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PCHlotto Rewards Its M.V.P.S and Most Active Players!

Congratulations to Tom F. of Houston, TX for winning $100.00 on our PCHlotto M.V.P. Card!

Hey Blog Readers,

Do you remember when I told you about how Marion B. won big on our PCHlotto M.V.P. Card?  Well, that was only the beginning of the M.V.P. Winning at PCHlotto — because we have an M.V.P. Winner EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And today, I’m SO happy that we get to celebrate another big M.V.P. Winner!  Please put your hands together for Tom F! **applause**

PCHlotto M.V.P. Winner

Tom won $100.00 on one of our M.V.P. cards, but he’s no stranger to Winning with PCH — take a look at his EXCLUSIVE interview to find out more …

Laurel:  Why did you start playing at PCHlotto and how long you’ve been playing?

Tom:   I have always (at least the past 10 years) liked to play lotto and enter contests.   I have been playing PCHlotto for over 2 years.

Laurel:  How did you feel when you found out you won with PCHlotto?  

Tom:  Quite pleased!  I had won another small PCH prize via PCHsearch&win  awhile back.  This win was larger.  Hopefully the next one will be larger yet.

Laurel:  Did you know you won on an M.V.P. card?

Tom:  Yes.  I looked at the amount and immediately knew what it was for.

Laurel:  Do you play daily to keep your M.V.P. status at PCHlotto?  

Tom:  Yes.  Every day.
Laurel:  Would you recommend becoming a PCHlotto M.V.P. to others?

Tom:  Absolutely.  It is easy and you can actually win!

Laurel:  Are you playing often to try to win a bigger prize?  

Yes.  I look forward to getting the call one day when I win the $1,000,000 or larger jackpot.

(***Just a reminder blog readers, if you won a prize that big, the PCH Prize Patrol would deliver it personally!  Remember, there are Phone Scammers out there — so please, stay aware and NEVER, EVER send money to claim a Prize!!)


Laurel:  On the day that you won, do you remember if you went to PCHlotto through email or just went right to the site?  

Tom:  Actually I had played my tickets for that day and then checked my email and found out I had won.  I immediately told my wife.  Even though it was only $100, it was still the largest amount we had won at PCH so far.

Laurel:  Do you typically pick your numbers yourself or Quick Pick?

Tom:  I use Quick Pick, but always submit a set of number that includes my personal lucky number, #29. So sometimes I have to Quick Pick several times to get a set that includes #29.

Laurel:  Do you have any hobbies besides playing at PCHlotto that you’d like to share with us?  

Tom:  I like to gamble in casinos or online.  I also enjoy playing online games with my wife.

Laurel:  Do you have any pets?  

Tom:  My wife and have 6 indoor kitties and a “few” outdoor feral cats that we feed, shelter, and occasionally take to the vet to be spayed, neutered, or be repaired after a dog gets a hold of one.

Thanks for the WONDERFUL interview, Tom!  And Congratulations — it seems like you’re a really lucky guy!

 Wow, did you see that?!?  Tom has won with PCH more than once!  And as a PCHlotto M.V.P., it’s clear to us that he knows that in order to WIN IT, you have to be IN IT!!!  So, are you IN IT?   Have you played your PCHlotto cards today?

Remember, PCHlotto M.V.P.s get THREE EXCLUSIVE CARDS that aren’t available to everyone!  And all you need to do to become an M.V.P. is play 20 or more cards in 7 days — it’s so easy — and every card you play could bring you a Big Win!

So please, leave a comment to congratulate Tom below, then go play your PCHlotto cards and we could be celebrating you right here on the blog real soon!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

PCHlotto is Making Lotto Card History!

Hey Blog Readers,

Can you guess why July is so exciting?

Not only do we have some of the HOTTEST cards of the season at PCHlotto, but I’m about to reveal the FIRST-EVER FAN APPRECIATION LOTTO CARD right here on the blog!

What’s “Fan Appreciation”?  Well, for those of you who have just joined us (and as a recap for those who read the Blog daily…), just recently, we had a PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Contest here on the PCHPlay&Win Blog!  All of our fans were asked to leave a comment for their shot at a $100.00 Cash Prize and the glory of having their picture on a PCHlotto card!

We were so glad to see how many of you wanted to become our Fan Appreciation Winner (THANK YOU to everyone who entered!).  And with so much excitement surrounding the event, we couldn’t wait to announce who took home the prize!

And now … without further ado… I am honored to bring you the First Ever Fan Appreciation Lotto Card — featuring Matthew L.

PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Card


Congratulations Matthew!  Thank you, and all our fans, for helping to make PCHlotto history!

Now remember, even though Matthew is featured on our $1,500.00 Fan Appreciation Fortune Card, ANYONE can win the prize, so make sure you play daily– and check out the other SUPER HOT cards you could win money with this month too like:

PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Card


PCHlotto Red, White & Blue Dazzler Card



Mayan Money Madness Card

Lemons & Limes Card

PCHlotto Wild Card

Cash Vault

Don’t those July cards look amazing?  Of course, I like the HISTORY MAKING $1,500.00 Fan Appreciation Fortune card with Matthew L. the best — how about you?  Please let me know which card is your favorite below and as always…

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Winner Announcement!

