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Follow Your Dreams

A recent article in The New York Times carried the ominous headline, “Postponing the American Dream.”  It seems that while the American economy is much healthier now than it was in the depths of the recession five years ago, new home ownership — that prime ingredient of The American Dream – remains more of a “dream” than “reality” in most parts of the U. S.  Yes, the real estate market may be robust in a few big-spender cities; but millions of people are finding the purchase of a house just too difficult and are opting to rent apartments instead.  Not that there’s anything wrong with an apartment!  But it sure would be nice to have the financial wherewithal to buy or build your dream home if you want to, right?

Well, a SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House could fill that bill quite nicely! Especially the new Dream Life Prize where you could WIN IT ALL – $2,000,000 Immediately PLUS $10,000 A Month For Life Plus A Brand New Car!

The Prize Patrol has had the pleasure of awarding close to a quarter of a billion dollars to lucky PCH Sweepstakes winners all across the USA.  Of course these folks are thrilled beyond measure to experience a “winning moment” like they’ve seen on TV.  But the thrill doesn’t end there.  Once they “come back down to earth” no matter what the prize amount, the first thing winners usually do is “pay off those bills!”  Then maybe that old jalopy gets replaced, or some generous “sharing of the wealth” takes place.  And then maybe it’s time to move into some “new digs.”

Yes sir, if you win the Dream Life Prize from Publishers Clearing House in our Special Early Look event on June 30th, “Postponing the American Dream” would not apply to you! Not only would you receive an immediate windfall, but you’d also have financial security for life, not to mention a beautiful new car to drive away into the sunset!

So don’t delay. Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today – and every day!

Sweet dreams.
Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. With only 6 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER to win the Dream Life Prize, there’s really no time to waste! Enter today!


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