$5,000 a Week for Life – Where Did it Go?

For many PCHers the $5,000 a week for life big prize of 2010 is something they’ve been dreaming about. After PCH Blog readers read about the $5,000 per week for life PCH online sweepstakes opportunities, we hear countless stories of how $5,000 a week for life would solve their hardships and restore hopes and happiness

The $5,000.00 a week for life PCH sweepstakes is probably one of the most popular searches that PCHers look for, but one that may be more exciting is the $1,000,000 a Year for life sweepstakes that’s going on now. Million dollar online sweepstakes opportunities give PCHers hope to change their lives with big payouts certainly worth the free entry!

Even though the $5,000 a week for life sweepstakes is exciting, the $1 Million a Year for Life sweepstakes has also been gaining lots of praise from PCHers. One example lies on the PCHSearchandWin Fan Page, where tons of PCHers just like you are voicing out on how they would prefer to use the millions in sweepstakes money. The choices are: Go on a shopping spree, Pay off your bills, Donate to a charity, or All the above. To see what other prize choices, PCHers picked and to let us know which option you would prefer, visit the PCHSearchandWin Fan Page.

And while you’re exploring our Search&Win tab for the lifetime sweepstakes poll, spend some time telling us if you’d want to win $1 Million per year for life rather than the PCH prize of $5,000 a week for life.

Either way, PCH is ready to give away $1,000,000 a year for life on February 28th. Please don’t forget to enter our fabulous new million dollar sweepstakes before February 15th which is the last day to enter!

The “Prize” Queen

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  1. As veryone we all have problems we feel winnning would salve, I too have had my share of family members I could help, and I too have had hardships I have had to over come,such as raising children by myself and working to put food in thier mouths,a roofover thier heards and know help from the father, but I did what I had to do. I also had an auto accident that put me out of work for a while, but I survied. even helping a brother with cancer by taking him in to my home when his family abandoned him, he since passed but not without suffering, This has all pasted and I’m still here. It seems now is one of the hardest times. I’m pasted the age of employment never thought of saving for myself in retirement, now live with one of my daughters who bought her home at a time when prices were high now the home is upside down as they call it and she has applied time after time for mortgage modification two years now and still they waunt up dating. It’s a viciuos cycle that keeps one up a night, I can only help her with my social security by paying utilities. This is the first time in my life I have not been able to pull out of a situation to help. Should I win I would pay off the mortgage and make much needed repairs. Thank you for your time.

  2. I am waiting to see the Prize Control TEAM DRIVING DOWN MY DRIVEWAY TO AWARD ME the big prize I’ve so long awaited for all these years I have entered to win. And I do believe that your dreams can come true!

  3. 5,000 week for life would help me and my family so much. Been out of work for awhile now.I would be able to do things I’ve always dreamed about.

  4. Hey I have a question…. Iam 13 and if I were to win, would the prize patrol still come to surprise me, like at school or something????

    1. Hi Mellie,

      Awards to minors are held in trust until the individual has reached the age of maturity. However, if you are selected as the winner, the Prize Patrol would come to notify you of your win.

      Good luck!
      Chris @ PCH

  5. This winnings can truly help my family out. I’m a single mother struggling to make ends meet and also take care of my father and niece as well. My mother passed two years ago and I have been helping my dad make sure he has everything as well as take care of my home. I also have a niece that I take care of as well. I know times are hard for everyone. I try my best to stay above water so that I can keep going. This 5000 A week for life would truly help my family and I out. I hope I’m in the drawling. PRAYING ALWAYS!!!

  6. This Money If I Win Will Truly Help, See I Was Hit Head-On By A Drunk Driver In 2006. I Had A Total Of (11) Surgeries, I Had My Right Knee Replaced-Right Hip Replaced 18 Screws In My Hip. I Just Had My 2nd. Neck Surgery The 1st. Didn’t Help The 2nd. I Also Had A Fusion Of 5 Vertibrates In June, I Didn’t Get Money Because The Guy Had A Small Ins. Policy. I Did Get All The Bills, I’m Still Trying To Get My Neck Right It’s Been 5yrs.-7Days I Have Suffered. I Hope I Win This Money. “GODJESUS”BLESS US ALL

  7. Winning this would not only help me but I would be able to help my children and grandchildren. And help my sister and nieces since recently my sister’s husband up and walked out on her leaving her with no money to live on. So I would make sure she gets a home she don’t have to ever worry about paying a mortgage it would be hers and set her up finanially just like I would would do for my children and their families.

  8. Is this for real I’ve tried and tried to entry, but it’s BO. Take u in goose chase; here , there, I know of no one winning this I wish it would make a liar of me

  9. In all the years I’ve watched you say you give out prizes, I have never, ever seen you give prizes to anyone in an apartment building. You’ve never done this. So many people living in apartments/condos are just as worthy as people living in houses yet you discriminate. I dare ya to pull up to an apartment building and give some struggling, lucky person a prize.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Please note that all entries recieved have the same chance of winning, we never know who our next winner may be. Our winners are as varied as the faces you see in our famous television commercials coming from all walks of life, ages, ethnic backgrounds and regions. We have had winners who live in big cities, small towns, trailer parks, high rise apartments and even the Alaskan tundra! Best of luck!

      Rod @ PCH