Hey Blog Readers,

Recently, my friend Amanda C. told you all about the PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Contest where one lucky winner would win $100.00 AND get his or her face on a PCHlotto card!

Well, the results are in and I’m happy to say CONGRATULATIONS to our FIRST EVER PCHLOTTO FAN APPRECIATION WINNER:  Matthew L. from Las Vegas, NV!

PW_PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Winner

I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with Matthew and he had lots to tell me about how much he loves PCHlotto — and we really APPRECIATE THAT!  Take a look…

Laurel:  How often do you play at PCHlotto?

Matthew:  If not daily, every chance I get.

Laurel:  Do you play during the day and at night during PCHlotto Twilight?

Matthew: Both, in the mornings and night.

Laurel:  Do you normally quick pick or choose your own numbers?

Matthew:  I use quick pick but sometimes I use my own set of numbers.

Laurel:  Do you play the state lottery too, or is PCHlotto the only place for you?

Matthew: Not offered in NV. But I do get power ball when I travel to California.

Laurel:  Are you excited about getting your face on a PCHlotto card? 

Matthew: Yes, to show family and friends it can happen to them too.

Laurel:  Is there anyone you’d like to say “hi” to in your blog?

Matthew: Hi to all my friends and family, Look see it’s true!!!

Laurel:  Do you have any lucky numbers or good luck charms? 

Matthew: Yes but if I say then they wouldn’t be lucky. lol

Laurel:  How will you be spending your $100 Prize?

Matthew:  It’s not a big win, but I’ll put it in the bank for later spending.

Laurel:  Will you continue to try to win other PCH Prizes?

Matthew: Absolutely! ! Like the one coming up on June 30th and all the other one’s after (if I didn’t win) Good luck to everyone.

Thank you Matthew, for the wonderful interview — and for being such an awesome fan!

That last thing Matthew said in his interview really moved me … and made me think about how special our PCHlotto fans really are.  “Good luck to everyone,” he said … not only does he want to win, but he wished EVERYONE good luck.  And when our fans root for each other and motivate each other to keep going until their dreams come true, it’s something that we really appreciate.

So, please, comment below to congratulate Matthew then, go play at PCHlotto to go for a cash prize of your own!  And as Matthew would say…

Good Luck Everyone!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to look out for the Fan Appreciation card with Matthew’s picture on it — coming in July!

Lucky, The PCH Big Check, Wants You To “Win It All” and Play PCHlotto!

PW_Lucky the Big Check PCH

There are only a few days left to get in on the Dream Life Prize — $2 Million, Plus $10,000.00 A Month For Life, Plus A Brand New Car!  And if you “Win it All” by playing at PCHlotto, Lucky’s dream girl will know his name for sure!

Hi again, Gamers!

Thank You SO much for endorsing my love with all your heartfelt replies when I told you how my commas quiver at the sight of, Millie Miracle, the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Card!

I feel like a Winner every time I look at her!

PW_Bigger Bucks Millions

And your kind words gave me so much confidence that I even got up the courage to go talk to her next-door neighbor about it!  Have you met Bucky Banknoterson?

PW_Big Bucks Deluxe

Now you may have heard that he’s kind of a “square”, but really, he’s such a CARD!  He made me laugh for hours while we talked about all the good times we have at PCH — and how we’re glad we’ve got these jobs instead of being coupons or sticky gum wrappers!  Then, he tipped me off to ANOTHER way I can finally get close enough to Millie to ask her for her Number

“Ya know that Big Prize Guy up there?” Bucky said, stretching his right corner.

“Of course, we’ve met!  I’m in charge of carrying a SuperPrize, no matter what the size,” I said proudly!

He replied, “Oh, well, he’s been telling me that he’s moving out in just a few days — which I don’t mind because he’s SO BIG AND HEAVY. I don’t know how you’d carry him anywhere…”

Then it hit me harder than a “void” stamp! The secret to being Millie’s Check in Shining Armor is carrying the PCH SuperPrize!  “This is what I was perforated for …”, I thought!  But this time, Millie is my INKspiration!

So I’m asking you for help once again Blog Readers

Would you please go visit my buddy, Bucky, at PCHlotto (you know him as “Big Bucks Deluxe”)?  When you play him, you’ll also be going for the PCH Dream Life Prize that gives you a chance to WIN IT ALL.  You know, $2 Million at once, $10,000.00 A Month for Life PLUS A Brand New Lincoln MKZ (Valued at $37,050.00).  There are only a few days left to get in on it — and if you win, you’d be living the Dream Life and I’d get my dream girl, Millie!

So, what do you say?  Will you help your friend Lucky out once again? I hope you will…and remember, when you see The Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot card on the way, make sure you put in a good word for me.

Your Pal,

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

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