What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?


Everyone’s favorite Big Check, Lucky Windfall, is back with a very important question. He wants to know: what would YOU buy first if you won $5,000 a week “Forever”? Before you answer, remember that if you won, you would get $5,000 a week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for someone you choose! That’s a whole lot of money!

So what would it be…a fancy new sports car? The dream house you’ve always wanted? Would you dazzle yourself with diamonds? Or something else completely? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I need to win, I’m no working and unable to find a Job. I will paid all debt, paid as much off my mortgage so I don’t lose my home and help other people that also need help.


  2. I would relocate to an undisclosed area and do research on how to increase the world’s literacy rates. In addition to that, I would also research how to rehabilitate criminals.

    Wouldn’t you love to be able to not worry about locking your door, or walk safely down the street?

  3. I can honestly say I would like to take care of my whole entire family(aunts, uncles, cousins). Since we lost our parents 2 weeks apart in 2011. Its been hard for my family to cope with losing them both back to back. They were the glue that kept us together. Don’t get me wrong we are all close. I am the one who takes care of things money wise. Now I feel like I am letting my parents down that I can’t look after my brother and two sisters. I didthe best I could. Hated to tell them no when I just didn’t have the money to help them anymore. Also help my community.

  4. I would install a new bathroom first with a step in tub so my 94 year old mother would be able to take a bath or shower again. Five years ago she was reduced to taking sponge baths and won’t allow me to borrow the money to have one installed. My mom, brother and sisters are all now living on social security income only. My bother lost his job 4 years ago and I lost my job last year and due to our ages we are not able to find work. I have worked for 59 years and am able to support myself but there is nothing left to help my mother, brother, sisters or my children.Winning the %5,000 a week forever would provide my whole family with the means to spend the remainder of our lives in good health, worry free and provide a quality of living that we cannot provide for ourselves now. There would be funds available to share with others who would need a helping hand. I do need a new car as mine is nine years old. I am debt free but there is no monies left over to save for a new car in the future after paying for the everyday living expenses.

  5. Hello PCH!

    The first thing I would buy with the money is a ticket to a special place. In this place, I would attend some special classes. After I completed my training, I would then steadily increase my intelligence…As soon as my intelligence reached a special level, then I would become a computer/software engineer. As soon as I became a computer/software engineer, I would then wage an ethical war on black-hat hackers that wreak havoc on innocent people. In addition to ridding the world of evil hackers, I would also work to resolve environmental issues and assist in increasing world-wide literacy rates. Finally, I would help combat crime by inventing an effective form of criminal rehabilitation.Why? That would be the most responsible use of the money.

  6. I would catch up on bills. My husband has some serious health issues..so a lot would be medical. After that, would love to get out of this rental house. I don’t need anything expensive or fancy, I just want to get out of debt and not struggle anymore.

  7. I would thank God for blessing me. i would go into I would be soso happy !! I would be a secret helper and help the homeless with alots of things. i would donate to churches,and orgaztion that helps people.childrens i would help start programs. That would help them stay in school. I would then i would help me.with bills and depth.