Follow the Prize Patrol Van to a Restaurant near Memphis!

Here’s an update from the road sent by one of our PCH Prize Patrol Teams!

PCH Winner C Gregory

Wendy and I just awarded our first $10,000 cash sweepstakes prize to Publishers Clearing House winner Christine Gregory. She was not at home so we had to track her down at her place of employment.

We finally found Christine working as a cook at a local restaurant. Her boyfriend Ricky came along for the ride. We were joined by Edie Sanford, a reporter from the local newspaper, Courier Index. Off to award another prize.

‘Bye for now.

Sal T.,PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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  1. We took a special early look to see if a winning number eligible for a $1 million SuperPrize award on 11/11/09 was returned. A matching winning number was not returned by the deadline, so there was no $1 million winner on 11/11/09. Our Prize Patrol delivered 101 $10,000 checks all across the country this week. Visit to see where they went.

  2. I love reading and watching the “winning moments”. You Prize Patrol guys do have a very exciting and fulfilling job. I don’t think any of you think of it as a job though as all of you look like you’re having so much fun. Feels good to see your contribution in changing and making someone’s life happier and better. Some “winning moments” moves me to tears.
    Hope you’ll post more stories daily. I know that so many have been awarded already. would love to watch more than One winning moment a day. ha!