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WANTED, PCH Winners of Smaller Prizes!

Here on the #WinnerWednesday Blog, we’re always looking to hear from PCH prize winners! Not just BIG winners … but small prize winners too! I know you’re out there – because every 5 minutes, PCH has a winner, and to date, Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $411 Million in prizes! So, if you’ve won a PCH prize of any amount, comment below and let everyone know that PCH is the “real deal”!

Here are the “winning moments” of some lucky folks who have recently commented on the blog:

Brandon B. from Alaska writes “A couple months back I won $10.00 on a VIP scratcher! I have been playing the PCH for some years now, all the sweepstakes little and big, the ‘Forever’ sweepstakes all the time, PCHlotto almost daily and all the benefit games of being PCH VIP Elite, with high hopes of winning! $3K – 5K would be insane but anything bigger would be the awesomest ever! Thanks, PCH, and maybe someday you can find my door here in Alaska!”

How many of YOU would agree with Brandon that winning BIG from PCH would be the “awesomest ever”?

Lashaw W. comments “Yes, I won $10 from PCH!” Congratulations, Lashaw, and stay in it to win it!

Brittany M. (pictured above) likes to enter on the PCH App. She comments, “I won a $5 check last month and I am still not giving up. I want to win a big check. I’m not giving up yet. I can’t wait to see the Prize Patrol at my door.”

Jason S.’s blog comment reads “I’ve won 10 bucks twice and a $20 gift card. Entering gives me hope that someday I’ll win a SuperPrize and that’s priceless. Here’s hoping 2/28/19 is my lucky day. Or you know, whenever.”

Jason adds, “I’ve been entering pretty much every day – unless I’ve had a power outage or internet problems – since January 2014.  I originally started from I think it was an advertisement on It was for a SuperPrize and I thought, I could really use some of that.  I enter daily via phone (1-800-566-4724),, Lotto, VIP, games, PCHkenoPCHsearch&win, PCHfrontpage and in reply to PCH emails. As for winning big with the SuperPrize, yes, I feel like I’m destined to win. I can’t explain it, I know the odds but, somebody is going to win.  Might as well be me!”

Riley S. wants you all to know that, in all, she won about 8 times! “Hopefully it’s my turn [to win big] for myself and my family, especially for my daughter, so I can spend more time with her,” she states. Who would YOU spend more time with if YOU won a PCH SuperPrize?

Pamela W. won a $10 check in June 2018 (the actual screen shot from her cell phone is above). “Yeah, I was excited,” she writes, “because it came from you guys and to be honest, since I won that check it motivated me to know I can win millions.” Pamela has been playing PCH’s fun and free games for nearly a year and says, I enter everything faithfully” on the PCH App as well as responding to every email.”

Stacey M. tells us, “I have been playing PCH for over 40 years. This year I won $10. I was happy to say that I finally won something after all this time.” Stacey adds that she could really use “the big one” and says, “I will keep playing because I know you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Last, but not least, Gardenia J. (above, holding her winning check) is inspired by her grandmother to keep on entering. She comments, “I started playing Publishers Clearing House about 2 years ago. I have been entering all of the ways possible: Keno, and Lotto. One of my favorites is Mahjongg. Solitaire is also a blast!”

“I LOVE the feeling of the possibility of winning!!!” Gardenia adds. “If I win, I probably will have to make a movie of my life, because it really has been outrageous. My entire life has been exciting! When you have your family, your life is good. My grandmother is 102, she is my mentor and the greatest role model. Every day she wakes up wondering if I have won.”

What fabulous stories, fans and friends – thank you for sharing! Remember, we want to hear from MORE PCH prize winners – so if you have a story to share with us about winning a PCH prize, tell us in the comments section below.

And if you’re not yet a PCH prize winner, please don’t give up! Enter every day in every way possible, and maybe someday you, too, will be featured in #WinnerWednesday blog!

Good Luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to come back to this blog this afternoon, when Will tells you 5 ways you can enter to win $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

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