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  1. Yes I would like very much to win. There are so many things I. Would like to do. I would to remodel my house. Do wonderful thing for our children

  2. A 10 my family is in need I would love to win its by God mercy I am waiting on my Lord what God has for me it is for me

  3. I would love to win because not only because of my family but I would love to keep giving to St. Jude children hospital. Because then it would be possible for me to help this is a very good cause. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I’ll be here up early on June 30, “rain or shine”. I understand that my chances are slim as is everyone elses. However, I will be up and even have on my make up, with a smile on my face and even if I don’t win. I still love you guys for all you do for allowing something so spectacular to take place in the homes of our good old USA! Good luck to whomever has the opportunity to receive that huge break in life!

  5. 10!! I hope that my name will be the one, will be waiting here in Slaton Tx. This is everyone’s dream, I would absolutely use the money as stated before pay off our mortgage, do some repairs on the house, yup I would still live in my home, and keep our vehicles, my husband wouldn’t have to worry about paying for my meds, also have a small business in our town square, that would help our town renovate our center, and send my husband on vacation, maybe it will be my time for a miracle, if not would just love to meet the prize patrol, and shake y’alls hands.That would be an honor, due to the fact just meeting all of you that have made many peoples dreams come true. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!