PCHSearch&Win asks – What Would You Like to Experience?

PCH Port Washington

It’s a sunny day here at the Publishers Clearing House Offices in Port Washington, New York. As I sit at my desk, I‘m looking out the window, and the sky is a gorgeous shade of blue. Now, I don’t mean to complain, but this beautiful weather has me dreaming of adventure outside these four walls …

Which brings me to a thrilling new prize being offered today at PCHSearch&Win — $1,000.00 for the experience of a lifetime. At PCHSearch.com, we award instant prizes to lucky searchers every single day — and this new prize is quite possibly our most exciting instant prize ever!

What have you always wanted to experience? Is it something adventurous like Skydiving? Or would you favor more cultured pursuits like a wine-tasting or a museum tour? Perhaps you’d appreciate a relaxing trip to a spa? I’ve always dreamed of going skydiving , but since my dear husband is terrified at the prospect of the mother of his children jumping out of an airplane, I’d settle for a Hot-Air Balloon ride!

PCHSearhcandwin experience

Now, I can’t win this amazing new instant prize. But a lucky PCHSearch&Win searcher will definitely win it today! For your chance to win $1,000.00 to fulfill your dreams, or another fun PCHSearch&Win instant prize, go to PCHSearch.com and search the internet. Why not? It only takes a few moments, and it could make your dreams a reality!

Good Luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative

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  1. Just Want to say I had such a Beautiful day, went shopping with my son which has been so sick and he took me out to Dinner and we just laughed and had such a great time just being together and enjoying life.

  2. Yes. I would like to win $ 1,000.00 and I believe it when I see it.!I had many experience that I can do.The simple one is a house cleaning,cooking and Gardening.

  3. Sure do enjoy PCH each day, and buying through them is so easy. Right now I am having some hardships, and sure could use that $10,000 …. Thanks

  4. I had someone call me and said i Had won from pch they said its no joke I said i will beleive it when i see it. Only wish it was true

  5. I see very nice tree’s in the pch photo above and a big blue sky.
    Is there Blue skys ahead PCH for me haha.