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Still Smiling After Watching the Prize Patrol on Oprah

Wow! We’re still smiling here at the PCH home office after watching the Prize Patrol’s appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday. The excitement began when Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Bertelotti of the PCH Prize Patrol drove onstage in the PCH Prize Patrol van, and hopped out with a big check. As a surprise to the audience, one lucky person in the studio that day was selected at random prior to the show to receive a $25,000 prize. The winner was stunned and very happy as she ran onstage to collect the prize. Later on, Dave announced everyone in the studio audience would win a cash prize of $500, and the place went wild.

Oprah’s studio in Chicago wasn’t the only place where the audience was cheering. All of our PCH employees (PCHers, we call ourselves) gathered in the company’s dining rooms to snack on popcorn and watch the show on TV. It was a lot of fun to watch it together. All around the room PCHers were smiling ear to ear. At the end of the show, with the view of Oprah’s studio audience jumping up and down and screaming, we PCHers were clapping and cheering, too.

Well done, Dave, Todd and Danielle! And, well done to all the PCHers and others behind the scenes who worked hard to make this Prize Patrol appearance on Oprah happen! We appreciate your efforts!

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