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#WinnerWednesday: Every 5 Minutes There’s Another PCH Winner!

Greetings, fans and friends!

You guessed it – it’s #WinnerWednesday, when we celebrate winners of smaller PCH prizes here on the PCH Blog as well as on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

Fascinating fact: did you know that there’s a new PCH winner every 5 minutes? It sounds crazy, but it’s true! And the majority of these winners receive PCH prizes of smaller amounts, like $10, $20 and $50, plus gift cards to your favorite stores.

Publishers Clearing House just loves to give away prizes! And, without a doubt, our winners just love to receive them! So, let’s meet 4 happy PCH prize winners!

PCH Winner Linda W.: Still in Shock!

Here’s Linda W., holding her $10 check from PCH … and looking like she’s still in shock! Linda tells me she’s been playing PCH’s fun and free games since 2007, and she’s won two checks back-to-back this year from PCHlotto.

“I enter every day from, the PCH app, PCHSearch&win, PCHfrontpage, and I play the games,” says Linda. “I will never give up, if it takes me 30 years LOL! I will enter faithfully, every day until my name is on a Big Check.”

As far as her reaction to her $10 checks, Linda says, “I screamed, hollered a cried. People thought there was something wrong with me. People say ‘you’re always on the phone playing those games. You’re never going to win.’ I don’t pay them no mind. I’m in it to win it.”

PCH Winner Joanne B.: No Wonder She’s Smiling!

Another happy PCH winner is Joanne B. of Warrior, AL, who recently won $750 in a PCH giveaway. Way to go, Joanne! And don’t stop now … keep on entering to win!

PCH Winner Robin V.: “Absolutely Thrilled!”

When I asked for folks to comment on the #WinnerWednesday blog about their small PCH prizes, Robin V. didn’t hesitate to let the world know she had won $10!

“I was absolutely thrilled!” Robin exclaimed. “I am not sure how I won the prize. I play on and with the app. I occasionally enter via mobile as time permits. I have also entered through regular mail a few times. I entered many years ago a few times before PCH went online. I just recently discovered the online route in January of 2018. Yes, I absolutely believe that someday, with persistence and dedication that I will win big!”

 PCH Winner Vicki G.: A PCH VIP Elite!

Congratulations to our new PCH winner of $25,000, Vicki G. of Spokane, WA! Danielle and Dave from the PCH Prize Patrol surprised Vicki at her home on April 12th. She plans to use her winnings on home renovations, and she also wants to share her newfound wealth with her 2 daughters. In addition, she’d like to take a trip to Florida to visit her sister.

At PCH, the winning never stops! And neither does the fun! Remember, there’s a PCH winner every 5 minutes! Tick … tick … tick … the next winner could be you!

Do not wait another second, fans and friends! Enter every day in every way possible! In fact, you can start right now by clicking on the “Enter Now” button at the upper right-hand corner of this blog page!

Best of luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Today is the last day to enter to win a Fit Bit Surge Watch! Come back to the blog this afternoon and get the 411 from Nicole!

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