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How Was Your August? Here at PCH, It was A Month of Winning!

Everyone loves Publishers Clearing House because they know it’s the place where there are TONS of ways to win! In fact, in just August alone we gave away over $22,000 in prizes to more than 900 players from our family of Play&Win sites!

Now, let’s recognize some of the winners from PCHGamesPCHlotto, PCHSlots, PCHInstant BingoPCH Blackjack, the PCH Cash Slots app, the PCH Lotto Blast app, and the PCH Play&Win app.

PCHGames has always meant both fun AND winning, and with plenty of reason! Not only are there thrilling instant-win games like Daily Jigsaw Deluxe and token-scoring games like Mahjongg Dimensions, but we also have fantastic tournaments! Just log in to your PCH account and start playing – it’s that easy!

In fact, here’s what recent winner Lenore C. had to say about how it feels to win!

“It was quite a BIG surprise and a bit of a shock to win, never thought it would happen!!!  All I can say is KEEP PLAYING, you NEVER know, it CAN happen to you too!!” – Lenore


Here are some of August’s winners from PCHGames!
Lenore C.  – Harrison, NY
Kevin H. – Marshfield, MA
Kawagalyn C. – Camp Springs, MD
Patti N. – Yuba City, CA
Ruth P. – Phoenix, AZ
Emma M. – Tallahassee, FL
Wilson H. – Washington, DC
Steven W.  – Galloway, NJ
Carol F. – Roslyn, NY
Hing W. – Edison, NJ

PCHlotto continues to offer better and better winning opportunities! Plus, your first lotto card every day gives you a shot at the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $2,000,000.00!


Here are some of August’s winners from PCHlotto!
Fred H. –  Sanderson, FL
Manuel C. – Guaynabo, PR
Randall F. – Lockbourne, OH
Shelby B. – Ladson, SC
Migdalia M. – Caguas, PR
Barbara S. – Sparks, NV
Diana B. –  El Paso, TX
David R. – Riviera Beach, FL
Don M. –  Bronson, TX
Diane K. – Las Vegas, NV

Make your way to West for some Wild, Wild Winning, when you play Frontier Fortunes! PCHSlots are always FUN, always FREE, and every game gives you a chance to win up to $1,000.00 instantly!


Here are some of August’s winners from PCHslots!
Jeanne K. – Oconomowoc, WI
Elena L. – Sarasota, FL
Russann H. – Desert Hot Springs, CA
Barbara W. – Wymore, NE
Bonnie R. – Newaygo, MI
Dale M. – Brethren, MI
Jackie G. – Rushville, IL
Gail R. – Las Vegas, NV
Kevelin B. – Las Vegas, NV
Paul L. – West Deptford, NJ

PCH Instant Bingo
When you win Bingo, your chips are all in the right place – you could even say they’re right on the money! At PCH Instant Bingo, you could win more than $1,000.00 instantly! Start playing today!


Here are some of August’s winners from PCHbingo!
Randy R. – Arab, AL
Nathan L. – Wesley Chapel, FL
Wendy G. – Cleveland, OK
Ruth W. – Keshena, WI
Dawn P. – Joshua, TX
Jay G. – Gainesville, TX
Jarrod G.  – Buckley, WA
Michael C. – Rego Park, NY
Raymond T. – Casa Grande, AZ
Carolyn V. –  Coffeeville, AL

PCH Blackjack
Playing PCHBlackjack will make you feel “21” and best of all, it’s for FREE! AND, you could win REAL MONEY – up to $25,000 instantly! So say “hit me” and play now!


Here are some of August’s winners from PCHblackjack!
Anita A. – Citrus Heights, CA
Carmelita T. –  Mattapan, MA
Wanda G. – Linden, AL
Tobias P. – Atlanta, GA
Cassondra K. –  Elma, WA
Nelson D. – Richmond, IN
Robin T. – Woonsocket, RI
Serri P. – Lehi, UT
Carrie Y. – Springfield, SC
Adrianna S. – Jamestown, TN

PCH Cash Slots app
Take the thrill of PCHSlots with you on the go, when you download and play PCH Cash Slots app on your favorite device!


Here are some of August’s winners from the PCHcashslots app!
Mark K. – Pueblo, CO
Jessee K. – Casper, WY
Alix H. – Glenpool, OK
Barbara N. – Fort Wayne, IN
Gary B. – Gardner, KS
Joanne W. – Edenton, NC
Sarah W. – Bellingham, WA
Caleb B. – Statesville, NC
Jessica S. – Moore, SC
Christy H. – Broken Arrow, OK

PCH Lotto Blast app
The numbers are in, and people just love using the PCH Lotto Blast app! Not only does it have non-stop number picking action, but you also get PCH lotto cards that give you a shot at the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $2,000,000!


Here are some of August’s winners from the PCH Lotto Blast app!
Jackie N. – Broomfield, CO
Xiola S. – New York, NY
Elvis S. – San Diego, CA
Maren M. –  Warrenville, IL
Antonia C. – Houston, TX
Peter B. – Titusville, FL
Cordelle T. – Temple, TX
Josephine K. – Ripley, TN
Karilyn C. – Hemet, CA
Kristin C. – Phoenix, AZ

PCH Play&Win app

Whether it’s on your iPhone or Android device, the PCH Play&Win app is a must-have for two very important reasons – you get to PLAY for free and you have plenty of chances to WIN!


