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Everybody Wants to Win: Just Ask The Greenbrier

There’s a grand old resort called The Greenbrier located in West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains. Since 1778 it has hosted presidents, celebrities and corporate big shots who enjoy its combination of luxury, tradition (including afternoon tea and waltzes) and recreation in the mountain air.

As tastes have changed over the years and the leisure class has sought more exotic destinations, the Greenbrier has had to adjust, as reported in The New York Times. One way the new management has sought to improve the resort’s finances is to install a casino – which may attract a younger, hipper clientele than the Greenbrier has catered to for centuries. Basically anybody that wants to win!

Well, we don’t know the new owner; but if he had asked our opinion, we could have told him that “Everybody wants to win money” – so adding a casino for that purpose is a “no-brainer” that will be good for business.

Winning has certainly been good for Publishers Clearing House’s business. We added a sweepstakes to our direct mail promotions back in 1967 with the sole purpose of drawing attention to our “unbeatable” magazine subscription deals. While a purchase is not necessary to enter or win our sweepstakes, the chance to win huge cash prizes generated a lot of excitement then, and it still does today. I mean: Wouldn’t you like the Prize Patrol to knock on your door and present you with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check worth thousands, even millions of dollars?

If your answer to that is “You betcha!” just click on this link to and enter The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes without delay.

If you win our next SuperPrize you can celebrate at the ultra-luxurious Greenbrier or any place you want!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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