback Thursday: How PCHlotto Was Born!


Greetings PCH fans!

Today, we wanted to celebrate “Throwback Thursday” by taking a look back at how everyone’s favorite FREE online lotto gaming site — PCHlotto — began! That’s right!  Considering its start date way back in 2002 (WOW, that’s 12 years ago!) it’s no surprise that there have been MANY changes. Did you know that before all the colorful game cards and other money-winning opportunities that PCHlotto gives fans like you today, there was a simple game with one objective: to give our players the chance to win the ultimate jackpot?!

So how exactly did Publishers Clearing House dream up the lotto we all know and love today? What has changed since PCHlotto launched? What improvements have been made?

With all of these important questions in mind, I headed straight to Senior Vice President and PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team member Todd Sloane who took some time to reflect back on the history of PCHlotto.

Before we get to all the fun and exciting ways PCHlotto has evolved, let’s start with the basic question, how did PCHlotto come about? According to Todd, “the idea for PCHLotto was to provide our members with a new way to win — one that offered different types of prizes and actually let them pick their lucky numbers.”

I don’t know about you PCH fans, but I always feel “more in control” of the game when I get to pick my own numbers!

How about what the very first lotto games were like? Believe it or not, Todd shared that the original PCHlotto was very basic. There was actually only one game — one lotto card — where you could pick your lucky numbers. But once PCH saw that fans were interested in PCHlotto, we developed the property more and more, and made it a “true” PCH owned and operated website. After all, the most important thing to us is to give YOU the fans what you want!

Wonder what some of the earlier lotto cards looked like? Check out the cool images of these “throwback” cards from 2009 below!


I think you can tell the cards have come a LONG way!

So what about the prizes offered during the first years of PCHlotto? Do you think they were anything like the prizes fans like YOU have a chance to win today? According to Todd, the only prize on PCHLotto when it first launched was a $1,000,000.00 Jackpot. Not bad at all, but now with our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, the top prize is up to nearly $2,000.000.00 and it grows every day with a chance to reach all the way up to THREE MILLION DOLLARS! In addition to the big jackpot, there are tons of other ways to win now, including our instant win scratch card, daily drawings, MVP cards and PCHlotto Twilight cards!                                                                                           

So now that we know how far PCHlotto has come, where will it go next? I’m happy to share that there are even MORE fantastic improvements planned for the future! That’s right! Lotto lovers rejoice because 2014 has a bunch of great improvements coming! The creation of a “new generation of PCHlotto” is currently underway and promises to bring even more fun! So when can we expect these changes? Todd tells us that hopefully the new site will launch sometime by the end of 2014! “It’s going to be fantastic! More winning, more prizes, more ways to play!”  I’m excited already! I mean who doesn’t love more winning???

Well fans, I hope you enjoyed this special “Throwback Thursday” look at the history behind PCHlotto. Log on today to start playing for YOUR chance to win big, and of course stay tuned for even more exciting developments in the very near future!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S. We want to make fans like you HAPPY! So comment below and tell us what else you’d like to see at PCHlotto!

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