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Have You Checked Out Everyday Life Yet?

Hey, friends and fans! Last week, I had the privilege of introducing Everyday Life to our amazing readers here at the PCHblog. After all, at Everyday Life, you can get in to win an exclusive $25,000.00 Cash Prize every single day, and I know that’s something our readers like you wouldn’t want to miss!

As I mentioned last time, there are seven incredible sections, including Recipes, Health, Life Hacks, and Pets. But today, we’re going to focus on my favorite section…

*drum roll please*

I am obsessed with people’s personalities and typing them. I know my Myers Briggs type (ENTP), my Hogwarts House (Slytherin), and where I would reside in The Divine Comedy (the Ninth Bolgia of Malebolge). If we’ve met in real life, I know all of that about you, too. So naturally, my favorite part of Everyday Life is the horoscopes page, because if where the stars were on the day of your birth doesn’t reveal your personality, what does?

While I wouldn’t necessarily advise making major life decisions based on your Horoscope, it is a great place to get some insight, perspective, and a good laugh. It’s fun to hear what your Zodiac sign says about you. Do you feel like you relate to your Sun Sign? I’m a Leo, which means I’m “creative and enthusiastic” and “broad-minded and expansive,” but also “bossy and interfering” (all very true).

Even more fun are the horoscopes themselves—some of them are very funny! For example, mine while writing this post said, “Your decision to behave like a saint in the face of obdurate or half-daft others will have a positive effect on a troubled relationship that has needed mending for some time.” And maybe it’s not just fun, but a little true too.

I’ve Seen “the Future” — Now What Do I Do? (You Go for $25,000.00!)

So you’ve checked out your Horoscope, now what do you do? Well, it’s clear as a PCH fan, you want to WIN, so you get into win a blast of cash! While you can do that by going to any of the other sections at Everyday Life and reading an article or watching a video, you can also use the search bar right on the Horoscopes…and with your first search, you’ve taken your shot to win!

But what to search for? Why not find out more about your Zodiac Sign? Or search for quizzes that will tell you more about your personality, like one that will tell you what your next vacation destination would be (mine’s Paris) or which Hamilton character you’d be (King George III).

Whatever you search for, be sure to check out your Horoscope today…and then go for a win!


Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: Tell us what YOUR Horoscope says today…do you think it’s right? What do you think your future holds?

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