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Prize Patrol Delivers Prize in Little Rock, AR TV Viewing Area

Wendy and I, along with Morrilton County Channel 6, KVOM radio, and the Petit Jean Country Headlight (local paper), picked up our flowers at local florist Harts and Flowers and went on to surprise our long time Publishers Clearing House customer of 19 years, William Eagleton with a Big Check for $10,000. What a fabulous PCH winning moment for this Publishers Clearing House winner!
Mr. Eagleton and his wife, June, were overcome with happiness when they learned of their good fortune. Their joy was especially sweet after years of playing the PCH Sweepstakes. Friends, neighbors (and the local florist) all gathered at the winners house. GREAT winner!

You can follow the Prize Patrol as they award 101 cash sweepstakes prizes in zip codes all across the country, by going to the PRIZE PATROL LIVE site at

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Sal T., PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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