Behind-The-Scenes At “Inside PCH”

“Inside PCH” has been entertaining fans and awarding tens of thousands of dollars to viewers since August 2017, but rarely have we taken a look behind-the-scenes of PCH’s popular web series to find out just how the show comes together – and how many funny moments happen that viewers never get to see. As one […]

Have You Been Watching Inside PCH?

It’s been a year of winning here at Publishers Clearing House, and you don’t have to look much further than our weekly live show Inside PCH on our Facebook fan page to see why!  We’ve given away over $43 million dollars this year in total prizes – isn’t that amazing? And what’s so great about the […]

$25,000.00 Winner Speaks Out On The Inside PCH show!

When Tony Singer won $25,000.00 back in September, she couldn’t believe her fortune! The Massachusetts resident was floored when she saw the Prize Patrol show up at her house and, at first, she didn’t even believe it was them! Maybe it was the blue blazers? Or perhaps it was the big check that from behind […]

What To Expect on Today’s LIVE Giveback Show on Inside PCH!

It’s here! We’ve been talking about it all last week, and the big day is finally here! That’s right, it’s time for our LIVE special episode of Inside PCH (the PCH Giveback edition) where we feature our friends from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®! The more viewers who watch the show, the larger donation we […]

Tune Into Inside PCH — The Show That Pays to Watch!

Hey there, friends and fans! Have you had a chance to tune into Inside PCH yet? If you have, then you already know it’s not just a fun show where you can find out about everything PCH, but a great way to win PCH cash prizes! If you haven’t had the chance to tune in […]

Meet Erica, Our Inside PCH Spin Doctor!

Meet our amazing Spin Doctor, Erica! She has one of the coolest jobs around! Every Monday on our Facebook fan page, Erica gets to tell PCH fans – like you – about the fantastic ways you could win bonus prizes on our live show, Inside PCH! Yep, every week on Inside PCH, Erica announces a […]