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PCHlotto Blast Has A New Look!

Hey Gamers,

If you haven’t been playing PCHlotto Blast recently, you’re missing out on the totally new, fun-for-you makeover that could change your life!

Here’s the old look…

PCHlotto Blast lobby before

And here’s what’s new:

PCHlotto Blast lobby after

Looks great, doesn’t it?  We’ve given you easy access to all our games and prize opportunities with just a few taps …

But I know you’re wondering … how could this change life for YOU…?

Well, not only do we still have the BLAST-TASTIC games you love that could win you UP TO $5,000 INSTANTLY and the PRIZE WHEEL that could score you INSTANT cash or chips, but now we’ve got a way for you to win the life-changing SuperPrize right at your fingertips!

That’s right! Remember when my pal Russell S. told you how you can play your PCHlotto Cards again every day (and night) on the PCHlotto Blast App? Well, that means ANOTHER shot at the SuperPrize, too!

Amazing, right?!?  PCHlotto Blast has transformed from “lotto-style games on the go” into “Lotto 2.0” with Blast Cards, PCHLotto Cards and a whole lotto excitement!  But there’s STILL more! Now, from our main Lobby screen, you can check your PCHlotto card numbers, send Gifts to all your friends on Facebook, complete actions for FREE CHIPS and even check out some recommended games (remember to swipe to the right if you don’t see all of these opportunities when you open the App).

PCHlotto Blast

So, what do you think? Do you like PCHlotto Blast’s major makeover?  What’s your favorite change?  Let me know below…I can’t wait to hear!

Oh, and speaking of favorites… I almost forgot to mention that now you can see the “Jackpot Winners” with just a tap from our lobby screen… so, keep on playing and keep on checking, because our next Winner could be you!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

The PCHlotto Blast App Just Got Even Better!

Hello Gamers,

“Must enjoy playing games.”

That’s not a line you want to see in a personal ad, but it’s perfect for fans of the PCH Lotto Blast app – especially if you like opportunities to WIN BIG CASH PRIZES.

PCHLotto Blast App

Since it’s debut, the PCH Lotto Blast app has been insanely popular. And now it’s bigger and better with PCHlotto cards! By adding your favorite PCHlotto cards to the Lotto Blast app, PCH is giving you even more chance to PLAY and WIN. So if you’re after the CASH, then you need to have the PCH Lotto Blast app. Plus, playing is fast and easy so there’s always time to squeeze in a game or two (or eight)!

Not only does PCH Lotto Blast give you the opportunity to win huge cash jackpots – up to $5,000.00 instantly – but playing the PCHlotto cards on your app also qualifies you for a shot at the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $2 Million AND earns you a bonus entry to the PCH SuperPrize – $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

Bigger Bucks Millions

PCH Lotto Blast is made for people who WANT TO WIN. So just how many ways can you play?
• 30+ levels of PCH Lotto Blast
• Daytime and twilight PCHlotto cards
• Bonus games that could result in CASH and chips
• Spin the prize wheel
• Join the Player’s Club 

Remember, the more chips you bank, the more rounds of Lotto Blast you can play. And betting more chips means going for bigger jackpots. PCH Lotto Blast also gives gamers plenty of chances to score tokens, which you can redeem at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange  for more chances to win gift cards and other valuable prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Get the PCH Lotto Blast app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and you could be playing in seconds.

Already have the app? Great! This blog is over so fire it up and start playing!

Until next time,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

PCHlotto Just Got Even Better With Partial Number Matches!

Hey Lotto Players,

I know how frustrating playing the State Lottery can be … sometimes you think you’ve got THE Winning Numbers and it turns out you’ve only made a couple of matches and have NOTHING but a worthless piece of paper.  Well, at PCHlotto, we’re doing things a little differently these days –and you’re about to find out how those partial number matches that mean nothing in the state lottery could be your ticket to Winning Big with PCH.

What do I mean?  Well, remember just recently when I told you to keep checking the “Did I Win?” page at PCHlotto because something big was coming? I sure hope you did, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m happy to announce that PCHlotto has introduced Token Rewards for partial number matches!

That’s right — now if you match just two numbers you’ll get something to show for it — take a look:

Partial Winning at PCHlotto

See all the Tokens you can score just by playing PCHlotto cards?  But that’s not all…now, every day a new Lucky Pick Number is drawn that lets players score a 100 Token Reward whenever it is matched.


So, if the Lucky Pick Number is 12, and you played the number 12 on 7 of your PCHlotto cards, you’d get 700 TOKENS! Isn’t that amazing?!?

PLUS, see the note above that says “be sure to visit each location to Claim ALL Your Tokens”?  Well, that means you can get Token Rewards when you play your PCHlotto cards in multiple places — like desktop AND mobile (or soon on our Apps) — but you’ll have to go back the next day to claim them or they will be forfeited!  This is SO important:  if you played on desktop – go back to PCHlotto on desktop … and if you played on your phone, make sure you go back there on your phone, too!  Other people may make the mistake of visiting only one location and let their Tokens go, but please, Blog Readers, don’t let it happen to YOU!

All that aside — now that you know more about the Tokens you can score with partial number matches, can you guess what I meant when I said it could be your ticket to winning?  Well, as you know, with all those Tokens you’ll be able to go for BIG PRIZES in the PCHRewards Token Exchange — and that could bring you a big Win thanks to all the Tokens you scored at PCHlotto!

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to PCHlotto, score lots of Tokens and let me know below what you think about getting rewarded for Partial Number Matches!

Have Fun & Happy Gaming!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

The PCHlotto Fan Page on Facebook Is Getting A New Home!

Hi blog readers! Are you a fan of the PCHlotto fan page on Facebook? If so, listen up! We’ve got an update that you’re going to want to read.

Soon, we’ll be merging the PCHlotto fan page on Facebook with the PCH Publishers Clearing House fan page on Facebook. That means, there will just be one Fan page for both Publishers Clearing House and PCHlotto! As exciting as this is for us, I’m sure you’ve already got questions. Let me go ahead and clear those up for you.

  1. Why Are You Combining The Two Pages?

The decision wasn’t made lightly. Instead, we did a vast amount of research and found out that the fans on the PCHlotto fan page and the fans on the PCH Publishers Clearing House fan page have way too much in common to be separated. You all love sweepstakes opportunities at PCHlotto and Armed with this knowledge, we decided that rather than making you go to TWO places to get the information and updates you want, why not merge the two into ONE awesome destination! This way no PCHlotto fan will miss any updates about and vice versa.

  1. So, what happens when I try to go to the PCHlotto page on Facebook?

You’ll be redirected to the PCH Publishers Clearing House fan page and met with a message that says the two pages have merged. If you haven’t yet liked the PCH fan page on Facebook, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! “Like” the page and check out what’s going on!

  1. What is Going To Happen to PCHlotto Luck?

You mean everyone’s favorite instant win lotto style game that lives on the PCHlotto fan page on Facebook? In a word, nothing. It’s not going anywhere! We’ve already moved it over to the PCH fan page on Facebook, and as always, it’s accessible via Prize Central.

  1. What about PCHlotto on Twitter?

Similar to its Facebook counterpart, the PCHlotto twitter page will also be moving into the sunset. Fear not, you can easily follow @pchdotcom for updates.

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about all this change. Where can I go to process these feelings?

You can easily find the support you need at the PCH Publishers Clearing House fan page on Facebook! You can post with fans of PCHlotto and get to know other fans. Or, if you can consolidate your feelings into under 140 characters, feel free to tweet us @pchdotcom!

We’re welcoming the change and we hope you will, too!

Sarah S.
Social Media

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