PCH TV Commercials For Win $1,000,000 Plus $5,000 A Week For Life!

Guess what, blog readers? Today, we’re launching our new PCH TV commercials for the Win $1,000,000 Plus $5,000 A Week For Life Mega Prize Event on November 30th! Airing morning, daytime and evening, these PCH productions could be popping up on your TV screen over the next two weeks.

But you don’t have to turn on your TV to see them. We’re giving you a special sneak peek right here on the blog!


What do you think? I don’t know about you, but this commercial really puts me in the mood to CELEBRATE!

Now it’s true that few things in life are as awesome as seen on TV. But there’s one thing that’s EVEN BETTER: the exciting moment when Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam — the elite members of the world-famous Prize Patrol — present the Big Check to their stunned recipients!

Featuring real-life winners across the country (no, they’re really not actors!), our new PCH TV commercials put you at the scene of their thrilling winning moments. I dare you to keep from smiling as our winners scream, faint, weep, and leap for joy! And I dare you to keep from dreaming that someday it will be YOUR face on a PCH commercial!

So turn your TV on and your mute button off — or just take a look at another one of the commercials below — because these ads PPCHPCHads are not to be missed. If anything can make you itch to win, they WILL!


As I’m sure every winner would tell you: Dave, Todd and Danielle are fun to watch on TV, but they’re much more exciting to meet in person! Did you know that since they got their start in the late 1980s, the Prize Patrol has traveled to every state to award Big Checks to our lucky winners?

How would you like the Prize Patrol to hand YOU a Big Check? Wouldn’t you like to become a PCH Millionaire? If you’re tempted, don’t hesitate — watch your mail for a Publishers Clearing House $1,000,000 PLUS $5,000 A Week For Life Bulletin, or go to PCH.com and seize every opportunity you can to enter!

Because if you win on November 30th, the star of our next new commercials might just be you!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. There’s a special new PCH TV commercial airing exclusively on October 16th! Keep your eyes out for it on TV that day — or check back here on the blog where we’ll be giving you a first look! We think you’re going to love it!

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  1. some guy just won 20,000 on Deal or no Deal on 8! I guess I will never win! lol. I can’t even aford to get on a tv show!….let alone on a vaction lol… All well just playing the game if i win!…I win, in 50 years cool! wooot woot to the 50 years of playing..

  2. Love It! Just watch these commercials on the pch blog and it would be an blessing and an honor to be the NEXT Publishers clearing House Winner! OMG…. I’m in it to win it! Everyone who enters whats to be the next PCH STAR. Blessings To All who enter; ” GIVING UP IS NEVER A OPTION!” ; ) xoxo

  3. Those commercials were so nice to watch. I actually DID TRY not to smile…I failed. Thanks so much for bring a smile to my day, guys. I’ll be on the watch for commercial on the 16th!

  4. I cross my fingers and my toes, so one day PRIZE PATROL, will be knocking on my door! I’ll be waiting for Danielle, Todd, and Dave, with smiles, and a nice big check!! 😉