Everybody Wants to Win: Just Ask The Greenbrier

There’s a grand old resort called The Greenbrier located in West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains. Since 1778 it has hosted presidents, celebrities and corporate big shots who enjoy its combination of luxury, tradition (including afternoon tea and waltzes) and recreation in the mountain air.

As tastes have changed over the years and the leisure class has sought more exotic destinations, the Greenbrier has had to adjust, as reported in The New York Times. One way the new management has sought to improve the resort’s finances is to install a casino – which may attract a younger, hipper clientele than the Greenbrier has catered to for centuries. Basically anybody that wants to win!

Well, we don’t know the new owner; but if he had asked our opinion, we could have told him that “Everybody wants to win money” – so adding a casino for that purpose is a “no-brainer” that will be good for business.

Winning has certainly been good for Publishers Clearing House’s business. We added a sweepstakes to our direct mail promotions back in 1967 with the sole purpose of drawing attention to our “unbeatable” magazine subscription deals. While a purchase is not necessary to enter or win our sweepstakes, the chance to win huge cash prizes generated a lot of excitement then, and it still does today. I mean: Wouldn’t you like the Prize Patrol to knock on your door and present you with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check worth thousands, even millions of dollars?

If your answer to that is “You betcha!” just click on this link to pch.com and enter The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes without delay.

If you win our next SuperPrize you can celebrate at the ultra-luxurious Greenbrier or any place you want!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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  2. PCH Family,

    I would like to wish each and everyone of you and your families a very, “Happy Thanksgiving!” May you be blessed in all areas of your lives and I thank you for the hard work that you continue to do! Take care my friends!

  3. PCH Family,
    I like the Heading: “Everyone Wants to Win: Just ask the Greenbrier!” It has a nice ring to it! “Mr. Dave Sayer, Executive Director, PCH PRIZE PATROL,” you bring so much excitement and joy. Thank you for all you do. May you be blessed and safe in all of your travels along with everyone at the PCH Company! *EXCELLENCE WITH STYLE- I LOVE IT!

  4. Ready to win Big Money Oct 31,2010!
    Then I received another invitation
    that said November 30th!!!!
    I am ready to win Both!!!!!!!
    I have played this games over 41 years! Looks like my turn for winning should be near. I certainly have been a faithful
    customer. What a Blessing if
    you showed up at my door!!!!!!
    I have many ways the money could be used.
    Always Playing,
    Wanda Mullins

  5. Thank You for answering me!
    I have missed getting emails,
    but I did receive entries in
    the mail. I faithfully returned
    everyone of them in hopes of
    winning! Like I said over
    40 years of wishing I would
    win. One day I might be
    surprised. I am retired
    now and a supplement to my retirement income would really help.
    Many happy entries!!!!!!!!
    Wishful thinking!!!!!!!!
    Wanda Mullins

  6. Why did you stop sending me changes
    on the internet to play Search and
    Win? The last entry was on Aug 9
    from Toad Sloan. Instead on continuing to give me a change at
    future entries daily. They just
    quit. I have not had a email
    chance since Aug.9 2010. I have
    played this game for 41 or 42 years. I can’t understand why
    things changed and no entries
    come in at all. I did not request to be taken off the mailing list. I have played this game over 40 years. Doesn’t that seem strange
    that I would quit? I don’t know what happened.
    Wanda Mullins Virginia

    1. Hi Wanda,

      We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced.  You may subscribe to the PCH Search & Win e-mails by signing into PCH Search & Win and clicking on the “Profile” link. On the Profile page, below where your name and address is listed, is a check box that says “send updates, news, and special announcements about PCH Search & Win.” Check this box by clicking on it and then click on the Change button below it. Your e-mails will start shortly.

      If you don’t receive the emails, please check your “spam” or “bulk” mail folder to see if it was misfiled. Adding PCH Search & Win to your address book may prevent our promotional e-mails from being treated as “spam”.

      Please be aware that you do not have to sign in through a promotional e-mail to enter.  Simply go to http://search.pch.com/ and sign in.  To sign in, simply click the “Sign In” link and enter your e-mail address and password.  If you are already signed in, your name will be displayed in a welcome message on the upper left hand corner of the page. 

      On the first search that you perform on any given day, you will receive an entry into our sweepstakes.  This is confirmed above your search results.  You will receive a maximum of one entry into the sweepstakes and a maximum of 25 chances (one per search) for the PCH Search & Win instant prizes per day.  You may enter every day if you wish. 

      For information on how to enter our draws, please click on the “How to Win” link on the top our website or use the following link: http://search.pch.com/about

      To see our Official Rules, you may click on the “Official Rules” link or the following: http://search.pch.com/rules

      Additional information on the prizes you are entering for, and your odds of winning may be located under the “Sweepstakes Facts” link or clicking here: http://search.pch.com/facts

      Jodi @ PCH