Here are some of August’s winners from the PCH Play&Win app!
Lakisha H. – Laurel, MD
Deborah M. – Bush, LA
James N. – Chicago, IL
Rodaina L. – Queens, NY
Latiffany Y. – Jacksonville, FL
Amy H. – Wautoma, WI
Adam R. – Fresno, CA
Andrew H. – Sugar Hill, GA
Abraham F. –  Potomac Falls, VA
Becky V. – Jasper, AL

Yup, it was a huge month of winning on all of the PCH Play&Win sites! Keep coming back each and every month, and next time it could be YOU who makes the winners list!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

Hey, What Happened To My MVP Cards at PCHlotto?

Hey Lotto Lovers,

I know some of you have been asking, “What happened to my MVP Cards” at PCHlotto? It’s a great question — and the answer is even better:  PCHlotto has upgraded the MVP program to make your rewards EVEN BETTER!

That’s right!  “MVP” just wasn’t big enough to describe all the new, outstanding rewards we’ve got lined up for friends like you — so we’ve upgraded to…The PCH VIP Program!

Since PCH VIPs are our most active Sweeps participants, they get some of the most outstanding benefits available. That’s right, if you’re a VIP, you’ll even get rewarded with THREE EXCLUSIVE PCHLOTTO CARDS!  These cards can win you EVEN MORE CASH than the old MVP cards ever could … have you seen them yet?

If not, these are the cards for August:

PCHLotto VIP Thumbs Up CardPCHlotto VIP High Five CardPCHlotto VIP Bump Card

They’re so beautiful they kind of make you forget why you asked, “What happened to my MVP cards” in the first place, don’t they? Did you notice that instead of going for $100, $3,995 and $25,000 like you did on the old MVP cards, you get to go for $500, $5,000 and $30,000?!  PCH VIPs get to play these cards AND will be treated to even more special benefits (to be announced real soon) so I suggest you go for your VIP status today! The more you play across all of PCH, the more it could pay out in a big way for you!

Now that you have an answer to “what happened to my MVP cards,” you can rest assured that the rewards will continue to come for dedicated, loyal players!  So, please let me know what you think of the new PCH VIP program below — and if you’re a VIP, why not encourage other players to get rewarded, too by telling them all about the benefits?

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Use The Play&Win App And Get An Extra Chance To Win “Forever”!

Forever Prize

Wouldn’t it be great to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” from Publishers Clearing House on August 31st? It could happen! The August 24th entry deadline is fast approaching, so make sure you get as many entries as you can. Blog readers, like you, probably know about many of the ways you can enter, like PCH.comPCHlotto and PCHSearch&Win, but did you know you could also get an extra chance to win “Forever” when you use the Play&Win app on your mobile phone?

That’s right! You can get a daily entry to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” with the Play&Win app. This incredible app from Publishers Clearing House contains all the best of PCH in one convenient place.

Download the PCHPlay&Win app on your iPhone or Android device for access to Lotto Cards, Scratch Cards, Instant-Win Games and even bonus games.

Each of the boxes on the screen below represents a mission to enter for the prize shown, including $5,000 A Week “Forever.” You can achieve these missions through various games and tasks. Plus, when you have completed all your missions, you can play our casual games all day long for fun, and score tokens while you’re at it!

Play&Win App

Remember, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is ready to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” in just days! Make sure you hit all your favorite PCH sites to claim entries every day. And please don’t forget to claim your extra chance to win with the Play&Win app.

All the best,
Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Another reason to try the PCHPlay&Win app? A $1,000 weekly giveaway, where a winner is guaranteed every week!

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So Many FREE Lotto Cards! Which One is YOUR Favorite?

Hello PCH fans!

Ever wish you could have the chance to win big for FREE? Well fans, I am happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place! What do I mean? Well, here at Publishers Clearing House we love nothing more than giving YOU all the chance to score some extra cash with our FREE lotto cards!

I’m not sure about you, but a little extra cash is always welcome in my pocket!  Sure there are other ways to win big with instant lottery scratch cards or state lotteries – but like we like to say – “why pay a buck when all you need is luck?”

If you haven’t seen what the buzz is all about at PCHlotto yet, then head over right now!

You’ll find 8 FANTASTIC cards to play with prizes ranging from hundreds of dollars to MILLIONS with the Bigger Bucks Rolling Jackpot!

Let me show you a few of my personal favorites! My first favorite card of course would definitely have to be the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot! The best part about this card is that the jackpot increases each time you play! This month the card features a fun map theme that will get you excited about the idea of the Prize Patrol knocking on YOUR front door!


My second favorite card featured this month is definitely the $500.00 Pearls and Platinum! This exciting “Pick 6” daily drawing gives you the chance to win $500.00 CASH! Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but scoring big with the $500.00 Pearls and Platinum card might just change that!

Pearls and Platinum

Can you guess my third favorite card this month? Well, I’ll give you a hint. The theme of my third favorite card involves a very popular lucky charm! That’s right, it’s the $2,500.00 Heavenly Horseshoes! With this “Pick 7” daily drawing FREE lotto card, you could win $2,500.00 BIG ONES! Imagine what you could do with a little luck and some extra cash!


So PCH fans, I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite cards that are up on PCHlotto right now! But before you go, comment below and tell me which cards are YOUR favorite this month!

Then, be sure to head on over for yourself and see just how much fun FREE Lotto Cards can be! You never know, today could be YOUR lucky day!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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