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Are Your Lucky Numbers Right In Front Of You?

One of my favorite commercials is for the New York State Lottery’s Win Four game. In it, a guy meets a girl and she gives him her phone number: 555-4226. He finally gets up the courage to call her, only to find out that it’s a fake number and he’s actually called a pizza place. He then decides to play the numbers 4226 in the Win Four game. Pretty creative, right?

It got me to thinking that numbers are all around us!

Lucky Numbers PCHlotto

At Work
Right now, I have 2 email drafts open on my desktop that I need to finish and send by the end of the day. Since I’m one of the team that reviews all of the social media content that gets posted and I’m in the process of doing so, I have 13 open documents on my computer as I type this. I’m notorious for having tons of documents open at once, so even though that seems like a lot, it’s not even close!

In The Car
My car dashboard is telling me that I have a range of 54 miles until I’m stranded on the side of the road. (I should probably get gas!) I’ll need an oil change in about 76 miles. My new car, Cookie, is actually used and came with 33,231 miles, a number which has already changed since I drive quite a lot!

En Route
If I decided to play the numbers of some of the roads and exits I drive, I’d be looking at 33, 31, 28, 95, 13, and 12.

Upcoming Events
They say time certainly flies and I can attest to that, since there are only 93 days until my wedding. My anniversary will be July 3, 2015 and it’s been 14 years since my fiancée and I met.

Personally, one of my favorite things at PCHlotto is the quick pick function, where users can just click and have numbers preselected for them. But, if you’ve ever sat down and thought about it, numbers really are all around you and you never know what number could be your lucky number!

So, let’s play a game!  Complete each challenge below and post your answers in the comments! I’ll post mine below, too.

  1. Grab the closest book to you, and open to a random page. What number is it?
  2. The last digit of your birth year.
  3. Pick your favorite number between 1 & 10.
  4. The first digit of the last number you dialed.
  5. The time your favorite TV show is on. >

My answers

  1. 42
  2. 3
  3. 7
  4. 4
  5. 9

Tell us your numbers below!

Sarah S.
Social Media

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Good luck and have fun,

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Good luck!

Elaina R.
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How To Pick Your Numbers At PCHlotto

How to pick your numbers at PCHlotto

Ever wonder how to pick your numbers at PCHlotto?  Well, take my “Digit Diva’s Quick Quiz” just for fun … and you could find out a lot from your answers …

Digit Diva’s Quick Quiz:

1) What type of meal is your favorite?
a) A home cooked dinner
b) Fast-food on the go
c) Food from a dine-in restaurant

2) When deciding how to pick your numbers for the office football pool, would you:
a) Research the best odds
b) Close your eyes and point
c) Pick numbers that “look nice” together

3) My favorite type of dancing is:
a) Slow dancing with a special someone
b) Fast-paced with a group of friends
c) I don’t dance, but I sure do love singing in the shower

4) The best way to clean up is:
a) Scrub every corner and crevice until it shines
b) Shove things in a closet that no one will open
c) List out the things that need to be cleaned and check them off when they’re done

Now, let’s tally things up…

Mostly A’s:  You love all of life’s sweet details and take pride in all that you do.  No one’s going to rush you through your day — and that’s great — because you know exactly what makes you happy.  When it comes to how to pick your numbers at PCHlotto, you enjoy taking the time to pick your own, and I think that even though you WANT TO WIN, you’d get more satisfaction out of winning with a birthday or favorite number you chose than from a “Quick Pick” that was chosen for you.

Mostly B’s:  You grab life by the horns and make the most of every moment!  Each day is a new adventure and you don’t want to be bogged down by the small stuff.  That’s why, when it comes to how to pick your numbers at PCHlotto, I think you’re a “quick picker” all the way!  You don’t see a need for overanalyzing it — if it’s your time to win, you’ll win — and that’s fine by you!

Mostly C’s:  You put careful thought into the things that you do but, at the same time, you don’t agonize over the small stuff.  That’s why, I’m pretty sure that when it comes to finding out how to pick your numbers at PCHlotto, you’re the type that has a few favorite numbers you play daily and then goes straight to Quick Pick.  Picking mostly Cs makes me think that you like having special numbers and feel like they may be a bit lucky, but you don’t let it run your life.

So, let me know below what you got on the quiz and if you think my predictions on finding out how to pick your numbers at PCHlotto were right.  Then, make sure you go to PCHlotto and pick your numbers in the way that you enjoy most!

Happy Number Picking!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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